QR Codes, Social Bookmarking and URL Shorteners


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Presentation for the webinar presented for the T/TAC TechKnowledgey Conference webinar

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QR Codes, Social Bookmarking and URL Shorteners

  1. 1. QR Codes, Social Bookmarkingand URL Shorteners – What They Are, How They Work and How They Can be Used with Students
  2. 2. ContactChristopher Bugaj, MA CCC-SLP◦attipscast@gmail.com◦attipscast.com◦tinyurl.com/attipscast◦@attipscast Facebook Site: http://bit.ly/atbookfb For More Info: http://iste.org/chewat
  3. 3. Social Bookmarking
  4. 4. OurAT Team… had three problems.
  5. 5. App-alanche! Too Many Good Resources!Stuff we FOUND and CREATED
  6. 6. How toshare thesewith educators?
  7. 7. Do we want our website to be dynamic or static? Some team members want one way,Other team members want it the other way.
  8. 8. Solution: Social Bookmarking! It’s a SNAP!www.commoncraft.com/video/social-bookmarking
  9. 9. Show Them! Show Them! ShowThem! Show Them! Show Them!Show Them! Show Them! ShowThem! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!
  10. 10. Use the toolbar Give it a title,description, & tags Save to a library or group
  11. 11. Tagging Search for TAGS
  12. 12. Other Points Shared Login vs. Individual Login Private (Internal) vs. Public (Open Library vs. Groups Highlighter & Sticky Note Tools Subscribe via RSS Email Notifications There’s an app!
  13. 13. SolutionsNow we can search all shared resources.Now we can share LISTS(tags) of resources withcommunity & educators. http://bit.ly/idahocecbookmarksWe have both a static anda dynamic web site.
  14. 14. Additional Content… in the Strategy - A- Day Calendar http://bit.ly/caledate Use the hyperlink or Quick Response (QR) Code to go directly to a page that contains a list ofAll Rights Reserved. Copyright 2012 by LCPS AT team every additional resource associated with the calendar page! Find templates, videos, tutorials, podcas Watch The Video
  15. 15. http://bit.ly/lcpsatdiigogroup www.diigo.com/user/attipscast
  16. 16. Alternative Options Delicious.com LiveBinders.com Symbaloo.com Pinterest.com Scoop.it
  17. 17. Which is simpler and morememorable?
  18. 18. This….http://attipscast.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/episode-68-at-smackdown-atia-
  19. 19. Or this…. http://bit.ly/atsmackdow n
  20. 20. Bit.ly  Free  Create memorable URLS  Gather metrics  There’s an appNOT NECESSARILY SHORTER, JUST MORE MEMORABLE!
  21. 21. Capitalization Counts!http://bit.ly/nlsitunes This URL DoesThis URL NOT Work Works http://bit.ly/NLSiTunes
  22. 22. But What If the URLChanges?
  23. 23. No Worries! The original (long) URL is what appears in the browser. The user can “track back” to see the root of the URL.
  24. 24. Bitmarklet Add the Bitmarklet to your Toolbar. Customize the URL
  25. 25. Customize! Bit.ly generates a generic link. Customize it!
  26. 26. Analytics Get Additional Information about the link. Stats & QR Code!
  27. 27. Bit.ly is also a QR Code Generato
  28. 28. Universal DesignPrinciples Equitable use Flexibility in use Simple and intuitive Perceptible information Tolerance for error Low physical effort Size and space for approach and use From: The Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University
  29. 29. QRCodes In the Wild
  30. 30. Watch the Videohttp://bit.ly/qrcodesinthewildvideo
  31. 31. QR Code Access Turnon Access app Point Enjoy the content!
  32. 32. FREE QR Code Readers Redlaser QR Reader Semacode Qrafter
  33. 33. Using QR Codes withStudents Let’s list some! Use the chat to list ideas for how QR Codes could be used with students
  34. 34. Free Audio Fiction featuring Original Stories!