Design Thinking 101


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Introduction to Design Thinking

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Design Thinking 101

  1. Design Thinking 101
  2. Design thinking is a human­centered approach to innovationthat draws from the designers toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” —Tim Brown, president and CEO
  3. Who using it? and much more…
  4. ≠ Design
  5. Design in our sense
  6. Design is used as a tool to make product attractive and more marketable
  7. engineer & business owner build a product to solve customer painand let designer makes it looks better. It makes design small
  8. Design Thinking ≠ Design
  9. Design thinking changes the way we use design• Ask designer to make [thing] more attractive = limited value How can we support people’s need? = any form of value• “Instead of starting with technology, team started with people and culture”
  10. Design Thinking isIntegrative Learning
  11. Divergence part+ convergence part
  12. Design thinking uses prototypes to speed up learningthinking about what to build build in order to thinkno more analysis paralysis!!!
  13. d.Process***note the real thing isn’t linear!!
  14. Empathize
  15. Empathize techniques and much more..
  16. Define[USER] needs to [USER’S NEED]because[SURPRISING INSIGHT]
  17. IdeateGo for quantity and defer judgments.
  18. PrototypingMS Arc mouse mechanic prototyping
  19. Test
  20. d.Mindset
  21. The mission of design thinking is to translate observation intoinsights and insights into products and services that will improve lives. – Change by Design
  22. What to know more?•••
  23. References•••• “Design Thinking” in Harvard Business Review at IDEO | IDEO•• And pictures from google images if you find any one need to have credit installed please contact me!!
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