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Building a Mobile Drupal Site


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A showcasing of a mobile Drupal 7 site and how it was built using the jQuery Mobile library.

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  • Hello. Great tutorial. I have a couple questions. Where did you put your mobile site? Did it go inside drupal installation, if so, where? Did you do the same sort of thing for a tablet device as well?
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Building a Mobile Drupal Site

  1. 1. Building a Mobile Drupal SitePresented by Mark W. Jarrell Twitter: attheshowApril 30, 2011DrupalCamp Nashville
  2. 2. Overview✤ Showcasing the new Austin Peay State University mobile site (✤ Talking about development process✤ How it works
  3. 3. Demo
  4. 4. Why is this site important?✤ APSU already has native iPhone and Android apps. Needed something that would work for other devices too✤ Since most administrators are using touch screen devices, still focused primarily on optimizing interface for iPhone/Android✤ This site is more likely to be used by people who arent currently part of the university e.g., potential students, community members, potential employees
  5. 5. Going Mobile - Methods✤ A) Keep current site theme same, use separate theme for mobile browsers. Only one URL.
  6. 6. Going Mobile - Methods✤ B) Keep current site same, add a new mobile site with a separate URL and redirect users to that.
  7. 7. Going Mobile - Methods✤ C) Restyle current site such that it works better on mobile browsers (CSS3 Media Queries) - See
  8. 8. Going Mobile - Methods✤ We chose: B) Keep current site same, add a new mobile site with a separate URL and redirect users to that.
  9. 9. What was the process?(Executive Summary)✤ Worked with Public Relations and Admissions to come up with a feature list✤ Designed initial theme✤ Originally started building this site in Drupal 6
  10. 10. What was the process?(Executive Summary)✤ Upgraded content to D7 in January/February✤ Upgraded theme and custom modules to D7 in February/March✤ Converted existing theme to be a subtheme of "jQM" theme in April✤ Added in jQuery Mobile module/library in April✤ Site officially launched this week
  11. 11. Content - What goes into the site?✤ Whats do we include here in mobile version thats not on the main site? ✤ Focus: on-the-go users ✤ Prepared for quick actions (e.g., Request Info, Campus Map, Schedule Campus Tour, etc.) ✤ Keep everything as "slim" as you can. Try to make it bite-sized. Less text unless it’s a news article or blog post ✤ Make your forms as short as you possibly can or youll lose them
  12. 12. Whats jQuery Mobile?✤✤ "Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets"✤ Basically gives you ways to stylize your HTML5 content and page elements such that they are easier for fingers (as opposed to point & click) to interact with
  13. 13. HTML5✤ <!DOCTYPE html> (Way simpler than doctypes in HTML4!)✤ jQuery Mobile only works with HTML5 <section> <article> etc. not necessary to get it up and running.✤ jQuery Mobile elements are initialized when "data-role" attributes exist in your HTML code✤ Example: Radio buttons add <fieldset data-role="controlgroup"></ fieldset> around your buttons ✤ Demo: radiobuttons.html
  14. 14. Page Refreshes✤ Page loads are done via AJAX-style requests. Browser doesn’t refresh the page when it changes.✤ Have to add HTML5 elements like <div data-role="content"></div> ...into your page.tpl.php file✤ Allows you to do smartphone style transitions such as wipes from one page to another.✤ Note: The page refresh method of jQuery Mobile makes interacting with the admin interface tricky. Usually have to type in /admin to get to admin theme.
  15. 15. What are jQM and the jQueryMobile module?✤ These are developed by Tree House Agency (NJ Drupal shop)✤ “jQM” is a base theme like Zen, etc.✤ It modifies your form elements so that they have necessary data-role information. Also adds some useful classes to your page that you can use in your CSS✤ Modify these template files and drop them into your subtheme
  16. 16. What are jQM and the jQueryMobile module?✤ jQuery Mobile module - Adds the JS library into your pages ✤ Also currently includes a patch to make the basic library work with Drupal better ✤ Get the one at called “jquerymobile” not “jquery_mobile”
  17. 17. Mobile Tools Module✤ This goes on your main site and controls who sees what✤ Includes a lot of functionality like: ✤ Built in mobile browser detection capability ✤ Theme switching ✤ Redirection ✤ Use of external libraries for browser detection such as WURFL and Browscap
  18. 18. Recap✤ How it works: User comes to using a mobile device, gets redirect to mobile site✤ has much lighter content, focused on a user who is on-the-go✤ Get to use a touch-oriented UI (if their smartphone supports HTML5, JS, etc.). Otherwise, they see more basic HTML version of content.
  19. 19. Recap✤ Modules & Themes Used ✤ jQM - base theme ✤ jQuery Mobile - module & JS library ✤ Mobile Tools - module for detection and redirection
  20. 20. Further Reading Links✤ “Mobile Marketing: Strategy challenges for  advancement and enrollment” session with Bob Johnson challenges-for-advancement-and-enrollment✤ DrupalCon Chicago Presentation from Treehouse Agency:✤ Metal Toad article on CSS3 Media Queries (if you’re going that route):
  21. 21. Building a Mobile Drupal SitePresented by Mark W. Jarrell Twitter: attheshowApril 30, 2011DrupalCamp Nashville
  22. 22. Need Help?✤ Consulting✤ Theming✤ Module Development✤ Training✤ Migrating a legacy system to Drupal