Importance of a mentor in your career


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Importance of a mentor in your career

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Importance of a mentor in your career

  1. 1. Importance of A Mentor in your Career
  2. 2. Who/What is a Mentor?  Why do you need a Mentor in your Career?  What is the role of a Mentor?  What is your role as a Mentee?  How to find a mentor?  Conclusion  Resources 
  3. 3. Who is a Mentor? A mentor can be a person who is working in the same field as you or in which you want to make a career, but has more skills and experience than you. A mentor can guide you, assist you, teach you and enhance your skills. Not only in our career, but we need a mentor at every step of our life. A mentor doesn’t need to be your senior or a professional guy. He can be a teacher, a coach, a friend or anyone else who guides you in the path to success.
  4. 4. Why we need a Mentor? If we talk in the terms of career, we need a mentor to:       Help dealing with problems with a co-worker or a senior. Guide us about new opportunities and chances. Help us enhancing our skills for personal and professional growth. Help us finding better career and jobs. Help taking right decisions in the career path. Assist us with other personal and professional problems.
  5. 5. What is the role of a Mentor? A mentor will work as a:     Coach/Advisor Source of support/motivation Guide in the career path Role model
  6. 6. What is your role as a Mentee As a mentor, you will be a:      Help seeker Relationship driver A friend Learner Believer and follower
  7. 7. Tips to find a Mentor         Choose a mentor who is working in the same field as you. Choose a mentor with the same goals and career path as you. He/she must have more skills and experience that you. He/she must be willing to give time for this relationship. Take initiative from you side as you are the one who will benefit more. You must also be willing to give time to this relationship. Try to find one in your own organization. Use the internet, social media, forums, etc. for help.
  8. 8. Conclusion Mentorship is a mutual relationship in which a mentee benefits more than a mentor that is why it is important for a mentor to be willing to help and assist unconditionally. Mentorship is not only about occasional help and assistance, but it is an ongoing relationship that involves frequent communication. Half of your work is finished once you succeed in finding a good mentor.
  9. 9. Resources   