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Attune Hospital Information System

The Attune HIS is a leading Cloud based hospital information system that integrates all departments and centers spread across locations on a stable and secure platform, giving decision makers a unified picture of their business. Attune HIS offers enhanced patient care while maximizing revenue and improving operational efficiency.

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Attune Hospital Information System

  1. 1. Happiness Infinite Enhance Patient Care, Increase Revenues, Improve Productivity, Optimize Cost and Make Your Hospital Profitable Attune Hospital Information System
  2. 2. Central control over geographically distributed centers Platform for advanced data analysis to develop better business strategies Addressing billing complexities to reduce delays A system to cut losses due to pilferages and leakage Real-time communication between the different departments Better patient management system to accommodate new patients What Hospitals Need What Hospitals Need Hospitals and Healthcare networks have not fully embraced technology solutions for integration of their departments and branches
  3. 3. Attune HIS The difference between running a hospital and running a hospital profitably
  4. 4. What Sets Us Apart A Cloud-based information systems for hospitals, clinics and their branches to offer enhanced patient care while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue Cloud based modular solutions with configurable workflows Robust data architecture for analysis Built for healthcare ecosystem integration Truly SaaS and customizable Scalability from a single lab to national lab network
  5. 5. Our Solutions
  6. 6. Access to all information on a single platform from anywhere, anytime Manage data effectively on a central secure and stable platform Automate purchase and cut losses due to pilferage and leakage with our inventory management system Improve patient outcomes with consolidated patient data on a central platform Eliminate delays in patient discharge to admit new patients and address billing complexities to maximize revenues Real-time financial tracking of branches on a single customized dashboard for meaningful analytics and strategy Seamless communication between the different departments with our integrated modules to achieve operational efficiency What We Provide
  7. 7. Features • Patient Registration and Appointments Scheduling • Radiology and Imaging Information System, PACS Support • Operation Theater Management • In-Patient Management System • Accident and Emergency Care • E-Prescription and Pharmacy Information System • MIS and Dashboards • Client Management and Credit Control • Doctor Consultation and EMR • Lab Information System • Nursing Care and Ward Management • Day Care Management • Patient Referral System • Purchase and Inventory Management • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management • Multi-Language Support
  8. 8. Increase Revenue Identify highest revenue earners with powerful MIS dashboards that help track the metrics most important for your business End pilferage and wastage with advanced inventory module to automate purchase through predictive reordering and expiration alerts Track hospital performance to create better business strategies with the end- of-day (EOD) consolidated report system on a single screen
  9. 9. Optimize Productivity Integrate different stakeholders involved in a patient’s health decision on a common secure and stable platform for effective interaction and improved patient care Treat more patients in the same time frame with simple, intuitive patient dashboard to get quick snapshot of case progress and patient history Reduce effort on resource schedule and material allocation with predefined and custom defined surgery kits to automate, monitor and material for procedures
  10. 10. Simplify Daily Operations Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments easily with calendars for scheduling and tracking patient appointments by consultant, treatment, center and equipment. Accommodate all payment modes on a single platform with robust billing module designed to handle large patient volumes Delight your medical professionals by providing customized dashboards that give them the information they care about at the right time
  11. 11. Mobility Solutions Patient Care, Anywhere
  12. 12. A Mobile App for Doctors by Doctors • A tool designed by Doctors and developed by experts to create seamless communication, offering timely inputs for better patient outcomes. Secure platform for hospital staff to share images , clinical pictures and videos with a closed group of doctors Seamless communication between all professionals involved in patient health decisions giving doctors a complete picture Real time diagnostics with special alerts on patient activity, allowing immediate action Web portal to manage doctors and patient information that facilitate sorting based on doctors, patients, departments and tasks, maximizing productivity
  13. 13. Provide nurses with crucial information when they need it the most – at their patient’s home Access formats to capture patient history, treatment plans, drug information, dosage and duration on any handheld device Dramatically reduce documentation errors and information loss while providing patient’s health status Information entered offline syncs online when connectivity is available Home Nursing • Empower the Home Nurse
  14. 14. Created for doctors to manage appointments, view patient summary, notes, past records and print complete case sheets with a click Seamless real-time integration with Attune’s HIS allows doctors to order investigation and medication directly from the app, saving significant time Doctors can record patient history and examination details - including personal, family and social history, vitals, chief complaint and duration with auto complete and clickable events Mobile EMR • Specially created for doctors offering care at patient’s home
  15. 15. Complete patient information on a single platform to help manage schedules efficiently View charts and treatment plans, record diagnosis and streamline patient information during consultation on mobile device Capture patient status and track progress in real time Practice owners can track physiotherapists’ schedules and assign or re-allocate patients based on availability and expertise Physiotherapy • Connect therapists with real time patient information
  16. 16. Impact Fast Track Your Hospital Operations
  17. 17. Results 220,426 IP Patient Visits 2,597,007 OP Patient Visits 1,590,433 Pharmacy Visits 4,225,148 Lab Patient Visits INTEGRATING Collectible dues reduced from Rs 1.2 crore in 2014 to 0 due in 2015 for leading eye hospital chain using our End of Day (EOD) consolidated report system 60% increase in services availed at a prominent hospital by opening a new branch based on the projections in our MIS implementation 0 Collectible Dues 60% Increase
  18. 18. Some of our Customers
  19. 19. Want to know how we can help you tap the power of Cloud to maximize profits? Schedule a Demo Today

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The Attune HIS is a leading Cloud based hospital information system that integrates all departments and centers spread across locations on a stable and secure platform, giving decision makers a unified picture of their business. Attune HIS offers enhanced patient care while maximizing revenue and improving operational efficiency.


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