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Top 10 Mobile Applications for Legal Professionals


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This is a collection of mobile applications that can make a legal professional's life and work a little easier.

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Top 10 Mobile Applications for Legal Professionals

  1. 1. ALL LAW A free source for federal laws that comes with a legal dictionary, All Law offers additional legal material including state laws, Supreme Court cases, and the Federal Register. The additional content requires a one-time payment for each type of content.
  2. 2. DRAGON DICTATION / DRAGON MOBILE ASSISTANT The former is for Apple and Blackberry devices, while the latter is for Android. Both apps are free. They can convert speech to text and text to speech, set reminders and appointments, and be programmed to respond only to your voice.
  3. 3. IJURY This app allows lawyers to take notes about jury selection and allows the jurors to be seated based on either their name or number. It costs $14.99 for the original and has been made available for Android users at the cost of $9.99.
  4. 4. RULEBOOK Relying on a number of rule books, the Rulebook app gives access to Bluebook, one of the most common case books used in law school. Take advantage of this additional resource. The basic app is free for Apple devices, but Bluebook access costs $39.99.
  5. 5. FASTCASE This app for Apple devices requires registration, but is free afterwards. Its database includes both federal and state cases, making this a versatile download. Searches can be performed using a variety of methods. Search histories and the ability to save documents are available for a fee
  6. 6. US CONSTITUTION: ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION The U.S. Constitution is the basis of the legal system of the entire United States. Therefore, having a resource that includes not just the Constitution, but various analyses and interpretations, is a wonderful asset. This app is distributed by the Congressional Research Service and is free for Apple devices.
  7. 7. BRIEFCASE This app allows you to create briefs and put the finished product in your Dropbox account. The basic app is free, but there is an annual $9.99 cost for premium content. Both the basic and premium app operate similarly.
  8. 8. DROPBOX Many legal tools require Dropbox for their use. Law students should create Dropbox accounts in preparation for the conclusion of their studies and to allow them to become accustomed to these other apps.
  9. 9. LEXIS Q&A There are a number of Lexis apps, but one of the best studying resources for Apple and Android devices is the Lexis Q&A app series. This app includes both multiple choice and essay questions aimed for preparing the student for law school. Each download in this series costs $19.99.
  10. 10. BARBRI Barbri allows law students to prepare for any stage of the studying and examination process. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It gives any scholar access to a variety of additional studying materials. The Barbri app is free to subscribers.