Multi-Modal Professional Development


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Slide deck for presentation at the Closing The Gap 2013 conference about providing multiple professional development opportunities.

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Multi-Modal Professional Development

  1. 1. Multi-Modal Professional Development Sally Norton-Darr, MS CCC-SLP Christopher R. Bugaj, MA CCC-SLP Loudoun County Public Schools
  2. 2. Access the Presentation
  3. 3. Contact Us! Sally Norton-Darr ● Christopher Bugaj ● ● @attipscast via Twitter ● ● For More Info: Facebook Site:
  4. 4. Little Things Count Every action, communication, and event is a drop in the UDL bucket. Set an example for change by infusing UDL principles in everything you do. It's NOT necessarily about one BIG moment or decision. It's one trillion little actions that truly bring about lasting change.
  5. 5. DUPLICATING YOURSELF! (Additional Professional Development Modalities) D ly l o
  6. 6. PD should be... - More than one time (Multiple experiences) - More than one way (Multiple modalities) - Reproducible (I want to experience that again) - Interactive (as much as possible) and.....
  7. 7. bitstr m minim izer
  8. 8. Have Fun!
  9. 9. E-mail Signatures & Automatic E-mail Replies ht E: eply PL ailr AM em S ly/ it. ://b tp
  10. 10. https://vine. co/ Short Video Tutorials Join @ATKSman (Jamie Martin) using the hashtag #VineATTips in making 6 second video tutorials. Instagram has 15 second videos too. Free, Web-based Screen Capture:
  11. 11. Traveling Poster Boards
  12. 12. Social Bookmarking
  13. 13. Our Group… had three problems.
  14. 14. Too Many Good Resources! Stuff we FOUND and CREATED App-alanche!
  15. 15. How to share these with educators? And E ach Othe r?
  16. 16. Do we want our website to be dynamic or static? Some team members want one way, Other team members want it the other way.
  17. 17. Solution: Social Bookmarking! It’s a SNAP!
  18. 18. com o. Diig
  19. 19. Tutorial Video: Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them! Show Them!
  20. 20. Use the toolbar Give it a title, description, & tags Save to a library or group
  21. 21. Tagging Search for TAGS
  22. 22. Other Points ● ● ● ● Private (Internal) vs. Public (Open) Library vs. Groups Highlighter & Sticky Note Tools There’s an app! is an alternative (Is Pinterest? Livebinders? Symbaloo?)
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Now we can search all shared resources. Now we can share LISTS (tags) of resources with community & educators. http://bit. ly/lcpsdii gocorevo We have both a static and a dynamic web site. cabulary
  25. 25. The Home Theater AT Tonight DVDs Teachers check out the DVD, watch the videos, answer questions and return to get staff development credit.
  26. 26. Good Grief! I Don't Have Time to Create Different Media!
  27. 27. Then Don't! Find It!
  28. 28. Where to Find Media?
  29. 29. Don't steal it, just link to it on the Web (or ask permission)
  30. 30. The A.T.TIPSCAST A free, audio podcast featuring strategies to differentiate learning. Every episode features at least one "A.T. TIP" that can be immediately implemented in contemporary classrooms to provide students with options. The A.T.TIPSCAST has won multiple awards including the 2012 Edublog Award for Best Podcast Series! Episodes are short and engaging featuring skits, special guests, and more!
  31. 31. Subs cribe iTune in s the Visit te si Web
  32. 32. SEARCH HERE to find audio on free strategies for “keyboarding”, “math”, “vision”, “communication”, “reading”, “Word”, “Halloween”, etc.
  33. 33. Have Fun!
  34. 34. Podcasts for Professional Development Grammar Girl Edceptional The Seedlings Wesley Fryer The Inclusive Classroom Podcast Learning In Hand Podcasting for Dummies
  35. 35. Podcasts on CD as PD Workshops Burn podcasts onto CDs to play in the car! Try it with the A.T.TIPSCAST - 13 Volumes completed - Download the question booklets from the "Free PD Kits" link - Distribute to participants Three big problems addressed! 1. Time (we all commute) 2. Technology competency 3. No need for Internet at home
  36. 36. Strategy-A-Day Calendar
  37. 37. Open Source Strategy-A-Day Calendar Let's make a calendar together ----> ● Duplicate template slide. ● Complete your slide with your resource or strategy. ● "Make a Copy" of the entire Calendar (optional) to customize. ● Print or share digitally!
  38. 38. Modeling Through Practice Sample Consultation Clause: "The following are a few of the recommendations we brainstormed together. Within these are tutorials and additional information. The intent is not that you read/listen/watch them all, but pick and choose the modality that best fits your learning style. The different modalities are meant to provide you with options for how best you’d like to experience the content."
  39. 39. Sample Consultation cont. Recommendation #1 - High Contrast in Windows - Based on our conversation and observation it seems like the student needs for text to appear larger on the screen. Furthermore, a background color other than white seems to help the student attend to content. Step by Step Tutorial – Audio Podcast – Blog Post - Video Tutorial -
  40. 40. Training by Community Building When training on a specific tool that is not available to general educators (for example, a specific AAC device) form communities of educators who are working with students who are using these devices.
  41. 41. Establish a Personal Learning Network PLN – Your own community of individuals you go to when you need support FREE Methods ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Facebook (Groups – Open & Private) Twitter Google Plus L! LinkedIn member UD Re ble Pinterest n’t comforta e If people ar up thods come Moodle/Blackboard e with these m e ys to includ a Blog with other w Happy Hours ☺ them.
  42. 42. We are Part of a Larger Community ● QIAT LISTSERV - ● Existing social networking groups ● ● Assistive Technnology on Facebook Raise awareness by presenting at local, regional, national, and international conferences ● ATIA, CTG, ISAAC, etc.
  43. 43. Provide Options!
  44. 44. Contact Us! ● Sally Norton-Darr ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Christopher Bugaj @attipscast via Twitter For More Info: Facebook Site: