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Attune Business Intelligence Solutions for Hospitals


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With Attune’s Business Intelligence Solution for Hospitals, by harmonizing your operations data from billing, cash, remittance, procurement to clinical performance, you can now monitor and forecast financial and operational performance more effectively. Mobile dashboards allow your executives to stay in touch with recent developments in the revenue cycle at all times.

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Attune Business Intelligence Solutions for Hospitals

  1. 1. Insights Infinite Turn Insights to Action and Help Your Hospital Grow Attune Business Intelligence Solutions for Hospitals
  2. 2. Data Mining Predictive Modeling KPIs Dashboards Performance Management What Hospitals Need What Hospitals Need
  3. 3. Attune BI Solutions Accurate Actionable Analytics
  4. 4. What Sets Us Apart A Cloud-based information systems for hospitals, clinics and their branches to offer enhanced patient care while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue Cloud based modular solutions with configurable workflows Robust data architecture for analysis Built for healthcare ecosystem integration Truly SaaS and customizable Scalability from a single lab to national lab network
  5. 5. Data systems with standardized reports to record data Data analysis with spreadsheets and graphs Real time tracking with dashboards, benchmarks, score cards Correlations, predictive analytics, optimization Attune BI Solutions Managing Information Ad hoc Analytics Measuring Performance Future Projections
  6. 6. Discover Information - Make informed decisions Pre-loaded 100+ Healthcare industry specific metrics Key NABH and JCI mandated KPIs included Complete view of your business operations to give you actionable insights
  7. 7. Maximize Visibility - Analyze Trends and Performance Freedom to extensively slice and dice your business data Access current, historical and predictive views across all geographies of your operations Create reports for regular MIS, Statistical analysis and What-if analysis
  8. 8. Maximize Visibility - Analyze Trends and Performance Track the performance of all your geographically distributed centers from anywhere Self-servicing custom dashboard builder offers freedom from rigid templates to view your business information Get a holistic picture with inter-related dashboards so when you drill down by any filter or periodicity, all dashboards start automatically correlating even though filter has been applied for just one dashboard
  9. 9. Uncover New Insights - Track your Business Goals Analyze massive amounts of data to glean important insights Get the Cloud advantage. Access your data securely – anytime, anywhere Leverage your data and optimize its potential
  10. 10. Operate Seamlessly – Integrate Easily with Existing Systems Third party tools integrated – Heat Maps, Google Maps, Cluster Maps Integrate seamlessly with your existing software solutions from other vendors Compatible with Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  11. 11. Attune BI Solutions Making Your Data Work For You Schedule a Demo Today