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Attivio Predictions 2017


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Attivio CEO Stephen Baker offers 4 bold predictions for the Big Data and BI market in 2017.

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Attivio Predictions 2017

  1. 1. Big Data Predictions For 2017 By Stephen Baker, CEO
  2. 2. Searchas a Service Fortune 500 Will Deliver Search as a Service At Scale Employees are the most valuable asset in any organization, yet nearly 40% say they still spend far too much time just searching for information. In fact, many employees are still searching for information one silo at a time. The best performing companies will roll out targeted search applications on a common platform in 2017. Those applications are easily tailored to each functional area’s unique requirements to provide users with search as a service, thereby increasing the productivity of each employee.
  3. 3. Speed and Agility in Big Data Analytics Will Create Competitive Advantage Hadoop is widespread, but most organizations don’t have a full grasp of what’s in their data lake. Very few can easily find, understand, and unify the data inside and outside of the lake. Leading companies start by cataloging the contents of their data lakes to gain immediate visibility into all information. This fuels agility across the entire data infrastructure. And nimbleness in the data architecture powers better decision- making in the line of business.
  4. 4. 1 | FORTUNE 500 WILL DELIVER SEARCH AS A SERVICE AT SCALE Even the most data-driven companies are analyzing only a small fraction of their information – typically, just some of their structured data – which usually amounts to about 20% of their total information landscape. This means that they are missing opportunities and making decisions based on incomplete information. Those that are quickest to learn how to democratize their data will have a competitive advantage. Analytics Will Begin to Get Amazing As They Begin to Include Unstructured Information
  5. 5. 1 | FORTUNE 500 WILL DELIVER SEARCH AS A SERVICE AT SCALE2017 Will See A Marked Rise of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics Organizations continued to blur the lines between search-based, data-driven, and IoT solutions in 2016. In 2017, forward-looking companies will recognize that modern, cognitive solutions rely on a global, semantic understanding of the information. Under the hood, this means:  Machine Learning – Provide improved context for decisions through continuous pattern matching  Natural Language Processing – Increase efficiency by quickly narrowing choices to the right information  Text Analytics – Detect similarities and variants to ensure key indicators are not missed The bottom line? A single, semantic infrastructure to unify structured data and unstructured information drives productivity and innovation.