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Success Story and Dreamforce Experience : Jaipur User Group DF17 Global Gathering


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Presentation given by Atul Gupta at Jaipur User Group Dreamforce 2017 Global Gathering where he was invited as a Guest Speaker.

He spoke about his career and how he got around starting a his company CloudVandana Solutions. He talked about his Dreamforce Experience, some tips on what goes into going to Dreamforce and some career tips.

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Success Story and Dreamforce Experience : Jaipur User Group DF17 Global Gathering

  1. 1. Atul Gupta My Success Story & Dreamforce Experience LEARN . SHARE . CELEBRATE . SALESFORCE
  2. 2. Thank you !! Thank you Jaipur User Group Community and Yogesh Sharma.
  3. 3. About Me ● Founder and CEO of CloudVandana Solutions ● 4x Certified Salesforce Consultant ● More than 6 years of experience in Salesforce Domain ● Leader of New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group ● Started SalesforceSaturday in India which was 3rd or 4th Group in the world.
  4. 4. About CloudVandana ● Vandana is my Mom’s Name ● Started in February of 2016 ● More than 100 Salesforce Implementation Projects delivered in Industries like Human Resources, Construction, Telecommunications and many more ● Team size is 5 with the extended Team size of 15
  5. 5. About New Delhi Salesforce DG ● First Revival Meetup in February 2016 ● We started with 240 Members ● We are now more than 1,250 members
  6. 6. What is SalesforceSaturday ● Started by Stephanie Herrera in Austin, Texas ● Meetup every Saturday in a Coffee Shop or anywhere to share and learn about Salesforce ● It’s now a global phenomena with more than 25 SalesforceSaturday Group over 5 Continents ● For India, it comprises of Online Knowledge Sharing sessions and Trailhead Challenges
  7. 7. GlobalSalesforceSaturday ● Recently we organized Global Salesforce Saturday ● 25 Groups from all over the world joined including 5 Groups from India ● 3 hours of Trailhead Challenge
  8. 8. My beginnings ● B.Tech in Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida ● Started my career in IT from Accenture, Bengaluru ● Worked in Accenture for 4 years, before starting CloudVandana ● Started out with no to very less knowledge about IT and Programming
  9. 9. Dreamforce
  10. 10. Dreamforce
  11. 11. Dreamforce
  12. 12. Dreamforce
  13. 13. Dreamforce
  14. 14. Dreamforce
  15. 15. What goes into getting to Dreamforce ● Salesforce Developer and User Group Leaders get a free Dreamforce Pass => $1,700 ● Flight tickets of at least => $1,000 ● Stay in Hostel => $50-100/day ● Shopping => on you
  16. 16. Is it worth going to Dreamforce ● Is it worth Starting a Blog? ● Is it worth Sharing your knowledge with others? YES
  17. 17. Career Tips ● You don’t need a degree in IT to work in Salesforce, just hard work and determination ● Focus on Certifications ● Start sharing your knowledge with the world ● Help your local Community in any way possible ● Take Trailhead seriously ● Make your Supervisor/Project Lead your best friend
  18. 18. Follow Atul Gupta Twitter @atul31gupta Website LinkedIn
  19. 19. Follow New Delhi Salesforce DG Twitter @newdelhisfdcdug Developer-User-Group Success Community