Liferay Alloy UI Training


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Attune University provide online Liferay alloy ui training course for alloy ui designers. Check full course at

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Liferay Alloy UI Training

  1. 1. Liferay Alloy UI TrainingAttune University
  2. 2. Objectives• This two days training course is exclusively designed for UI Developer tocreate design and develop Liferay Theme and portlet using AlloyUI• It is a UI meta framework that gives a consistent and simple API forbuilding high scalable applications.• By using AlloyUI, we can get HTML5, CSS3 and YUI3.• This training is focus on Components, APIs and classes of Alloy UI.• Using AlloyUI, Build up small, simple tools for making javascript languagestructures in java.• Through the different exercises and demos of components and APIsthroughout the course, will learning to execute all of the functions, whichmaximizes the skill to learn everything.2
  3. 3. Who should Attend• Designer• IT Professionals• Software developers• User Interface Developer3
  4. 4. Technology Trend GraphAs you can see from the graph that Liferay is very emergingportal technology.4
  5. 5. What You will Get in Training• Alloy UI is in-built library of liferay. So it is good forliferay developer• For understanding UI and customized liferay themeusing Alloy UI• You will easily understand the techniques ofcomponents.• After this training you will able to create your UIsuing Alloy UI in liferay.5
  6. 6. We Will be covered in Training• HTML5, CSS3 and YUI3.• How to use components of Alloy UI• How to use APIs of Alloy UI• Liferay Integration with Alloy UI6
  7. 7. Our Accomplishments & Methodology• Successfully delivered 25+ online trainings• We base our courses on our experience of opensource technologies, which means you benefitfrom our knowledge and experience in LiferayAlloy UI.• Our courses are delivered in a variety ofmediums - Online, Corporate, Self-Paced andPublic.• Our trainers have professional designing skill inUI development.7
  8. 8. Trainer Expertise• Hands-on experience in Liferay Alloy UI• Keen Expertise in• Professionals in training and specialists incommunication with related technologies.• Professional designing skill in UI development.• Variety of exercises under the direction of our skilledtrainers and architects.8
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  13. 13. Contact Us 13For More Information about training,ClickThanks,Website: www.attuneuniversity.comEmail: contact@attuneuniversity.comPhone: USA - +1-732-703-9847India - +91-90999 12995Singapore - +65-3158-5078