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Wattaplaya! finals

  1. 1. BQC Sports Open WATTAPLAYA! Research: Anannya Deb,Anand Sivasankar,Atul Mathew and Rahul Gaur The Finals
  2. 2. Finals Round 1: Windward – 24 questions Round 2: The Grid – 10 questions Round 3: Leeward – 24 questions
  3. 3. WINDWARD 24 Questions; 10 points: Out-of-turn Joker – 1 per team
  4. 4. Clock 1 Who is the latest and why is he the odd one out ? (Sorry Could Not Find a photograph) Attacking middle order batsman, FC span 1953 - 1970 2 3 3
  5. 5. Clock 1 ( Sorry Could Not Find a photograph ) Attacking middle order batsman, FC span 1953 - 1970 2 3 3
  6. 6. Clock 1 – Answer Hrishikesh Kanitkar Captains of Rajasthan in the Ranji Trophy finals. Kanitkar is the one who has won 1960-61 - Rungta; 61-62 (Rungta); 62-63 - Raj Singh; 63-64 - Raj Singh; 65-66 - Raj Singh; 67-68 – Hanumant Singh; 69-70 – Hanumant Singh; 73-74 – Hanumant Singh (Karnataka);
  7. 7. Clock 2 <ul><li>In 1942, as he prepared to go to war for Germany, he wrote a letter to his American friend. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>&quot;My heart is telling me that this is perhaps the last letter of my life. If that is so, I beg one thing from you. When the war is over, please go to Germany, find my son and tell him about his father. Tell him about the times when war did not separate us and tell him that things can be different between men in this world. &quot;Your brother, ___“ </li></ul></ul><ul><li>The German died during the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. The American fulfilled his promise and found “ his brother’s son ” in Germany. Who are these two friends ? </li></ul>
  8. 8. Clock 2 – Answer Luz Long and Jesse Owens
  9. 9. Clock 3 All this happened on the same day . But what was happening on TV ? Enlarge
  10. 10. Clock 3
  11. 11. Clock 3 – Answer OJ Simpson car chase , lasting 5 hours on ABC
  12. 12. Clock 4 <ul><li>There is not much that one can say about the quality of camerawork & editing of Doordarshan. But this person lost his career because of it: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>After the game, when I saw the footage, I saw the camera going from one direction to the other and maybe there was some editing problem but it showed me in very bad light . . . as if I had left the goalpost and run away. […] No, they didn’t show me at the goalpost at all. People thought maybe I got scared and left my post . </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Explain ! </li></ul>
  13. 13. Clock 4 – Answer Mir Ranjan Negi – 1982 Asian Games Final, India lost 1-7 to Pakistan
  14. 14. Clock 5 6’2’’; 80kgs; resting heartbeat of 29 beats per minute; lungs that could take in 8 litres of air; his peers gave him a nickname, a play on his name with an argumentative suffix indicating his physical features. About his own performance and achievements he was called “Extra Terrestrial” and “boring” – because no one could match up with him. The record shows five different runners-up in five years. Who and what was the nickname given to him?
  15. 15. Clock 5 – Answer Miguel Indurain – Miguelon or The Big Mig
  16. 16. Clock 6 <ul><li>Fill in the two missing names </li></ul><ul><ul><li>1960 – Francesco de Piccoli (Italy) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1964 – ___ _______ (USA) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1968 – ______ _______ (USA) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1972 – Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1976 – Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1980 – Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba) </li></ul></ul>
  17. 17. Clock 6 – Answer 1964 – Smokin’ Joe Frazier 1968 – Big George Foreman
  18. 18. Clock 7 In an office located at this place, an important contract was signed between two organisations in 1981. There have been six revisions since then. The terms of contract were kept secret till 1997 when Forrest Bond, a journalist, published the 120 page document. Which contract ? Enlarge
  19. 19. Clock 7
  20. 20. Clock 7 – Answer Concorde Agreement between FISA and FOCA (Formula One Constructors Association); today these organisations have formed into FIA, Formula One Association and FOTA (Formula One Teams Association). Named because of the contract signed at FIA’s offices in Place de la Concorde
  21. 21. Clock 8 He was the first pinch hitter to score a home run in the World Series. He was three times MVP and is considered the greatest catcher of all time. He spent almost his entire career with the Yankees. Who ? Enlarge
  22. 22. Clock 8
  23. 23. Clock 8 – Answer Lawrence “Yogi” Berra , the man with all the wise words like “ Even Napoleon had his Watergate”.
  24. 24. Anti-Clock 9 September 25 th 1997, 9 years since, while presenting the handsome and large silver bracelet of the Olympic Order instead of the expected gold medal, Anita DeFrantz, vice president IOC, was asked whether justice has been done. She parried “ Justice! That’s an interesting word ”. 9 years ago, the world saw and counted 86-32, officially it was announced 2-3. Give details .
  25. 25. Anti-Clock 9 – Answer 1988 Seoul Olympics , Park Si Hun beat Roy Jones Jr 3-2 when it was clear that Jones had outpunched Hun. 2 referees were banned for life.
  26. 26. Clock 10 Between 2002 and 2006, there was just one name in the World Cross Country Championships, both the short (4 km) and long courses (12 km). On 5 th Jan 2005, Alem Techale, his fiancee and 2003 World Youth Champion in the 1500m, collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack. The exact cause is still unknown as she was in excellent physical condition. The grief made him stop training and when he got back to competitive running, he seemed confused losing a number of races due to poor judgment. But he got over it. And won both the events in the 2005 championships. Name the champion ?
  27. 27. Clock 10 – Answer Kenenisa Bekele Since 2005, he was won many races. Today he is the 5000m and 10000m world and Olympic champion and world record holder.
  28. 28. Clock 11 The numbers vary but one estimate says that in US and Canada over 35 million people above the age of 12 may be engaging in this activity. The origin dates back to Harvard University in 1960 and specifically to sociologist William Gamson. He and a number of fellow professors started playing this game. The Rotisserie League was one of the first leagues in this field. The 1981 MLB Lockout made it an interesting alternative. The rise of media and the internet has led to mushrooming of many competitions. What high stakes recreational activity is this ?
  29. 29. Clock 11 Fantasy Leagues
  30. 30. Clock 12 In 1976 Enith Brigitha represented Netherlands and won a bronze in the 100m and 200m freestyle for women thus becoming the first of her kind to win an Olympic medal in swimming. Who was the second (and the first man) in 1988 Seoul ? Enlarge
  31. 31. Clock 12
  32. 32. Clock 12 – Answer Anthony Nesty Afro-American / Afro-Caribbean / Coloured / Dark-skinned etc Enith was from Curacao, an island of the Netherlands Antilles. Nesty is from Surinam
  33. 33. Clock 13 <ul><li>During the 1949 season at Jaen, she broke the law. Orson Welles who wrote the introduction to her memoirs writes: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>“ … (her career) ended in a single burst of glorious criminality. You can't keep a lady waiting forever, and there came an afternoon when she decided that she'd waited long enough. ” </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Who and what law did she break ? </li></ul>Enlarge
  34. 34. Clock 13
  35. 35. Clock 13 – Answer Conchita Cintron , the foremost female bullfighter. In Spain, women are not allowed to enter the bullring on foot so she cannot be a matador (who is on foot and has the right to kill). Women can enter on horseback. She broke that. During a fight, she got on to her feet and faced the bull till the final kill. As she bowed to crowd, the cops took her away.
  36. 36. Clock 14 <ul><li>Gary Smith in May 2010 calls him the “ only openly gay male athlete in the world ” and says that there are questions that America must answer as well. He begins his piece </li></ul><ul><ul><li>He's 6'3&quot; and 225 pounds of muscle. He's broken his nose five times, fractured both shoulders and lost eight teeth. He's drunk his mates under the table and brawled by their side. He's been named to the Welsh national rugby team more times than any other man. And, among active players in major professional team sports, he's ... </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Mickey Rourke is planning a film on his life. Who is, in his own words, “ a rugby player who is gay ” ? </li></ul><ul><li>(*) – Statement was made in May 2010 </li></ul>
  37. 37. Clock 14 – Answer Gareth Thomas (Wales) The most-capped Welsh rugby player, in December 2009, he announced that he was gay. He still is a hero in Wales.
  38. 38. Anti-Clock 15 In 1948, A went for his first trials at the age of 20. The Yacht Club told him “ How can we send a young man to the Olympics who doesn’t speak English ” At the age of 15, B was told by a coach to switch from sprinting and take up an event celebrated in painted pottery in Ancient Greece. By age 20, he was standing on the rostrum “ … my knees began to buckle and I nearly fell ” At the age of 20, C recorded the 2 nd best mark of all time. But his strategy for getting the best was simple: “ I want the record and I plan to get it, but not at altitude. I don’t want that ‘(A)’ [for altitude] after the mark ”. Give A, B and C and what connects them
  39. 39. Anti-Clock 15 – Answer Paul Elvstrom , Denmark, Finn Class Sailing Al Oerter , USA, discuss throw Carl Lewis , USA, long jump Four consecutive individual gold medals in the same event. Sir Steve Redgrave has won 5 but in coxed pairs / coxed fours – technically a team event
  40. 40. Clock 16 He had two open heart surgeries at the age of 1 due to a congenital condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. He turned to skateboarding through the advice of Tony Hawk who became a mentor for him. In 2010, he and Hawk went head to head launching eponymous skateboarding video games almost simultaneously. Hawk however did a little better selling 270,000 copies to 120,000 Who ?
  41. 41. Clock 16 – Answer Shaun White , “the best snowboarder alive”
  42. 42. Clock 17 In 2006, the inaugural competition of this kind took place. After 7 hours and 286 turns, Andy Bloch lost. The winner took home $1,784,640. When the winner died in 2007, one of his partners called him the “ best player who ever lived ”. What competition and who was the player ?
  43. 43. Clock 17 – Answer Chip Reese winning the $50,000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E – it debuted in the 2006 World Series of Poker. In H.O.R.S.E. all the five types of poker are played in turn H = Texas Hold’em O = Omaha R = Razz S = Seven Card Stud E = Eight or Better
  44. 44. Clock 18 In March 2008, A set the world record in the event. In a race in June 2008, he stopped running because he thought B , the then Olympic Champion, running in the adjoining lane had made a false start. In August 2008, it was B who had to pull out due to injury giving A the gold medal. Name the A, current Olympic champion, and B, the former Olympic champion .
  45. 45. Clock 18 – Answer Dayron Robles (Cuba) and Liu Xiang (China) The 110m hurdles champions – Liu from 2004 Athens, Robles from 2008 Beijing
  46. 46. Clock 19 He never played baseball even as a kid. Till he was hired for the film he had not even seen a baseball game. And he was right handed. As a consequence, certain trick photography had to be used to make this 1942 biopic film about this left handed player who retired on July 4 th 1939. Name the film, the player, the actor and what trick was used ?
  47. 47. Clock 19 – Answers Gary Cooper playing Lou Gehrig in The Pride of the Yankees Cooper wearing uniforms in reverse was photographed in close-ups batting right handed and running to third base . The pictures were then reversed in post production
  48. 48. Clock 20 Explain ! (looking for 2 keywords + 1 name; slightly technical) Set of 400+ games between 1848 and 1860 in Calcutta with John Cochrane and MC Bannerjee Enlarge
  49. 49. Clock 20 Set of 400+ games between 1848 and 1860 in Calcutta with John Cochrane and MC Bannerjee
  50. 50. Clock 20 – Answer MC Bannerjee developed a set of strategies which are now called Indian Defence (King’s Indian, Queen’s Indian, etc) Tigran Petrosian was an expert against both the King’s Indian and Queen’s Indian He developed the Petrosian System shown in the diagram <ul><li>d4 Nf6 </li></ul><ul><li>c4 g6 </li></ul><ul><li>Nc3 Bg7 </li></ul><ul><li>e4 d6 </li></ul><ul><li>Nf3 O-O </li></ul><ul><li>Be2 e5 </li></ul><ul><li>d5 ... </li></ul>
  51. 51. Clock 21 <ul><li>Her basketball career reads: U of NC (one NCAA championship in 1994); 2003 3 rd round draft pick by Phoenix Mercury; 2010, signed by Tulsa Shock, a new franchise in the WNBA. </li></ul><ul><li>The Washington Post writes about her debut game versus the Minnesota Lynx. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>With 5 minutes 50 seconds left in the first quarter of the Tulsa Shock's inaugural game against the Minnesota Lynx at the BOK Center, _____, wearing No. 20 and her long hair in braids and a bun, sprinted into the game, stepping back into professional sports after a four-year absence. Her brief moment in the spotlight – she played just more than three minutes in the 80-74 Shock defeat – made it exceedingly clear how far she is from her once iconic status. </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Who ? </li></ul>
  52. 52. Clock 21 – Answer Marion Jones
  53. 53. Clock 22 During their heydays in the ‘50s with legends like Pedernera, Nestor, Raul Rossi, Julio Cozzi in the line up, they were called Ballet Azul. Today, their financial situation is very low in contrast to their name. One player who shifted to Europe in the ‘50s caused a major trans-Atlantic rift. Name the club and the player who shifted to Europe?
  54. 54. Clock 22 – Answer Club Deportivo La Millonarios Alfredo Di Stefano
  55. 55. Clock 23 The first contest of this kind required the approval of King Edward VII and Theodore Roosevelt. It took place in Sydney in 1908 and had to be stopped by the police on humanitarian grounds. This author-journalist reporting on the contest said that the “ White Man must be rescued ”. Two years later, a second contest took place, in Reno. But the white man was not rescued. E xplain what these contests were, who were the main protagonists and the author-journalist with inconsistent racial views . (Part points on the discretion of the QM)
  56. 56. Clock 23 A Black Man fighting a White Man Jack Johnson challenged and defeated the then world champion Tommy Burns of Australia (1908). Jack London called upon Jim Jeffries “The Great White Hope of the Western World “ to rescue the White Man. In 1910, in the Fight of the Century, Johnson knocked out Jeffries twice before the white man withdrew from the fight in the 15 th round
  57. 57. Clock 24 From his childhood spent in a sugar-cane farm with ____ children and a stint in the army after that, he learnt a simple rule – hit the batsman’s head if you can’t hit the stumps . The overseas player in his provincial side told him to carry on – “ to never stop attacking as a bowler ”. This hostility stayed with him for 5-6 years till injuries forced him to reduce his pace. Who is he, his nickname that traces back to his childhood and who was the overseas player ?
  58. 58. Clock 24 – Answer Lance Klusener , who was nicknamed Zulu , he grew up Zulu kids of workers in his parents’ sugar cane farm His hostility mentor was Malcolm Marshall who played for Natal.
  59. 59. END OF ROUND 1 The scores
  60. 60. ROUND 2 The Grid; each team one question; +10; no passes; other teams write answers (in case the direct team does not get it)
  61. 61. Name Dropping Standing Tall There and Back Again Because it’s there Alphabet Soup All or Nothing Chart Attacks Dazed & Confused Maté Time Dinner Decisions Group Photos First Among Equals
  62. 62. First Among Equals Which were the first multi-discipline games to have all athlete registration go through the NOCs? They were the first to have the Opening of the Games as a separate event; an event at which for the first time the athletes marched into the stadium in national teams, each following its national flag. They introduced the closing ceremony, and the raising of national flags for the victors, and several more less visible changes now accepted as traditional. Answer
  63. 63. First Among Equals – Answer 1906 Intercalated Games in Athens , held in between 1904 and 1908 to boost popularity as well as celebrate 10 years of the Modern Olympics
  64. 64. Group Photos Identify ! Enlarge
  65. 65. Group Photos Answer
  66. 66. Group Photos – Answer The Natekars Nandu and Gaurav
  67. 67. Dinner Decisions Who is having fun at whose expense ? Answer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1QlSzSDqpk
  68. 68. Dinner Decisions – Answer Steve Carell taking off on Lebron James announcing his decision to move on ESPN
  69. 69. Maté Time Connect the two pictures Enlarge
  70. 70. Maté Time Answer
  71. 71. Maté Time – Answer The 2011 Dakar Rally – moved to South America this year
  72. 72. Dazed and Confused In this Neil Leifer classic photo, who is sitting dazed and confused ? Enlarge
  73. 73. Dazed and Confused Answer
  74. 74. Dazed and Confused – Answer Sonny Liston , almost missed the 8 th round bell against Ali, in the first Ali-Liston fight in 1964 that gave Ali the title.
  75. 75. Chart Attacks Explain this chart ! Enlarge
  76. 76. Chart Attacks Answer
  77. 77. Chart Attacks – Answer China’s gold medal progression in the Olympic Games
  78. 78. All or Nothing Off the 70 odd people who have done it, some very famous names include Hedley Verity (twice), Charlie Grimmett, Eddie Hemmings, Gubby Allen and Pramodaya Wickramasinghe. There are five Indians – three of whom are Debashish Mohanty, Pradeep Sunderam and Premangshu Chatterjee. Name the other two Indians ? Answer
  79. 79. All or Nothing – Answer Subhash Gupte and Anil Kumble Taking 10 wickets in an innings (all first class cricket)
  80. 80. Alphabet Soup In 2008, we had VJM01. In 2009, it became VJM02. VJM03 in 2010 and VJM04 in 2011 completes the list. What does VJM stand for ? Answer
  81. 81. Alphabet Soup – Answer Vijay Mallya, Jan Mol, Michel Mol – The three owners of Force India
  82. 82. Name Dropping <ul><li>What is the world’s most common surname ? Or what name fits the top 3 of this sport? </li></ul><ul><ul><li>World #1: Shixian ____ </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>World #2: Yihan ____ </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>World #3: Xin ____ </li></ul></ul>Answer
  83. 83. Name Dropping – Answer Wang Literally meaning king and with 93 million people, that’s the most common surname in the world
  84. 84. Standing Tall Which competition started in 1957 has the following roll of honour: Real Madrid (30), FC Barcelona (15), Joventut (4), Baskonia (3), CB Malaga (1), Manresa (1)? Answer
  85. 85. Standing Tall – Answer Liga ACB or the Spanish professional basketball league
  86. 86. There and Back Again What famous landmark answers to both the blanks? ___________ ____ , Charlottenburg, Tiergarten, Moabit, Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukolin, Schoneburg, Steglitz, Zehlendorf, ___________ ____ Answer
  87. 87. There and Back Again – Answer Brandenburg Gate The course of the Berlin Marathon, one of the Five Marathon Majors (with Haile Gebreselassie winning four times in a row)
  88. 88. Because it’s there Whose jersey , contrary to popular belief, is a tribute to Triglav the highest peak in their country? Enlarge X 
  89. 89. Because it’s there X  Answer
  90. 90. Because it’s there – Answer Slovenia
  91. 91. LEEWARD 24 questions; +10; Out-of-turn Joker – 1 per team
  92. 92. Anti-Clock 1 On January 28, 2011, at the JP Morgan Tournament of Champions in New York, the world no 2 won for the second time beating the world no 1. The winner dedicated his victory to his nation. Name the two players .
  93. 93. Anti-Clock 1 – Answer Ramy Ashour of Egypt Nick Matthew of England
  94. 94. Anti-Clock 2 The first tune was played around 36 times between 1956 and 1964. In the case of the second tune, out of 45 times it could have been played, it was definitely played for at least six times in 1992. Put fundaes ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wod-MudLNPA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IizWc4cJwbw
  95. 95. Anti-Clock 2 – Answer Beethoven’s Ode To Joy was the compromise anthem for Unified Germany when they attended the Games between 1956 till 1964 The Olympic Anthem was used by the Unified Team (made up of former Soviet republics) in 1992 Barcelona (only for the team wins)
  96. 96. Anti-Clock 3 Connect the three specific images Enlarge
  97. 97. Anti-Clock 3 – Answer
  98. 98. Anti-Clock 3 – Answer Nicklaus, 1966 Faldo, 1990 Woods, 2002 Winning their second consecutive Masters . In the tradition of the Green Jacket , for Nicklaus, he wore his own jacket while for Faldo and Masters the President of the Augusta Club put it on
  99. 99. Anti-Clock 4 Otl Aicher who had designed the Lufthansa logo used Cherie von Birkenhof as the model. Otl added different colours but the black & red were omitted since they belonged to the Nazi Party. What innovation resulted and what was it called ?
  100. 100. Anti-Clock 4 – Answer Waldi the Daschund , the first Olympic mascot , 1972 Munich
  101. 101. Anti-Clock 5 When a world record of 104.80 was recorded in 1984, it was deemed dangerous. Also, the nature of how the record was achieved was a common occurrence leading to confusion and many disputes regarding their validity. Therefore it was necessary to the change the design. In 1986, the centre of gravity was moved 4 cms forward, away from the centre of pressure. The records were reset. Today it stands at 98.48. What was redesigned , who held the world record of 104.80 and who holds it now ?
  102. 102. Anti-Clock 5 – Answer The Javelin Uwe Hohn of East Germany Jan Zelezny of Czech Republic
  103. 103. Anti-Clock 6 <ul><li>In ESPN’s 100 Most Memorable Moments in Sport (list is US oriented), ranked #71 is the first and only Olympic gold medal won at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Games, the last race of his career after 20 years of trying. ESPN writes: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>As ______ hits the straightaway, the crowd rises. The entire stadium is in a frenzy as ______ flies home, crossing the finish line. The clocks reads 1:12.43 -- a new world record. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>[…] </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>&quot;Finally,&quot; he says to himself. &quot;Finally.&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Who ? </li></ul>
  104. 104. Anti-Clock 6 – Answer Dan Jansen From ESPN : After leaving the podium, Jansen skates the Lap of Honor, as is customary in Europe. The arena lights are dim and a spotlight trails him while the crowd sings along to Strauss's &quot;VienneseWaltz.&quot; Someone throws Jansen a Dutch flag. Then comes an American flag. Then a bouquet of flowers. Then one of those large, yellow, foam-rubber wedges of Swiss cheese that sports fans in Jansen's home state of Wisconsin wear as hats at athletic events.
  105. 105. Anti–Clock 7 Every African-American in US professional sport has his or her own story. For the 1948 Olympic Games, Fred Maggiora, a member of the US Olympic Basketball Committee, had to fight for the inclusion of this 1947 All-American from UCLA, the first African-American to be so named. Maggiora said he had to go through hell till Philips 66ers’ Coach Omar Browning (who was also the national team coach) said “ That son of a bitch is the best basketball player in the country outside of Bob Kurland, so I don't know how we can turn him down .” He thus became the first to play in the US Basketball team. His professional career (the 3 rd Black man to play NBA) includes Baltimore Bullets and Boston Celtics. Who ?
  106. 106. Anti-Clock 7 – Answers Don Angelo Barskdale 'The Wire' Character D'Angelo Barksdale was named after him.
  107. 107. Anti-Clock 8 Two songs by the same band – both highlight the band’s sporting inspirations. Name the band and the sporting relevance of the two songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR4tTQVjHUI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CZyLiBxaQE
  108. 108. Anti-Clock 8 Boston based Irish Punk band Dropkick Murphys sing Tessie, the official anthem of Boston Red Sox The Warrior’s Code is about Boston-based Irish boxer Michael Ward – the first line of the song also gives the title of the movie “The Fighter”
  109. 109. Anti-Clock 9 Explain ! 1 7 Enlarge
  110. 110. Anti-Clock 9 1 7
  111. 111. Anti-Clock 9 – Answer Olympic medalists of Zimbabwe Women’s hockey team won gold in 1980 (1) Kirsty Coventry won 7 medals – 2 golds, 4 silvers, 1 bronze. Mugabe called her “a golden girl” and Paul Chingoka called her “a national treasure”
  112. 112. Anti-Clock 10 <ul><li>The physics of it is quite simple: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Lift is generated in primarily the same way as a traditional asymmetric airfoil, that is, by accelerating upper airflow such that a pressure difference gives rise to a lifting force. Small ridges near the leading edge act as turbulators, reducing flow separation by forcing the airflow to become turbulent after it passes over the ridges. The rotating flying …. ( you get the drift ). </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Of what is this simple technical description ? </li></ul>
  113. 113. Anti-Clock 10 - Answer The Physics of Flying Discs as applied to Frisbees .
  114. 114. Anti-Clock 11 Connect ! Enlarge
  115. 115. Anti-Clock 11
  116. 116. Anti-Clock 11 – Answer Sundaram Karivardhan (1954 – 1995) The Formula Maruti – single seater open wheel racing car – was designed by him for people to use as a stepping stone The Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore is named after him. It was a runway for his Power Gliders manufacturing factory
  117. 117. Anti-Clock 12 A ranks 3 rd on the list with 6 Aus Open Women’s Singles titles. She also achieved success in doubles, and teamed up with the legendary Jean Borotra to win the Australian mixed doubles in 1928. It was said of her that &quot; She ran like a gazelle and could retrieve balls effortlessly like a &quot;stonewaller .&quot; She practiced with men like Jack Crawford and local players from her hometown. B was the first non-Briton to win Wimbledon in 1907 (He also won the doubles that year) He also played 39 Davis Cup matches and served as the commissioner of the Australian branch of the British Red Cross, he also played for St. Kilda Football in his youth. Who are A and B and what honour do they share ?
  118. 118. Anti-Clock 12 – Answer Daphne Akhurst Cozens The Daphne Akhurst Memorial Trophy is given to the women’s singles champion, Aus Open Norman Brookes The Norman Brookes Challenge Cup is given to the men’s singles champion, Aus Open
  119. 119. Anti-Clock 13 This is the 100m butterfly final at Atlanta 1996. The winner also won the 200m butterfly. However he caused FINA to change a rule in the swimming style. From the video, tell us who this swimmer is and why the rule change was required ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTAOOAoOhFU
  120. 120. Anti-Clock 13 - Answer Denis Pankratov of Russia. At the start, he swam almost 25 metres underwater gaining a significant advantage (you can see in the video that he surfaces very late and already in the lead without even swimming one stroke). FINA changed the rule to a maximum of 15 m (which is consistent with the other styles)
  121. 121. Anti-Clock 14 Tony Nash and Robin Dixon of Great Britain won the Gold Medal as did the Canadian team of Vic Emery in a different category. The Italian who won the bronze in both the events was grilled by his home press when he returned home. He said “ Nash did not win because I gave him the bolt. He won because he had the fastest run. ” The Italian did finally win gold in both the events four years later. In 2003, he shot himself in the head unable to bear the suffering of Parkinson’s disease. Name this legend who was the first to receive the Pierre de Coubertin medal ?
  122. 122. Anti-Clock 14 – Answer Eugenio Monti The Italian Redhead who moved from skiing to bobsled. Won the world championship in the 2-man and 4-man bobsled in 1956 World Championship and later 1968 Winter Olympics. In 1964, he helped the Brits and the Canadians whose equipment had broken down.
  123. 123. Anti-Clock 15 A top level European footballer from 1973 to 1993, he captained his club to victory in the 1987-88 UEFA Cup Winners Cup and 1988 European Super Cup. He played in the 1986 & 1990 FIFA World Cup. Post retirement, he became a popular coach. In January 2009, he died after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Name this footballer from the photograph from a World Cup match below. Enlarge
  124. 124. Anti-Clock 15
  125. 125. Anti-Clock 15 – Answer Lei Cljisters Father of Kim and Elke Cljisters, Lei played for the Belgium national team and clubs like Mechelen, Liege and other Belgian clubs. He coached both his daughters.
  126. 126. Anti-Clock 16 A in 2007 was named in the board of directors of Net Suite, a software company. Evan Goldberg of Net Suite cited his ability to combine facts with instinct as an important factor in the decision making. There’s a film on his life with Brad Pitt playing him. B has been around the football circuit in Europe doing talent scouting, administration and football strategy (whatever that means). A & B are friends and share many ideas. Both are practitioners and advocates of this school of thought which they apply to their respective work areas. What school of thought ?
  127. 127. Anti-Clock 16
  128. 128. Anti-Clock 16 – Answer Sabermetrics (using in-game statistics to measure baseball performance and now applied for football transfers) Billy Beane, Oakland Athletics Damien Comolli, Liverpool FC
  129. 129. Anti-Clock 17 In use since 1934, what does this formula calculate and what does P1, P2 and P3 represent ? P = P1 + P2 + P3 Where, P1 = INT(a*(b - T)^c) where T is Time in seconds P2 = INT(a*(M – b)^c) where M is Distance in centimetres P3 = INT(a(P – b)^c) where P is Distance in metres Where a, b and c are a set of constants.
  130. 130. Anti-Clock 17 – Answer Point scoring system in Decathlon P1 = Track events P2 = Jump events P3 = Throwing events
  131. 131. Anti-Clock 18 They had lost to the hosts in a warm-up game. Now, in the finals, the Indian team was nervous and, according to the The Hindu correspondent, not their usual self. As the match began, the hosts put up a strong display and it was goalless till the 32 nd minute. At half time, A went up to the captain B and told him it would be better to play barefoot. B took off his shoes and stockings and became much more speedier. He scored 3 goals. Name A and B and the match .
  132. 132. Anti-Clock 18 – Answer A = Sayajirao Gaikwad B = Major Dhyan Chand 1936 Gold Medal match v Germany India won 8-1, Dhyan Chand scoring 3, Ali Dara 2, Tapsel, Roop Singh & Jaffar 1 each. Weiss scored for the hosts
  133. 133. Anti-Clock 19 <ul><ul><li>“ Geniuses are made, not born ” </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Explain with reference to context . </li></ul>2577 (Jan 2005) 2505 (Jul 1998) 2735 (Jul 2005)
  134. 134. Anti-Clock 19 – Answer Zsuzsa, Zsofi, Judit Laszlo Polgar’s famous home schooling experiment “ geniuses are made, not born ”
  135. 135. Anti-Clock 20 By winning the gold in the Individual pursuit at Beijing 2008, she joined a club which includes Roswitha Krause of Germany and Johnny Weismuller (one of the first). What club is this? Enlarge
  136. 136. Anti-Clock 20
  137. 138. Anti-Clock 20 – Answer Olympic medalists in multiple disciplines / sports Rebecca Romero earlier won a silver in rowing in 2004 but switched to cycling due to back problems. Weismuller won medals in swimming & water polo
  138. 139. Anti-Clock 21 Attilio Romero, 19 years old, idolised him. He even kept a photograph of him in his car. However, as fate would have it, it was his car and his speeding that killed his idol outside a restaurant in Turin. His death probably ended any chance of his club winning their first Serie A since the Superga Tragedy. His grave was vandalised by fans of the losing team after a derby match and till date these derby matches have perpetuated an intra-city hatred that goes beyond football. Name the footballer idol and the two clubs involved .
  139. 140. Anti-Clock 21 – Answer Gigi Meroni of Torino FC . The Derby della Mol between Torino and Juventus are usually bookended by violence and hooliganism. Also it is said that while the management of Ferrari support Juventus, the workers support Torino
  140. 141. Anti-Clock 22 <ul><li>A dedication to the memory of Eden Gardens (RIP) comes with this Ramchandra Guha story. In his words, </li></ul><ul><ul><li>“ Calcutta crowds have had little time for big hitters or classical batsmen, being inclined more towards elegant strokeplayers like Worrell, Harvey, Mushtaq Ali and Vishwanath. A particular favourite was ______ and they were willing to forgive ______ for keeping his strokes under wraps on the many occasions that he had to save the match for India. Playing a long defensive innings against one of the Commonwealth sides, ______ suddenly launched into an extavagant extra-cover drive off George Tribe. An anguished cry came from the East Stand: ‘______, steady!” </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Name the player / fill in the blank . </li></ul>
  141. 142. Anti-Clock 22 – Answer Vijay Hazare
  142. 143. Anti-Clock 23 <ul><ul><li>“ My goal was to be the greatest athlete who ever lived ” </li></ul></ul><ul><li>She got her nickname because she could clout home runs better than any one. Her life enhancing skills include lacrosse, billiards, diving, fencing, skating, basketball, high-jump, sprints, javelin,100 wpm typing, cooking, sewing, tap dancing, playing harmonica. But her sport was golf. Dying of cancer, her friend took her out to the Colonial Country Club where in bathrobe and pyjamas, she walked to the second green and put her palm on the ground and said “ I just wanted to see a golf course one more time ”. Who ? </li></ul>
  143. 144. Anti-Clock 23 – Answer Mildred “Babe” Didriksen Zaharias 2 golds in hurdles and javelin in 1932; first woman to win two majors (amateur) on both sides of the Atlantic; LGPA US Open, etc etc
  145. 146. Anti-Clock 24 <ul><li>Give the person, Event A and Event B </li></ul><ul><li>Event A (quotes from Hindustan Times) </li></ul><ul><ul><li>&quot;I think I could have won the gold had equipment arrived on time for <Event A> and the venue was also ready on time. Then we could have got the home advantage which we certainly lost out,&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Event B (quotes from Hindustan Times) </li></ul><ul><ul><li>“ It was very tough for me because I did not have much practice for the <Event B>. We have just had the <Event B>. And it is very tough with China and Korea (in fray),” </li></ul></ul>
  146. 147. Anti-Clock 24 Ashish Kumar India’s first medal winning gymnast Event A: Delhi Commonwealth Games , floor & vault Event B: Guangzhou Asian Games , floor
  147. 148. AND THE WINNER IS…
  148. 149. THANK YOU