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Webinar: Reach 68x More Supporters on Social Media When You Turn Influencers into Advocates


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Our research shows that the top 5% of most brands customer databases are influencers who have 68x more reach than your entire email list. That’s enormous potential which simply isn’t being used.We want to show you how to unlock the enormous power of your existing customer information and turn those key influencers into advocates.

In partnership with Strength In Members, our slideshare presentation will show you how to vastly extend your marketing reach using this new network-based approach.

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Webinar: Reach 68x More Supporters on Social Media When You Turn Influencers into Advocates

  1. 1. #armyofsupporters 11
  2. 2. 22 #armyofsupporters Reach 68x more supporters on social media when you turn influencers into advocates Discover the network-based approach to thinking about a supporter's value PRESENTED BY ATTENTIVE.LY & STRENGTH IN MEMBERS
  3. 3. #armyofsupporters 33 What You’ll Get From This Session You will gain a firm understanding of the following: ▸How to identify and target your own influencers so you can build and measure promotions that drive engagement across marketing channels. ▸What "socially sourced public data" really means and how leverage 3rd party appends. ▸How to define a lifecycle based on supporter and network attributes.
  4. 4. #armyofsupporters 44 Agenda ▸Introductions ▸The Network-Centric Approach to Understanding Your Audience ▸Identifying and Targeting Influencers ▸How to Develop Promotions ▸Getting Started, Immediately
  5. 5. #armyofsupporters 55 Housekeeping Hashtag: #armyofsupporters Action Guide:
  6. 6. #armyofsupporters 66 Introductions Roz Lemieux CEO, @rozlem Peter Genuardi Founder, Strength in Members @petergenuardi www.strengthinginmembers.c om #armyofsupporters
  7. 7. #armyofsupporters 77 About Us: We work with dozens of advocacy organizations to help them understand their supporters and boost engagement.
  8. 8. #armyofsupporters 88 Supporter insights Email list segmentation Influencer engagement Real-time personalization Insights to Actions & Donations
  9. 9. #armyofsupporters 99 About Us: Strength in Members What We Do ▸Audience Development ▸Email and Social Campaigns ▸Engineering of Marketing Apps Who We Work For Who We Are We are a data-driven, digital agency, for good. We work with marketers who are making the world more compassionate.
  10. 10. #armyofsupporters 1010 Influencers Have Reach “On average, the top 5% most ‘influential’ contacts in our customers’ databases reach 68x more people via their social networks than our customers have in their own database.” – Roz Lemieux CEO,
  11. 11. #armyofsupporters 1111 CRM Top 5% 68x Audience * Plus trust. Influencers Have Reach
  12. 12. 1212 #armyofsupporters A New Understanding of Consumers
  13. 13. #armyofsupporters 1313 The Lonely Consumer Approach
  14. 14. #armyofsupporters 1414 The Lonely Consumer Approach ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ??? ? ? ?? Seeks to understand the present and potential value of a single consumer.
  15. 15. #armyofsupporters 1515 The Lonely Consumer Approach▸ Assumes: The consumer lives in alone in a sad, sad vacuum ▸ Targeting: Market to him until he stops responding ▸ Shortcoming: Ignores that he has any friends, family, or colleagues
  16. 16. #armyofsupporters 1616 The Field of Dreams Approach
  17. 17. #armyofsupporters 1717 The Field of Dreams Approach ? ? ??? ? ? ?? Create and publish content that you think your audience will find valuable, then convert the to leads and supporters.
  18. 18. #armyofsupporters 1818 The Field of Dreams Approach ▸ Assumes: “If you build it, [content, that is] they will come” ▸ Targeting: Market to him until he stops responding ▸ Shortcoming: By definition, it ignores consumer attributes
  19. 19. #armyofsupporters 1919 The Network Centric Approach
  20. 20. #armyofsupporters 2020 The Network Centric Approach Promote across media, using offers crafted for social diffusion among many small consumer networks.
  21. 21. #armyofsupporters 2121 EXPAND YOUR REACH! Promote across media, using offers crafted for social diffusion among many small consumer networks.
  22. 22. #armyofsupporters 2222 The Network Centric Approach Create social dimensions that assign recency, frequency, and monetary value to the consumer. vs
  23. 23. #armyofsupporters 2323 The Network Centric Approach ▸ Assumes: Birds of a feather flock together online AND off ▸ Targeting: Promote to many tiny interconnected networks ▸ Shortcoming: Historically, it’s been hard to target & measure
  24. 24. #armyofsupporters 2424 Combining These Three Approaches ▸ Assumes: You are really REALLY in touch with your audience ▸ Targeting: Start with the individual, layer on network, and engage with valuable content ▸ Shortcoming: It’s new, so hater’s gonna hate
  25. 25. 2525 #armyofsupporters How & Where to Find Influencers
  26. 26. 2626 #armyofsupporters Who’s hiding out on your email list? We’ve found… Top bloggers, like Deuce and Arianna Huffington MOCs, like Sen. Al Franken Journalists, like Ann Curry Business leaders, like Steve Case And lots of allies and advocates!
  27. 27. #armyofsupporters 2727 Start with your CRM. Match to 100+ social networks. See what they’re saying on social. Automate email, ads, and scoring. Email List Social Match Enterprise Listening Attentive Targeting How Works
  28. 28. #armyofsupporters 2828 Influencers Drive Traffic
  29. 29. #armyofsupporters 2929 The “Other 1%” Drive a LOT of Traffic
  30. 30. #armyofsupporters 3030 Getting to Know Influencers
  31. 31. #armyofsupporters 3131 Targeting in a Nutshell ▸ Identifying Likely Influencers: Breadth, depth, and 3rd party markers. 1%-5% is Broader ▸ Content Targeting: Aim for 15%+ of your whole file. ▸ Start Small: Fewer segments are better than many.
  32. 32. #armyofsupporters 3232 Segmenting for Content Targeting
  33. 33. #armyofsupporters 3333 Example Term for Segmentation Immigration OR NCLR OR RI4A OR @AmericasVoice OR DefineAmerican OR #undocumented OR @WomenBelong OR deportaciones OR deportations OR #Not1More OR #DeporterInChief OR #EndtheQuota OR #NotOneMore OR #Dreamers OR DreamAct OR LULAC OR VotoLatino OR deportation OR DREAMers OR mamastuiteras OR muylatinas OR latism OR CIR OR immyouth OR timeisnow OR inmigracion OR #Health4All OR #immigrant OR #migraci n OR #inmigrantes OR DACA OR inmigrante OR MuyLatinas OR MuyLatina OR BeLatino OR #Hispz OR #NiUnaMas OR #NiUnaM
  35. 35. 3535 #armyofsupporters Putting This All to Work
  36. 36. #armyofsupporters 3636 Create a Multimedia Lifecycle TIME VALUE Social Email Direct MailDisplay Phone Call Web MEDIUM
  37. 37. #armyofsupporters 3737 Create a Multimedia Lifecycle Multimedia Campaign Planning Workbook
  38. 38. #armyofsupporters 3838 AIDA: Learn It, Know It, Use It A - Attention: Do I have it? I - Interest: Are you interested? D - Decision: Can you make one? A - Action: Will you take it?
  39. 39. #armyofsupporters 3939 The Formula Component Goal A statement of desired intent. Segment The attributes of the people to receive the promotion. Call to Action What you’re going to ask them to do. Creative The copy, images, and other media. Mechanism The delivery mechanism or platform to be used. Measurement How will you calculate response rate? Next Offer What will people be asked after this promotion?
  40. 40. #armyofsupporters 4040 The Organization Springfieldians for Niceness, Understanding, and Helping
  41. 41. #armyofsupporters 4141 Example: Lead Generation Component Goal Grow our email file. Segment People with medium to high influence. Offer Ask your friends to sign up for email. Creative A targeted, personal tweet. Mechanism Measurement Click rates, viral signups. Next Offer Sign a petition. ▸We’re sure your friends care about nonviolent TV. Retweet & ask them to join the community Call to Actio n
  42. 42. #armyofsupporters 4242 Example: Awareness Building Component Goal Expose more people to our message of nonviolence. Segment All people with Facebook accounts. Offer Learn more, share the pledge. Creative Email copy and image for social shares. Mechanism Email platform. Measurement Opens, clicks share links, lateral clicks. Next Offer Make a donation. ▸ Every two seconds a violent act appears on TV. ▸ Kids exposed to violent programs can be affected poorly for life. ▸ Sign the pledge to limit your kids’ exposure to violent TV. ▸ Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Call to Actio n
  43. 43. #armyofsupporters 4343 Example: Monetary Conversion Component Details Goal Get people to make donations. Segment People who have recently signed a petition. Call to Action Strengthen your commitment, invest now. Creative Ad copy, ad image. Mechanism A Facebook ad. Measurement Clicks, donations, lateral conversions. Next Offer Recurring gift. ▸For a donation of $50 we can produce 10 seconds of nonviolent TV, give today & create some good, Call to Actio n
  44. 44. #armyofsupporters 4444 How to Get Started NOW! ▸Profile your audience Use to develop this understanding. Focus on affinity first, then depth, breadth, and 3rd party markers ▸Identify Your Target Segments Use consumer, network, and media attributes ▸Build Compelling Promotions Use the AIDA formula, Map them out
  45. 45. #armyofsupporters 4545 How to Get Started NOW! ▸Plan Establish a multimedia campaign calendar ▸Put it Together Use to tie your media together ▸Measure Do the best you can, carefully. Don't do anything unless you can measure it.
  46. 46. #armyofsupporters 4646 Thank You Get the Action Guide: Roz Lemieux CEO, @rozlem Peter Genuardi Founder, Strength in Members @petergenuardi