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Social Media: Blogging, Microblogging, and Podcasting for SLPs at ASHA 2010


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This presentation was conducted at ASHA 2010.

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Social Media: Blogging, Microblogging, and Podcasting for SLPs at ASHA 2010

  1. 1. Blogging, Microblogging, & Podcasting for SLPS Beth Poss, MA CCC-SLP  Christopher Bugaj, MA CCC-SLP
  2. 2. Whats Social MediaYou Tell Us!  Go ahead, just shout out examples and welladd them here.  Ready! Set! Go!Facebook www.delicious.comLinked iN www.diigo.com4square quora.comblogging googledocsyou tube wikis--collaborative site forClassmate informationYammer--for organizations orkutor Edu blogger
  3. 3. Social Media DefinitionSocial media are media for social interaction, using highlyaccessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social mediauses web-based technologies to turn communication intointeractive dialogues. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenleindefine social media as "a group of Internet-basedapplications that build on the ideological and technologicalfoundations of Web 2.0, which allows the creation andexchange of user-generated content." - Wikipedia 2010 A common thread running through all definitions of socialmedia is a blending of technology and social interaction forthe co-creation of value. - Wikipedia 2010
  4. 4. BloggingLike any form of communication,there is a receptive and expressivecomponent.   RECEPTIVE! How to subscribe to a blog? What is an RSS Feed? What is an Aggregator? Ex. Google Reader     
  5. 5. Subscribe to these blogs1. The A.T.TIPSCAST - Christopher Bugaj 2. SpeechTechie - Sean Sweeney 3. SLP Sharing - Eric Sailers 4. Mommy Speech Therapy - Heidi Hanks 5. Geek SLP - Barbara Fernandes 6. ASHAsphere - Various Contributors
  6. 6. Commenting on a Blog If youve read something that you like, leave a comment!    Comments keep the blog alive!   Comments turn a static article into a dynamic event!
  7. 7. Creating a Blog EXPRESSIVE!1. 2. 3. Choose, sign up, make a list of content to blog about,and get started! Discussion:  Why blog? Whats in it for you? How can it helpin your practice? Can it help train others? 
  8. 8. What do these icons represent?    
  9. 9. MicrobloggingShort posts (often 140 characters or less)     Range of topics from status updates to promotion of ideasor products Text & links to audio, images, and/or videos   Develop a list of friends or followers
  10. 10. TwitterWhat is it?  Why is it important?  How can it be usedby SLPS?   Start passively(receptively) and then start interacting (expressively).
  11. 11. Who to Start Following on Twitter@possbeth - Beth Poss @attipscast - Chris Bugaj @ASHAweb - ASHA @esailers - Eric Sailers @geekslp - Barbara Fernandez @speechbob - Bob Bateman @speechtechie - Sean Sweeney @speechreka - Shareka @ASHAconv - ASHA Convention
  12. 12. Twitter Explained
  13. 13. Twitter Management ResourcesTweetdeck                         Twirl                    Tweettree
  14. 14. PodcastingWhat is a podcast?   Portable On Demand Do you need an iPod to listen? NO! How to find a podcast in iTunes (and other podcastdirectories). How do you subscribe?
  15. 15. Podcasts to Subscribe toA.T.TIPSCAST ASHA Podcast Teacher 2.0 Grammar Girl Princeton Review Vocab Minute Night Light Stories ------------------->
  16. 16. How to Create aPodcast1. Create an audio file - Audacity    (Free Download!  Good for other   therapeutic purposes as well). 2. Upload it to a feed - Libsyn / Feedburner / Cyberears(Not Free) 3. Promote to get listeners! Resource - Podcasting for Dummies  
  17. 17. Contact Us!Beth Possemail: Twitter:  Chris Bugajemail: attipscast@gmail.comTwitter: ------------------->Podcast/Blog: www.attipscast.wordpress.comFree Audio Fiction for Kids: