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Day 2


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Day 2

  1. 1. R-tist
  2. 2. WHAT IS SENSOR???
  4. 4.  See from top to both Led . You will see black spot on one led. On another one you will see grey spot. The led consisting of black spot is the iR receiver (ir transister). Another one is ir emmiter. If you see only white spot then it is normal led.
  5. 5.  Ir sensor work on property of ir light that ir light absorbed by black surface and totally reflected by white surface. Ir led emit ir light which is reflected by surface is absorbed by ir transistor(ir receiver). Ir receiver work on property that when light fall on an transister on his base emitter resion than its CE current increases due to emition of electron.
  6. 6.  The ir receiver work on reverse biased.
  7. 7.  Ldr work on the principle of that when light on the metal its resistance decreases.
  8. 8. Program on variation of intensity of RGB using LDR sensor.
  9. 9.  int sec1=3;  void loop() int sec2=5;  { int sec3=6;  sem` 1 21` = int temp=A3; analogRead(temp); int sem;   analogWrite(3,sem); void setup()  {  analogWrite(5,sem); pinMode(3, OUTPUT);  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);  analogWrite(6,sem); pinMode(6, OUTPUT);  }  }