Liferay Theme Development Training


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This one day Liferay development training course is exclusively designed for UI designers to create design and develop Liferay Theme. View course detail,

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Liferay Theme Development Training

  1. 1. Liferay Theme Development TrainingBy Attune University
  2. 2. Objectives• A Liferay theme is a basically user interface component to makethe portal application more user-friendly and graphicallyappealing.• One will get benefits from hands-on approach to study the materialefficiently and quickly.• Through the many exercises interspersed throughout the training,students will learn and execute all of the functionality, which willmaximize the skill to learn Liferay Portlet Development• Through the different exercises intersperse throughout the course,will learning to execute all of the functions, which maximizes theskill to learn everything.• This training is focus on Liferay Portlet and Theme development.2
  3. 3. Who should Attend• Designer• IT Professionals• Software developers• Startup companies• User Interface Developer• Technical Students3
  4. 4. Technology Trend GraphAs per graph you can see Liferay is very emerging technology.4
  5. 5. What You will Get in Training• Creation of Liferay theme• Understanding default structure of the Liferay page• UI Development of Liferay out of box portlets• Develop theme with Liferay plug-in and Liferay IDEin Eclipse5
  6. 6. We Will covered in Training• CSS, Images, JavaScript, Velocity templates andWeb ARchive for distribution and deployment.• How to make different color schemes for everytheme.• How to make customized layout as per our owndesign.• Basic fundamental of AlloyUI6
  7. 7. Our Accomplishments & Methodology• Successfully delivered 25+ online trainings• We base our courses on our experience of open sourcetechnologies, which means you benefit from ourknowledge and experience in Liferay UI.• Our courses are delivered in a variety of mediums -Online, Corporate, Self-Paced and Public.• Our trainers have professional designing skill in UIdevelopment.7
  8. 8. Trainer Expertise• Hands-on experience in Liferay Theme• Keen Expertise in• Professionals in training and specialists in communicationwith related technologies.• Professional designing skill in UI development.• Variety of exercises under the direction of our skilledtrainers and architects.8
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  13. 13. Contact Us 13For More Information about training,ClickThanks,Website: www.attuneuniversity.comEmail: contact@attuneuniversity.comPhone: USA - +1-732-703-9847India - +91-90999 12995Singapore - +65-3158-5078