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Watch manufacturing company

  1. 1. Watch Manufacturing CompanyThe business plan is a written document that clearly defines the goals of a businessand outlines the methods for achieving them. It serves as a business roadmap that: Acts as the management and financial blueprint for a business start-up and profitable operation of a business venture. Explains specifically how a business will function and details how a business will be capitalized, managed, and marketed.Start:The body of the plan can be divided into four distinct sections:Description of the business,Marketing plan,Financial management plan andManagement plan.Now the basic working of the company includes the Department, Employees,Suppliers and Customers.Now the basic functions of various departments are:Production DepartmentThe production department is responsible for converting inputs into outputs through the stages ofproduction processes. The Production Manager is responsible for making sure that raw materials areprovided and made into finished goods effectively. He or she must make sure that work is carried outsmoothly, and must supervise procedures for making work more efficient and more enjoyable.There are five production sub-functionsProduction and planning.They will set the standards and targets at each stage of the production process. The quantity and qualityof products coming off a production line will be closely monitored.Purchasing departmentThis department will provide the materials, components and equipment required. An essential part of thisresponsibility is to ensure that stocks arrive on time and are of good qualityThe stores department
  2. 2. The stores department are responsible for stocking all the necessary tools, , raw materials and equipmentrequired to service the manufacturing process.The design and technical support departmentThey are responsible for the design and testing of new product processes and product types, togetherwith the development of prototypes through to the final product.The works departmentThis department is concerned with the manufacture of products. This will include the maintenance of theproduction line and other necessary repairs. The works department may also have responsibility forquality control and inspection.Marketing departmentThese are the main section of the market departments:Sales department is responsible for the sales and distribution of the products to the different regions.Research & Department is responsible for market research and testing new products to make sure thatthey are suitable to be sold.Promotion department decides on the type of promotion method for the products, arrangesadvertisements and the advertising media used.Distribution department transports the products to the market.Finance DepartmentBook keeping proceduresKeeping records of the purchases and sales made by a business as well as capital spending.Preparing Final AccountsProfit and loss account and Balance SheetsProviding management informationManagers require ongoing financial information to enable them to make better decisions.Management of wagesThe wages section of the finance department will be responsible for calculating the wages and salaries ofemployees and organising the collection of income tax and national insurance for the Inland Revenue.Raising FinanceThe finance department will also be responsible for the technical details of how a business raises financee.g. through loans, and the repayment of interest on that finance. In addition it will supervise the paymentof dividends to shareholders.The company works on make by order process where the watch is produced asthe company gets the order.