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2014 bqc sports_prelims_answers


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2014 bqc sports_prelims_answers

  2. 2. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Suvajit Chakraborty Abhinav Dasgupta Anannya Deb Aditya Gadre Karthik Ganesh Devang Ghia Shubhankar Gokhale Ashit Hegde Aniket Khasgiwale Anil Kothuri Atul Mathew Debasish Misra Roshith Mohan Shrikant Narasimhan Sumeet Pai Rajiv Rai Vinoo Sanjay Ameya Samant Sumant Srivathsan Nikhil Sonde Pravin Varma Vibhendu Tewari S. Venkatraghavan
  3. 3. AND AS ALWAYS: Imran Ahmad Vikram Joshi Arnab Saha S. Balakrishnan Jagdeep Kannarath Naushi Samad Mohammed Khan Ameya Samant Anil Kothuri Ashoke Sanyal Vishal Lalchandani Prasad Sawant Kunal Malhotra Samrat Sengupta Avaneendra Bhargav Mithil Mehta Sundesh Shetty Saswata Chakraborty Avinash Mudaliar Anand Sivashankar Soumyadipta Chanda R. Padmasree Srinath T.B. Anubhav Chatterjee Amit Pandeya Sumant Srivathsan Pratyush Peddireddi Arish Tavadia Rajen Prabhu Harita Thacker Francis Rodrigues Saransh Verma Siddhartha Banerjee Sahil Barhate Souvik Basu Sachin Deshpande Geetha S.N. Govind Grewal Aushim Gupta
  4. 4. Audience Prizes courtesy…
  6. 6. RULES • 35 Questions. 1 Point each. • Top 8 Teams in the Final • Scores from the prelims carry over to the finals (Prelims score *2) • Questions 11-15 are starred • If teams are still tied, we’ll start with a sudden death tiebreaker starting from Question 1 • We will cycle through the questions twice. • Second names will do unless there is need to disambiguate • Good Luck!
  7. 7. QUESTION 1 This club’s crest contains four elements - the Christian cross, the Hindus' trishul, the moon of the Muslims, and fire, which is symbolic for the Parsis. This is also reflected in their motto "Unity is Strength.“ Discipline is of military standard and fittingly some former players have army nicknames such as Marshall, Colonel and Major. Which club am I talking about?
  8. 8. ANSWER 1 Dadar Union Colonel – Dilip Vengsarkar, Major – Suresh Tingdi, Marshall – Vithal Patil
  9. 9. QUESTION 2 Originally constructed to host the Judo event at the 1964 Olympics, this venue has also played host to a Mohammed Ali vs. Antonio Inoki contest in 1976 and numerous live music concerts over the years. Judo will return to the venue at the 2020 games. Id
  10. 10. ANSWER 2 Nippon Budokan
  11. 11. QUESTION 3 Juan Elorduy was a young student spending Christmas 1909 in Southamption. He was charged by his club X to buy 25 new shirts, but was unable to find enough. Waiting for the ship back home and empty handed, he realised that the colours of the local team matched the colours of his home city, and bought 50 shirts to take with him. On his return home, the club's directors decided almost immediately to change the team's strip to the new colours. This was later adopted by another club Y which had started off as a youth branch of X. Identify both clubs.
  12. 12. ANSWER 3 Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid
  13. 13. QUESTION 4 The French term X is a marked ski run or path down a mountain for snowing. The term Y refers to skiing that takes place on snow that has not been compacted into tracks. What is Y, which has been in the news thanks to a December 2013 event?
  14. 14. ANSWER 4 Off Piste Michael Schumacher was skiing Off Piste when he crashed.
  15. 15. QUESTION 5 Id the young lad (or pup as my fellow QM would say) with Valentino Rossi.
  16. 16. ANSWER 5 Marc Marquez, the youngest ever MotoGP World Champion
  17. 17. QUESTION 6 For those unfamiliar with horseracing there is a practice of keeping a _________ in the stable with a racehorse as the horse’s companion, since it becomes a settling influence on the thoroughbred. If you owned a competing horse and were not above some dirty business, you could steal your rival's __________ (and it's been done) to upset the other horse and make it run a poor race. What expression originated from this?
  18. 18. ANSWER 6 Goat. Getting one’s goat
  19. 19. QUESTION 7 In September 2002, X beat Y for the first time. It represented the first time in any sport ever that the reigning women’s World No. 1 had beaten the reigning Men’s World No.1. X & Y?
  20. 20. ANSWER 7 X- Judith Polgar Y – Gary Kasparov
  21. 21. QUESTION 8 What do those sporting these tattoos want to convey?
  22. 22. ANSWER 8 This person has completed the IronMan Triathlon 140.6 miles is the total race distance. Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life
  23. 23. QUESTION 9 The Ram Slam (formerly the Standard Bank Pro20) is South Africa’s domestic T20 competition. This is the line-up of the 2007/08 competition: Cape Cobras Dolphins Eagles Lions Titans Warriors ________ Identify the missing 7th team.
  24. 24. ANSWER 9 Zimbabwe, who were an invitational side in the tournament
  25. 25. QUESTION 10 The NHL Winter Classic is an annual outdoor game that’s been part of the NHL Calendar since 2008. Where was this match between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers played?
  26. 26. ANSWER 10 Fenway Park (note the Green Monster in the previous pic)
  27. 27. QUESTION 11* Charles Barkley played with the #34 jersey for most of his professional career. However, he played with the #32 jersey for the bulk of the 19911992 season. What prompted this change?
  28. 28. ANSWER 11* Paying tribute to Magic Johnson, who announced that he was HIV Positive at the start of the season.
  29. 29. QUESTION 12* This method of kicking a football gets its name from the Spanish word for “playing hooky”. The kicking leg in this case is wrapped around the back of the standing leg - effectively with one’s legs crossed. Enjoy the video and tell me what you call this move.
  30. 30. ANSWER 12* Rabona
  31. 31. QUESTION 13* His career in international athletics lasted only five years with the pinnacle being in 1954 when he set a new 5,000m world record of 13 min. 51.6 secs beating Vladimir Kuts by 0.1 sec. He was named the first-ever BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1954. In September 1955, he became the first newsreader on Independent Television, before finishing 11th in the 5,000m at the 1956 Olympics. We know him best for a singular event in sporting history. Who?
  32. 32. ANSWER 13* Chris Chataway, who was the pacemaker for Bannister’s 4:00 m minute mile effort.
  33. 33. QUESTION 14* On January 16th,2013,Google celebrated the 112th birth anniversary of this inventor with this interactive Doodle. Identify.
  34. 34. ANSWER 14* Frank Zamboni
  35. 35. QUESTION 15* He is the reigning World Cup , World and Olympic champion in singles. When he won the Olympic gold medal in singles and also Gold Medal in the Team event of London Olympics, he became the fourth male player in the history of table tennis to achieve a career grand slam. Id the player who is named after Zico. Full name please
  36. 36. ANSWER 15* Zhang Jike (Chinese variant of Zico)
  37. 37. QUESTION 16 He holds the record for the fastest goal scored in an I League match (at 11 seconds for Pune FC). He currently plays as a forward for East Bengal FC. Identify him and also name the country he represents in International Football. (1/2 each)
  38. 38. ANSWER 16 James Moga South Sudan
  39. 39. QUESTION 17 Top 5 of a certain list. Identify the missing elements. The numbers should serve as a clue. X and Y please – order is important. 57* - X 56 54 - Y
  40. 40. 48* 46
  41. 41. ANSWER 17 Most consecutive Grand Slam singles tournaments played. X- Roger Federer, who broke the record at this year’s Australian Open Y- Stefan Edberg
  42. 42. QUESTION 18 What seven letter term describes? a) A Golfer with a handicap of zero b) A foul in pocket billiards where the cue ball is pocketed by mistake.
  43. 43. ANSWER 18 Scratch
  44. 44. QUESTION 19 An image from last year’s Sydney test between Australia and Sri Lanka. What was it about?
  45. 45. ANSWER 19 Tribute to Tony Greig
  46. 46. QUESTION 20 Sir Ben Ainslie is planning to launch a British team to compete for the Americas Cup. Which legendary designer has he been courting the past few months to join his team? In his words - “We deal with water, obviously, for sailing, so it’s [a combination of] aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. But much more so aerodynamics now with the wing technology that has come in. So it would be that kind of design experience which would be crucial.”
  47. 47. ANSWER 20 Adrian Newey
  48. 48. QUESTION 21 At altitude in Sestriere in 1995, he jumped 8.96 meters with a measured wind of +1.2 m/s. This would have been the world record, beating Mike Powell by one centimeter. However, the Italian Athletics Federation did not forward the result to the IAAF for ratification, since the wind mark was declared invalid, because a person stood in front of the anemometer, probably intercepting the correct wind measurement. ID.
  49. 49. ANSWER 21 Ivan Pedroso
  50. 50. QUESTION 22 This is Darun Mister, a character from the Street Fighter X series. Which Indian born grappler from the early 20th century served as an inspiration for the character? (Nickname will do)
  51. 51. ANSWER 22 The Great Gama / Gama Pehelwan / Ghulam Mohammed
  52. 52. QUESTION 23 Basketball made its debut as a medal sport at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Appropriately enough, who presented the medals to the winning teams?
  53. 53. ANSWER 23 Dr. James Naismith
  54. 54. QUESTION 24 Which brand gets its name from the Latin Phrase “anima sana in corpore sano” which translates as "a healthy mind in a healthy body“ ?
  55. 55. ANSWER 24 Asics
  56. 56. QUESTION 25 Vasily Smyslov and Robert Hubner faced off in the Quarterfinal of the Candidate’s match at a casino in Velden Austria (1983) They both drew 5-5 in regulation and remained deadlocked 7-7 after the extra games. Smyslov refused to play tie-break rapid games as they were optional at the time and a strength of Hubners. How did FIDE resolve the tie?
  57. 57. ANSWER 25 Spinning a roulette wheel
  58. 58. QUESTION 26 Whose Wisden obituary reads? It was a great enough distinction to have …………., yet to remember X for that alone would be like seeing Chaplin as no more than a tramp who once made a dramatic meal of a boot.
  59. 59. ANSWER 26 Eric Hollies, famous for dismissing Bradman for a duck in his final innings
  60. 60. QUESTION 27 From 1981-2004,A New Jersey couple named Henry and Holly Stephenson had the onerous task of preparing something . They worked out of their upstairs bedroom in their Staten Island home with a “computer, a pencil and a great deal of cooperation.” However in 2005, a company named SSG, the brainchild of Michael Trick, an operations research professor at CMU took over the responsibility. What am I talking about?
  61. 61. ANSWER 27 They were responsible for drawing up the MLB/Major League Baseball schedule. This is a complicated task as teams play 162 games in a regular season. SSG stands for Sports Scheduling Group.
  62. 62. QUESTION 28 Todd Martin once described X as "...the last stone that felled Goliath," Here’s Y description of X "At 15-30, spur of the moment, I was just like, I'm going to throw an X in here, cause I'm not doing anything off my first serve anyways. Let's see if maybe I can scrape a point. I hit X, ____ was kind of surprised about it, moved, kind of got squeezed in because of the spin and had to come in because the serve was so short. I hit a passing shot, clipped the tape and it went off the top of his racket and the crowd went absolutely nuts"
  63. 63. ANSWER 28 X- Michael Chang Y – The Underarm Serve in the French Open R4 match vs. Lendl in 1989
  64. 64. QUESTION 29 Which Padmashri award winner on the difference between his favorites? The fluency of X: “the gentle flow with which you can play, it’s like rhythm and flair in slow dance, once in the zone you can move to the beat.” And the alertness Y demands: “on your toes continuously, switched on at all times, where you need to be precise and sharp always.” Who? X? Y?
  65. 65. ANSWER 29 Pankaj Advani on the differences between Billiards (X) and Snooker (Y) ½ points for Advani. ½ for both sports. Order is important.
  66. 66. QUESTION 30 His finished 8th in the 5000m in Berlin but did enough to impress Hitler, who remarked “Ah, you're the boy with the fast finish”. He went on to serve in the army in WW2 and spent time in the Ofuna PoW camp. After the war, he became a Born Again Christian and forgave the Japanese soldiers who had tortured him in the PoW camp. He is also the subject of Angelina Jolie’s next film. Identify him and the movie. (1/2 each)
  67. 67. ANSWER 30 Louis Zamperini Unbroken
  68. 68. QUESTION 31 What is the woman in the video doing? What is it the origin of?
  69. 69. ANSWER 31 She is throwing Toffees into the crowd. This is how Everton FC get their nickname.
  70. 70. QUESTION 32 What are these engineers trying to recreate? Looking for 2 keywords here – a person’s name and a name of a place. ½ point each.
  71. 71. ANSWER 32 Ayrton Senna’s stunning pole lap from 1989 Suzuka where he was a stunning 1.730 seconds quicker than Prost.
  72. 72. QUESTION 33 In 2013, she became the first female golfer to win the first 3 majors of the year since Babe Zaharias. Id. Full name please
  73. 73. ANSWER 33 Inbee Park
  74. 74. QUESTION 34 Which NFL side inspired the title of this song?
  75. 75. ANSWER 34 Pittsburg Steelers. The singer Wiz Khalifa is from Pittsburgh.
  76. 76. QUESTION 35 Growing up in a 100-sq ft garage converted into a shanty in Marine Lines, and studying in the BHA canteen, he was picked at 20 to play for India, and starred in the final of the Asian Champions Trophy against Pakistan. He is the subject of an upcoming documentary titled "Rebel". Who?
  77. 77. QUESTION 35
  78. 78. ANSWER 35 Yuvraj Walmiki