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Mule ESB Training


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Attune University offers 3 days online Mule ESB training course includes overview of Mule ESB, Mule Studio, Mule flows and more. View full course content

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Mule ESB Training

  1. 1. Mule ESB TrainingAttune University
  2. 2. Objectives• Most Popular Open Source Framework• Mule ESB is lightweight open source framework buthighly scalable, allowing you to start small applicationand connect multiple applications.• Mainly used for integration purpose.• Connect multiple application2
  3. 3. Who should Attend• IT Professionals• Software developers• Startup companies• Software Architect• Technical Students3
  4. 4. Mule ESB Trend GraphComparison of Mule ESB, JBOSS ESB, Apache Service and Open ESBaccording to Google Trends since year 2009.As per the graph, Mule ESB is leading provider followed by popularand emerging tools like JBOSS ESB, Apache Service and Open ESB.4
  5. 5. About Mule ESB• Create and deploy a flow using Mule Studio• Integrate third party integration like Facebook, Twitter,Dropbox, Linkedin.• Mule ESB comes with two flavors ,• Community edition• Enterprise edition• Mule manages all the interactions between applicationsand components transparently5
  6. 6. We Will Cover During Training• Mule Configuration• Flows, Pattern & Services• Message Sources & Message Processors• Message Properties• Configuring Endpoint• Filters• Transformers• Routing• Data Transfer6
  7. 7. Our Accomplishments & Methodology• Successfully delivered 25+ online trainings• Our courses are delivered in a variety of mediums -Online, Corporate, Self-Paced and Public.• Easy language, friendly interface.• Convenient structured materials.7
  8. 8. Trainer Expertise• Mule Architecture deep knowledge• Hands on expertise on various mule applicationdevelopment• Core expertise in various integration services• Complete control over Mule Management Console• Various third party integration like Alfresco, Amazon andmore• Complete Understanding for client and effective contentdelivery8
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  10. 10. Our Achievements10
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  12. 12. 11Contact UsFor More Information about training,ClickThanks,Website: www.attuneuniversity.comEmail: contact@attuneuniversity.comPhone: USA - +1-732-703-9847India - +91-90999 12995Singapore - +65-3158-5078