How to maintain a positive mental attitude


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How to maintain a positive mental attitude

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How to maintain a positive mental attitude

  1. 1. How to maintain a positive Mental Attitude? You must have heard about the term attitude. Attitude is something that differs you from others. Attitude may cover many things including how you behave with others, how you feel about something, how you react in a particular situation and how you manage yourself. Mental attitude is how you control your mind to do the things that you like to do. Not everyone is able to control his mind and his heart. The one who controls his mind can control everything else. Positive Mental Attitude is more than just optimistic outlook on life. When you understand it thoroughly and apply it correctly, you will see that it is, in effect, a fourfold process consisting of: - an honest, well-balanced way of thinking, - a successful consciousness, - an all-embracing philosophy of living, and - the ability to follow through with correct actions It is very important for a common person to maintain a positive mental attitude if he/she wants to achieve the right goals in their life. If we talk about the importance of mental attitude in our daily life, we can take the example of a student. Teen age is the best time to decide about your career and your life goals, but if you do not maintain a positive attitude towards life, you may not even identify what you actually want in your life. Also, you may not be able to focus on studies if you are not mentally stable. The same thing applies for our youngsters. How can we expect them to grow and lead us when they are not even able to figure out their life goals? The main problem with the youth is that they are focused more on less important things. The reason is simple they do not have a positive mental attitude. They do what they like to do, not what they should do. A positive mental attitude can help you achieve everything in your life.
  2. 2. Here are ten keys to developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude 1. Take possession of your own mind with conviction 2. Keep your mind totally focused only on things you want 3. Live the Golden Rule 4. Eliminate all negative thoughts by self-inspection 5. Be happy, and make others happy 6. Form a habit of tolerance 7. Give yourself positive suggestions 8. Use your power of prayer 9. Set measurable goals 10. Study, think, and plan daily ATTITUDE is contagious. Make yours worth catching… Resources: Tarun gupta