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Accenture Consulting_Strategy


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Accenture Consulting_Strategy

  1. 1. Business Strategy Analysis Grou p 12 Team Mem bers Anish Manu Atul Singh Dhaw al Patel Girish Gupta N arind er Singh Ishar
  2. 2. Some Facts .. •Established in 1989 primarily as a technology Consultant and systems integrator •Today Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with net revenues of US$19.70 billion •Extensive relationships with the world's leading companies and governments and work with organizations of all sizes—including 91 of the Fortune Global 100 andtwo-thirds of the Fortune Global 500. •97 of the top 100 clients in fiscal year 2006, based on revenue, have been clients for at least five years, and 77 have been clients for at least 10 years. •More than 175,000 employees in more than 150 cities in 49 countries
  3. 3. Sources of revenue
  4. 4. Trends in consulting Multi-Sourcing Pricing Strategies •Off shoring
  5. 5. Major Players - USA Deloitte, Bain & New York Company, Mercer Oliver Boston Wyman, New York McKinsey & Company, New York Boston Consulting Booz Allen & Group, Boston MA Company, McLean VA 4
  6. 6. Major Players - EUROPE Global Services/PWC L. E. K. Zurich Consulting London Arthur D Little Paris Capgemini Paris Value Partners Milan 5
  7. 7. Porter’s 5 Forces Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers - LOW - MODERATELY LOW Consulting Ind ustry Threat of Substitutes Rivalry - LOW - HIGH Threat of Potential Entrants - HIGH
  8. 8. Porter’s 5 Forces
  9. 9. VRIO Value Rarity Difficult to Imitate Organization Competitive adv Human Capital Sales & marketing team Yes Yes No Yes Temporary Varied Domain Expertise Yes Yes Yes Yes Sustained Huge workforce Yes No - Yes Parity Intellectual Capital Processes and tools Yes Yes No Yes Temporary Consultancy Research Yes Yes No Yes Temporary No. of Patents Yes Yes Yes Yes Sustained Relational capital Physical Global Presence Yes Yes No Yes Temporary Institutional relationship Yes Yes Yes Yes Sustained Strong industrial presence Yes Yes No Yes Temporary Strong Brand Image Yes Yes Yes Yes Sustained Large client base Yes Yes Yes Yes Sustained Capabilities Global Delivery Model Yes Yes No Yes Temporary Ability to execute large projects Yes Yes No Yes Temporary Talent development centres Yes No - Yes Parity Financial strength Yes Yes Yes Yes Sustained
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis • Global Brand • High Intellectual Capital • Enron Effect (Anderson • Relational Capital Consulting) • Centers of excellence in various domains • Large database of company • Entry of competitors reports • IT service firms entering • Tap emerging markets consulting market •High intellect, low cost • Issues with outsourcing talent available 6
  12. 12. Competitor Analysis Market Leader  Mc Kinsey and Company Accenture’s rank  14 ROE ROA Accentu re 72.69% 16.52% IBM 36.25% 8.19% EDS 9.29% 4.27%
  13. 13. References Accenture official Statistics, History and Annual Report Accenture India Website Consultancy Firms rankings: nsulting2008=2&ch_id=252 Latest News on Consulting firms Consulting Industry trends analysis .aspx#IndustryTrends Financial Statistics analysis
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention