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Recruitment Procedure


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This Presentation is about Internal hiring strategy...

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Recruitment Procedure

  1. 1. Specialist – CST Case Team
  2. 2. Methodology Selection Understanding Requirement
  3. 3. Inputs taken from Prateek Haralalka; Brenton Leavers; Rahul Prasad. Prepared JD & JR as per the requirement of the department. Map relevant organizations for prospective candidates.
  4. 4. Process Explanation: The case team – specialist is also referred as “BETA” team. The team generally try to minimize the loss in cases of: 1. Return due to damaged product. 2. Wrong item delivered to the customer. 3. Item delivered at the wrong address. 4. Item not received or partially received. Responsibilities:  Calculation of product cost, shipping cost and then negotiate on returns or offer the customer appropriate refunds and minimize the loss.  Remove negative feedbacks from the market places by understanding reason for negative feedback or offering them partial refunds.
  5. 5. Working Screen… MPS i.e. Market place software used by the case team – specialist to read the emails or the action taken on the particular case on left hand side bottom. On the bottom right side there are three tabs Closure request, Follow up & Comments to be used according to the status of the case. The thread tab gives us various information of vendors , thread starting date, market place, sales order total. The order detail tab gives us further information on product cost, carrier information. Shipping cost and etc.
  6. 6. Responsibilities : 1. Responsible to close cases asap. 2. Solve customer issues with positive rating. 3. Cost effectiveness (minimize the loss). Skills Required: 1. Excellent in verbal & written English. 2. Accent would be an added advantage. Deliverables: 1. Low RMA loss percentage. 2. Optimum the closure time of the cases.
  7. 7. Responsibilities: 1. Provide a friendly, efficient and professional customer service experience over the phone and via Email. 2. Deal with and respond to all customer contacts received by Phone and via email in a professional manner within agreed service levels. 3. Investigate customer issues with Vendors and carriers to a satisfactory conclusion. 4. Ensure that issues are resolved both promptly and thoroughly. 5. Thoroughly and efficiently gather customer information, needs and educate the customer where applicable to prevent the need for return and document all interactions using the system provided Person Requirements: 1. Highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. 2. Demonstrated passion for excellence with respect to treating and caring for customers. 3. Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing. 4. Is able to handle complaints and unpleasant customers 5. Strong decision making and analytical skills. 6. Willingness to work flexible schedule and occasional overtime when needed. 7. Process strong work ethic and team player mentality. 8. Work well under pressure and to tight deadlines, prioritizing task in terms of importance/ urgency
  8. 8.  Return of Products:- Incase the customer wants to return any product, he has to bear the shipping charges and the restocking fee of 15%. Customer pays return shipping only when the return is on account of buyer’s remorse, and not damages or defects. Also, we charge restocking only when the sales value of an order is over $50.  Damaged Products:-. The first approach to a ‘Damage’ related issue is to offer a partial refund to the customer, and get him/her to keep the item. Simultaneously, we try to have the vendor reimburse us. This helps resolve issues fast and all parties are better off. In case the customer does not want a partial refund, but a refund/replacement instead, the entire approach depends on whether our shipping account was used for the shipment, or the vendor’s.  Remove Negative/Neutral feedback from Market Places:- Incase any negative/Neutral feedback is sent by the customer, case team would resolve the issues in a mutual beneficial way by talking to the customers and understanding their requirements.
  9. 9. General Summary:-  Case team specialist is responsible for handling all the return’s/ refunds/ replacements/ queries made by customer.  Initiate and implement corrective action as needed in order to ensure that an excellent standard of service and a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained.  Resolve all issues promptly , thoroughly and in a cost effective manner.
  10. 10.  Answer all customer emails/cases which have been assigned to the particular team member.  Answer all escalated calls .  Write to vendors as and when required for each and every case.  Call up customers & vendors as and when appropriate to resolve issues faster.  Call up shipping carriers/related third parties as and when required to resolve issues faster.  Ensure that no email is pending to be answered on any marketplace.  Comply with established internal procedure.
  11. 11.  Effectively communicate with the rest of the team to quickly resolve customer issues.  Thoroughly and efficiently gather customer information.  Educate the customer when required to prevent the need for return  Documenting all interactions using the system provided. Returns/Refunds/Replacements:  Coordination with NYO for return items.  Timely return of the items to the appropriate vendors.  Following up with vendors for credit/refund.  Follow SOP’s for refunds to the customer.
  12. 12.  Low RMA loss percentage.  Optimum closure time of cases.  Customer Satisfaction.
  13. 13.  Should have good communication Skills-Verbal and Written.  Good Negotiation skills.  Should be Computer Savvy.  Should be Internet Friendly.  Highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.  Demonstrated passion for excellence with respect to treating and caring for customers.  Ability to handle complaints and unpleasant customers.  Strong analytical skills.  Willingness to work in flexible schedule and occasional overtime when needed.  Posses strong work ethic and team player mentality.  Work well under pressure and tight deadlines, prioritizing task in terms of importance/ urgency.
  14. 14. Shift Timing :-  Any Shift of 10hrs between 4:30pm – 5:30 am as per the requirement. (EST, MST, PST).  8 weekly off’s every month.  No issues during extended hours/nights/holidays/weekends. Experience:-  3-4 yrs experience in handling customers and escalated calls.  Experience in dealing with US customers. Educational Requirement:-  Graduate (10+2+2/3).
  15. 15. HSBC Wipro OPT
  16. 16. NAME LAST DRAWN CTC Years of Experience AVERAGE SALARY IN HSBC ( in lacs per annum) Ayush Gupta 300000 6+ =(300000+350000+347288) /3 =997288/3 =332429 Clement Rahul Rodrick 350000 4+ A. Prakash Rao 347288 5+
  17. 17. NAME LAST DRAWN CTC Years of Experience AVERAGE SALARY IN OPT ( in lacs per annum) Rahul Srivastava 223000 5+ =(2.23+2.28+2.3+2.2)/4 = 9.01/4 = 2.25 ChunSen Chung 228000 6+ Christopher Evers 230000 8+ Amit Sharma 220000 6+
  18. 18. Sourcing of prospective candidates Short listing based on discussions with candidate Present profiles of shortlisted candidates to the management.
  19. 19. Manual search or cold calling Career page on website Job Postings Getting Referrals
  20. 20. Discussion on:-  Tell me about your last or current position — what did you like and what you didn’t like?[helps us to understand his positive and grey areas].  How do you respond when you don’t know the answer to a question?[helps us to understand his ability to deal with difficult situation].  The customer is saying you’re taking too long to solve the issue, what do you do?[helps to understand his ability to take decision on the very next step he takes afteror in the call].
  21. 21. Short listing Criteria:-  Candidates prior experience of handling US customers.  Candidates verbal and written communication skills.  Tests Scores: At Par or Above Average.  Reason to join us.  Flexible at work timing.  Stability.
  22. 22. Offer Roll Out Interview with management Final recommendation of 3- 5 candidates with detailed assessment and skill set mapping. In-Depth Interview with candidate.
  23. 23. Recruitment Process Recruitment process is all about understanding the requirement and widening the gene pool or attracting more applicants in to the hopper. The diagram will give you a brief idea of the process which is being followed by most of the enterprises.
  24. 24. Priyanka Agarwal