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Classroom language


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Classroom language

  2. 2. • Good morning/afternoon, everybody/everyone.• Hello, everyone.• How are you today?• How are you getting on?• Hows life?• How are things with you?• My name is Mr/Mrs/Ms Kim. Im your new English teacher.• Ill be teaching you English this year.• Ive got five lessons with you each week.
  3. 3. • Let’s call the roll.• Let’s check the register to see who is here.• Who is absent today?• Is everyone here?• Oh, Diana is not here? Who knows why?• Who isnt here today?• Whats the matter with Jim today?• Whats wrong with Jim today?• Why were you absent last Friday?
  4. 4. • I’m sorry for coming late• Where have you been?• We started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?• Did you miss your bus?• Did you oversleep?• Dont let it happen again.
  5. 5. • Im waiting for you to be quiet.• We wont start until everyone is quiet.• Stop talking and be quiet.• Settle down now so we can start.• Lets begin our lesson now.• Is everybody ready to start?• I hope you are all ready for your English lesson.• I think we can start now.• Now we can get down to work.• Shall we start now?
  6. 6. • Pay attention, everybody.• You need pencils/rulers.• Open your books at page...• Turn to page ...• Look at activity five.• Listen to this tape.• Repeat after me.• Again, please.• You have five minutes to do this.• Like this, not like that.
  7. 7. • Are you with me?• Are you OK?• Is it OK so far?• Do you get it?• Do you understand?• Do you follow me?• What did you say?• One more time, please.• Say it again, please.• Like this?
  8. 8. • Work together with your friend.• Find a partner.• Work in pairs.• Work in groups of two/three/four.• I want you to form groups of three/four.• Here are some tasks for you to work on in groups of four.• There are too many in this group.• Can you join the other group?• Only three people in each group.
  9. 9. • Whats "(the word)" in English?• What does "(the word)" mean?• How do you say "(the word in your language)" in English?• How do you spell "(the word)"?• How do you pronounce "(the word)“?
  10. 10. • Thats very good.• Well done.• Thats nice.• I like that.• Excellent!• You did a great job.• Magnificent!• Terrific!• Great!• Fantastic!
  11. 11. • Its almost time to stop.• Im afraid its time to finish now.• Well have to stop here.• The bell is ringing. Its time to stop.• Thats all for today. You can go now.• Goodbye, everyone.• See you again next Wednesday.• See you tomorrow afternoon.• See you in room 7 after the break.• Have a nice weekend.
  12. 12. Please try to use those expression as often as possible Good luck!