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10 Things To Do With


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10 quick hits on how can help you engage with your list

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10 Things To Do With

  1. 1. 10 Things To Do With Turn your static email list into a dynamic online community.
  2. 2. Send a social kicker A generic email campaign blast isn’t enough anymore. Punch in a search from the Dashboard and find your members already talking about your campaign. Then send a “kicker" email to those members with suggested tweets or Facebook photos to share to multiply your reach and virality.
  3. 3. Amplify accurately Target your Facebook ads to your high- Klout members on Facebook. You’ll be spending your advertising dollars better by betting on a group that’s more likely to both share your content and have it be shared by their audiences.
  4. 4. Follow influencers There are many ways to measure a person’s social media influence. We use Klout as a common measure. Click on Recommendations to easily follow your high-Klout users and engage them when they mentioned your Watched Terms. These are great first steps towards engaging your influencers to become your most powerful evangelists online.
  5. 5. Get beautiful stats We turn your email list into a beautiful infographic. Check out the Stats page to understand your audience at a glance. You’ll find their age, gender, social networks they’re on, when they post on Twitter/Facebook most often, and more.
  6. 6. Personalize your content If 1/2 your members love kittens and 1/2 love dogs -- feature the creatures they love in the text and images of your email campaigns for higher click-through and conversion rates. Search users' content to discover their passions and interests.
  7. 7. Engage your VIPs Find the top 25-50 users on your Members list and reach out to them individually. Providing these bloggers, journalists and social media influencers with content to share can drive hundreds of clicks and reach huge new audiences.
  8. 8. Listen intelligently Find the top content of the day to drive your marketing language. Monitor top terms, hashtags, videos and images being used by your members for popular, shareable content.
  9. 9. ID social segments Go where your members are. Facebook? Email them photos and infographics. Twitter? Create a campaign hashtag to engage with. You’re far more likely to get a response when your content is relevant and easily shareable for them. Here are 9 ideas how.
  10. 10. Track your progress Create Watched Terms to track your members’ conversations relevant to your organization and campaigns. Find out what they’re saying on Twitter and Facebook and respond to them in real time.
  11. 11. Get your voice out Find out what your list cares about and launch a Twitter Q&A to join the conversation. It could be a member of your organization engaging users or a special guest that you invite. Search for people already talking about related topics and invite them directly via Twitter and email.
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