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Extracting Business Insights from the World's Largest Social Network

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Facebook Analytics Presentation

  1. 1. Attensity Webinar SeriesFacebook Analytics: Extracting Business Insights from the Worlds LargestSocial NetworkWith James Purchase, Senior Director of Industry Solutions, Attensity#AttensityWebinar
  2. 2. Agenda Short introduction to Attensity Why Facebook (Comment) Analytics? Part of a Multi-Channel Customer Analytics and Engagement Solution Overview of Attensity’s Facebook Analytics Module Facebook Use Case 1 – Analysis of comments on formal statement regarding Capital One acquiring ING Direct USA Facebook Use Case 2 – Analysis of comments on T-Mobile’s Ad Campaign Facebook Use Case 3 – Analysis of comments regarding Sprint’s CSAT Facebook Use Case 4 – Analysis of comments from an Adhoc survey for Hyatt aimed at Premium customer Summary & Conclusions Q&A
  3. 3. About AttensityHelp the world’s leading brands leveragecustomer conversations as a business asset.No matter where they take place:social media • blogs • surveys • call center notes • review sites • emails • more 10+ years of experience in Text Analytics/CEM 7 patents in natural language processing 500+ installations worldwide World’s largest NLP development group
  4. 4. We Work with the World’s Leading Brands Customer Service BI Text SCRM Analytics VOC
  5. 5. Why Facebook Analytics?The largest, most visited network in the world:750 million users worldwide  Brand & Reputation Management:  Intercept complaints & issues  Track and encourage engagement with key influencers  Launch and monitor Campaigns  Identify Product Quality Issues  Solicit Product/Service feedback: Forum & Survey management, an all-in- one vehicle  Increase Customer Satisfaction: deliver a rich ownership experience with transparency  Prevent Churn:  Identify intent to churn and engage  SMS messages annually  Acquire New Customers:  Monitor competitor conversations for intent to churn, issues, negative sentiment, etc. Source: Hubspot
  6. 6. Facebook Analytics Module Part of Attensity Analyze 6.0 The First Text Analytics Solution Designed for Business Users Easy to Use UI: drag and drop to create your own dashboards Over 100 OOB Reports and Dashboards help jumpstart projects and answer the most common questions Point and Click Report Wizard: create your own reports, in just a few clicks Advanced Analytics: Identify emerging issues and trends via hotspotting Industry solutions for rapid customization
  7. 7. Part of a Multi-Channel Customer Experience Management StrategyListen, Analyze, Relate, and Act on Multi-Channel Customer Conversations ATTENSITY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT SUITE
  8. 8. Attensity analyzes text across multiple channels!
  9. 9. Use Case 1: What do ING fans think of Capital One’s acquisition of ING? Relatively high levels of “comment engagement” (Like). By going “Beyond Sentiment” Attensity can uncover detailed concerns, questions, recommendations
  10. 10. Use Case 1: Identifying Customer Questions and Concerns Ing Direct Customers are particularly concerned about the impact of the acquisition to the “Sharebuilder”, hence a message to Capital One that this is a key asset . Change will need to be managed Ing Brand image is strong with their delicately…. customers!! How can it be retained within Capital One?
  11. 11. Use Case 1: Analyzing Customer Intent to Churn Most Negative sentiment is extreme around customer churn/attrition It is not all bad news. A good number of customers will stay conditionally!!
  12. 12. Use Case 1: Analyzing Why Customers Might NOT Churn Are any of those churn threats tempered with positive sentiment around conditionally staying?
  13. 13. Use Case 1: Drag and Drop Categorization What about if we wanted to reassign or combine categories? Easy! Drag and drop all on-the-fly!
  14. 14. Easy to Use Reporting Wizard Lets You Create Analytics on the Fly
  15. 15. Attensity Guides You Through the Process
  16. 16. Easily Customizable with 100s of Templates
  17. 17. Use Case 2: Analyzing T-Mobile’s Facebook Ad Campaign An Ad Campaign was launched on August 31st on T- Mobile Facebook Wall. The Average Comment “Like” is around 1 for Telcos based on some initial research. This campaign resulted in average comment like of 2.3!...So what was said? If the campaign goal was to engage about 1% of its fans in in the Dress Debate then it was successful! Clearly there is overwhelmingly negative sentiment Most Negativity relates to “not caring about the dress” and bad feeling towards the possible merger with AT&T If the campaign was striving to provide brand imagery around friendly, attractive service then it succeeded!
  18. 18. Use Case 2: Analyzing T-Mobile’s Facebook App vs Wall Comments More on-point content is found by looking at the Facebook app comments tied to this particular campaign. Such content can also be analyzed by Attensity!
  19. 19. Use Case 2: Analyzing T-Mobile Campaign Sentiment Each spike represents a touchpoint in the Ad Campaign Our Tag Cloud visually represents the more detailed Issues particularly around the Website being “slow” and “hard to access” At the launch of the Ad campaign there is With each subsequent touchpoint there is quite a lot of Negativity relatively more negativity. The number of Post Likes decline over time…
  20. 20. Use Case 3: Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Telcos Sprint is promoting their award-wining levels of Customer Service and ask their customer within Facebook how they can Loyalty Reward programs are requested continue to improve their experience across the entire Telco industry There is a relatively low level of engagement. For some, the extra $10 a month that customers pay for the data plan is associated with 4G…this is seen consistently across many FB comments
  21. 21. Use Case 3: Gain Valuable Insight into What Customers Want Loyalty Reward programs are requested across the entire Telco industry Defined by likes of 1-6. Well Liked is defined as 7-9 Customers are pleased with service …
  22. 22. Use Case 3: Analyze Facebook Sentiment Across Competitors T-Mobiles Facebook “Page Likes” high… …but relatively higher Negative sentiment!
  23. 23. Use Case 4: Improving Service based on Facebook feedback Different check-in process request for Diamond members
  24. 24. How to Set up Facebook Extractions Point to the Facebook Profile, eg www.facebook.com/tmobile Point to the Facebook Profile, eg www.facebook.com/tmobile These are the Facebook Post fields coming through. The Post Label can be edited for a summary description These are the Facebook Comment fields coming through. They can be edited for a more business-friendly description Give the extraction a name and you are ready! Here you select the Business Domain
  25. 25. Summary & Conclusions  Facebook is an important channel for customer analytics and engagement  Over 750 million users worldwide, the world’s largest social network  A key component of your multi-channel Voice of the Customer strategy  Attensity Facebook Analytics: now available with Analyze 6.0  Easy to Use UI for Analyzing Customer Sentiment and  Detailed Analytics Capabilities that goes beyond Sentiment  Business Benefits of Facebook Analytics:  Gain Competitive Insights  Prevent Churn, and Win New Customers  Better Brand & Reputation Management  Fast, Insightful Feedback on Marketing Campaigns  Valuable Product Quality & Feedback  More Targeted Customer Engagement  Industry Solutions get you up and running quickly  Attensity has a strong Business Solutions department that would like to partner with you!
  26. 26. Interested in a Facebook Analytics Trial?Email: sales@attensity.comQuestions for James?Email: jpurchase@attensity.comContact Attensitywww.attensity.comToll Free: (800) 721-0560Email: sales@attensity.comFollow us on Twitter: @Attensityhttp://twitter.com/attensityAttensity in 2 minutes on YouTubehttp://bit.ly/attensityrespondUpcoming & Archived Webinarshttp://bit.ly/Attensity_Webinars