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Virtual #SalesforceSaturday : Salesforce Connect with Cross Org Adaptor


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New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group, Virtual #SalesforceSaturday session by Jitendra Zaa

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Virtual #SalesforceSaturday : Salesforce Connect with Cross Org Adaptor

  1. 1. New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group LEARN . SHARE . CELEBRATE . SALESFORCE
  2. 2. Our Speaker : Jitendra Zaa Jitendra Zaa Sr. Technical Architect Bluewolf 20 Salesforce Certifications Salesforce MVP 10+ years in Salesforce Author - Apex Design Pattern Blog - Follow - @JitendraZaa
  3. 3. About New Delhi Salesforce DG ● First Revival Meetup in February 2016 ● We started with 240 Members ● We are now more than 1400+ members ● Join the Community :
  4. 4. What is SalesforceSaturday ● Started by Stephanie Herrera in Austin, Texas ● Meetup every Saturday in a Coffee Shop or anywhere to share and learn about Salesforce ● It’s now a global phenomena with more than 25 SalesforceSaturday Group over 5 Continents ● For India, it comprises of Online Knowledge Sharing sessions and Trailhead Challenges
  5. 5. Agenda ● Introduction to Salesforce to Salesforce Connection ● S2S Considerations ● What is Salesforce Connect ● Salesforce Cross Org Adapter - Demo ● How do you consume Rest Service? ● Custom Adapter - Demo ● Q&A
  6. 6. Some ways to connect Salesforce to Salesforce ● Custom Code in 2012 like this ● Or using Named Credentials in 2015 like this ● Or Middleware ETL tool like Informatica, BOOMI or Mulesoft ● …. ● If you don’t want code then using Salesforce to Salesforce
  7. 7. Salesforce to Salesforce Connection ● Out of the box functionality for long time ● Publisher Salesforce - Source ● Subscribe Salesforce - Destination ● No code if simple requirement ● To auto forward records, code needed ● If you want to handle scenarios like record deletion or Merge then code needed ● Data copied to destination Org so contributes to storage & LDV ● Mostly it is pretty fast but no SLA ● Read more here
  8. 8. Question As S2S saves record in Salesforce it contributes to storage and may cause LDV issue. What are some ways we can see data from external system without saving records in Salesforce ? ● Canvas ● Visualforce or Lightning ● Iframe ● Webtab
  9. 9. Problems in Custom Solution You spend most of your time on UI designing part ● Showing record in Tabular or useful format ● Filtering ● Sorting ● Making sure UI matches with Salesforce ● … above are just some example
  10. 10. Salesforce Connect ● Initially it was known as Lightning Connect ● Supported OData protocol v2 (readonly) ● Renamed as Salesforce Connect ● Supports OData v4, Custom Adapter, Cross-Org Adapter ● Record not stored in Salesforce, so we save on space ● Writable objects ● Data exposed as External Object ● Just like Standard or Custom Object, we can query, create list view, global search
  11. 11. Salesforce Connect - Cross Org Adapter Demo
  12. 12. How do you Consume REST Webservice ● Let’s try to consume this simple webservice ● What would we do ? ○ Create Visualforce Page / Lex Component ○ Write Apex ○ Test Coverage ○ Make sure UI matches with Salesforce ○ Classic and Lex Context aware UI ● What if I tell you ○ All we need is Apex and no UI component ○ Pagination, Sorting handled by Salesforce with little code
  13. 13. Salesforce Connect - Custom Apex Adapter
  14. 14. Q&A
  15. 15. Jitendra Zaa Blog - Follow - @JitendraZaa Youtube Channel - Subscribe
  16. 16. Recording of the Session
  17. 17. Follow New Delhi Salesforce DG Twitter @newdelhisfdcdug per-User-Group Success Community