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Engagement Studio, Pardot at Developer Week 2019


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Session by Noor Nagpal(Pardot and Marketing Cloud Consultant)
at LWC Developer Week Meetup organized by New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group(@newdelhisfdcdug) in collaboration with

New Delhi WIT
Delhi Pardot Group
Noida User Group
Noida WIT
Gurgaon WIT
Gurgaon Developer Group

Thanks to our wonderful sponsor: Nagarro Software

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Engagement Studio, Pardot at Developer Week 2019

  1. 1. Engagement Studio @NoorNagpal94 Noor Nagpal
  2. 2. What is Engagement Studio and How does it work?
  3. 3.  Engagement Studio is a lead nurturing tool that incorporates email marketing for a highly personalized experience based on your data and your prospect’s activities.  Goal: Convert by leading them through a journey of engagements.
  4. 4. A simple program looks like:
  5. 5. Steps available in Engagement Studio Programs:  Triggers : “ Listen for something”  Actions : “ Do something”  Rules : “ Check for something”
  6. 6.  Email Open  Email Link Click  Form View or Submission  Custom Redirect Click  File Download  Add to List  Add to Salesforce Campaign  Adjust Score  Apply Tags  Assign to Group  Assign to User  Assign to Salesforce Active Assignment Rule  Create Salesforce Task  Change Prospect Field Value  Notify User  Remove from List  Remove Tags  Send Email  Assigned Salesforce Queue  Assigned User  Assignment Status  Grade  List  Prospect Custom Field  Prospect Default Field  Score  Prospect Tag  Salesforce Campaign  Salesforce Campaign status  Prospect Email Status  Pardot Campaign Triggers Actions Rules
  7. 7. What about time in Engagement Studio?  Choose when to take steps.  Availability to pick a specific date for email send.  What happens when I pause a program?
  8. 8. Demo Let’s take a look, how it works..!
  9. 9. Thank Y u