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'Only the Curious Shall Thrive' - Book Summary


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Ability to formulate insightful questions is a timeless life skill essential for thriving in life. 'Only the Curious Shall Thrive' - my new book explains how, in the era of abundant knowledge, skimming and scanning cognitive strategies do not lead to mastery of a discipline and must be supplemented with appropriate questioning strategies. This presentation is a summary of the book.

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'Only the Curious Shall Thrive' - Book Summary

  2. 2. The book explains why...
  3. 3. Skimming and Scanning Hinder Deep Understanding To deal with the vast amount of information now available we adopt strategies of Skimming and Scanning. But they are detrimental to deep understanding.
  4. 4. The book dwells into importanceof questions...
  5. 5. Questions Lead to Contemplative Pauses While reading or learning, raising questions leads to contemplative pauses. Instead of mindlessly consuming information we start actively engaging with the content and this leads to comprehension and insight.
  6. 6. Questions... Focus Attention lify C uriosityAmp Sculpt Thought
  7. 7. Importance of Formulating Insightful Questions Sense Making Insights Creativity Self-directed Learning
  8. 8. The book builds a case for learninggoals relevant in the 21st century...
  9. 9. Learning Goals for 21st Century Knowledge Acquisition Mastery Creativity & Innovation Pursuit of Deep Wisdom UnderstandingKnowledgeAcquisition Deep Mastery Understanding Lifelong Mind the Bumps Plough on Creativity & Adventure Learning GPS Innovation Pursuit of Wisdom
  10. 10. The book details QuestioningStrategies for optimally achievingthe 21st Century Learning Goals...
  11. 11. Similar questioning strategiesfor other learning goals
  12. 12. A 5-minute Video Animation about the book is available on YouTube
  13. 13. You can buy the Book here...
  14. 14. At AppleiBookStoreThis versionincludes animatedvideos, interactivesand review exercises
  15. 15. At AmazonKindle Store
  16. 16. Paperbackat AmazonStores
  17. 17. Hope you enjoy the read.
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