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Is Your Social Strategy Anti-Social? Presented by Attensity & Adam Metz


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Delivering the social customer experience is not just about creating Twitter accounts, posting videos on YouTube and creating Facebook apps. It’s all about breaking down barriers, eliminating the departmental hurdles and information silos of traditional business to create a new way of understanding and engaging with customers.

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Is Your Social Strategy Anti-Social? Presented by Attensity & Adam Metz

  1. 1. Attensity WebinarIs your Social Strategy Anti-Social?With Adam Metz, Author of The Social Customer & Principal of Metz Consulting#AttensityWebinar
  2. 2. Agenda1. Why you need a Social Customer strategy2. Benefits of Actually Having A Social Customer Strategy3. What are the key elements of a Social Customer strategy?4. What is the business case for it?5. Who should drive it?6. Where should we start?
  3. 3. Why Social Matters to Business
  4. 4. Benefits of Implementing a Social Customer Strategy a Service/PR Defend Your Reputation a Service Retain & Service Current Clients a Service Respond to Customer Issues a Marketing/Sales Acquire New Customers a Marketing Promote the Brand a Products Conduct Real-Time Product Research …
  5. 5. Social Conversations Are Happening With or Without You Know what customers are saying right now:  About your company  Products and services  Your brands What topics are trending Who are the key influencers What are the top issues Sentiment Are You Listening??
  6. 6. There Is No Such Thing As a “Social Media Crisis”Most Customer Crises Are Avoidable Source: Altimeter Group, advanced-companies-prepare
  7. 7. The Upside of Social Engagement Brand & Reputation Management:  Intercept complaints & issues  Track and encourage engagement with key influencers Engaged Customers Spend 30% More  Launch and monitor Campaigns Identify Product Quality Issues Solicit Product/Service feedback: Forum & Survey management, an all-in- one vehicle Increase Customer Satisfaction: deliver a rich ownership experience with transparency Prevent Churn:  Identify intent to churn and engage  SMS messages annually Acquire New Customers:  Monitor competitor conversations for intent to churn, issues, negative Source: Bain & Company, engagement-drives-customer-loyalty-higher-spending sentiment, etc.
  8. 8. BUT, Conversations Are Stored in Different Channels and Departments Customer Service How do I respond faster to customer requests & issues?“Don’t thesepeople talk to Marketing How do I engageeach other?” customers to improve product quality and brand loyalty? IT How do I reduce the costs and improve the effectiveness of our Social initiatives?
  9. 9. Are You Creating Another “Social” Silo?Is your social initiative separate from the rest of the business?Do you have a special “social team”?Is your social strategy tied to business goals?
  10. 10. Writing The Business Case: Elements JUSTIFICATION WHAT’S IN IT FORM Why should we spend our Background Written document or resources on this? Expected business benefits presentation, short. (money, people) Options Considered, (with reasons for rejection) Gap Analysis Risk Assessment “Our product quality has increased, reducing our service and recall costs by up to 35%!” —Whirlpool
  11. 11. Who Should Drive It? MARKETING CUSTOMER SERVICE CIO Listen to customers Spot developing issues A single platform for CEM Identify brand influencers Identify root cause Unify multi-channel Monitor sentiment Identify at-risk customers customer conversations Ensure launch success Deliver multi-channel service Leverage investment in existing systems Improve quality Increase agent productivity Deep analytics technology Predict trends Reduce churn “Our product quality has increased, reducing our service and recall costs by up to 35%!” —Whirlpool
  12. 12. Social Business Use Cases
  13. 13. Develop a Comprehensive Multi-Channel Strategy Social Media should not be pursued in a vacuum ACT LISTEN by engaging to your with customers customers – Should be aligned with other through gain customer customer feedback, marketing, response, with insight across relevant content any and all and service principles and and across any channels processes channel Encourage cross-functional participation  What a customer says in social media might be a good subject for a survey  Ensure that a customer contacting you via Twitter RELATE ANALYZE newly customer information doesn’t get a totally different uncovered to detect potential response than someone who information with problems, refine structured data messaging, uncover contacts you via a web form or that already new product email exists (ERP, opportunities, improve CRM, BI data, your service center warehouse responsiveness. data)
  14. 14. Executives: Get a Real-Time Snapshot of Customer Conversations Know right now:  What is being said?  What is the conversation about – product, service, brand, experience?  Is it a common sentiment?  What are the trends on this topic?  Who said it?  What is their Value?  How engaged are they?  What is their Influence?
  15. 15. Competitive Analysis: How Are We Doing?SprintVerizonT-Mobile
  16. 16. Marketing Use Case: Learn What Customers Really Want
  17. 17. Customer Service Use Case: Identify Top Issues, Questions, Complaints Categorization Assistant Dashboard (Under Construction) See the actual comments
  18. 18. Engage Proactively with Solutions, Answers, Offers, etc. Identify “Cries For Help” … …and Act!
  19. 19. Social Engagement Tips
  20. 20. Tips for Engagement & Best Practices General GuidelinesDon’t approach social media channels as “silos” • Example: different divisions start/manage the company blog, FB page, LinkedIn, etc. • Not working together is inefficient , creates mixed messages for consumersDon’t be pushy or overtly salesy • Don’t expect traditional marketing outcomes • Overt commercial messages, especially sales solicitations are outright taboo in most social communities • A social environment amongst “friends” and like-minded individuals isn’t going to accept interruptive messaging
  21. 21. Want A No-Cost 7-hour training course (mp3s) onSocial Customer Management? Get it atwww.adammetz.comSchedule a Personalized Social Analytics Demo • • Toll Free: (800) 721-0560 • Email: • Follow us on Twitter: @Attensity • Register and download Attensity Get Adam’s book. We’ll send you a free copy Webinars at: for attending today’s webinar. Order additional copies at: