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ATTEND Company Introduction 201507


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ATTEND Company Introduction 201507

  1. 1. Company Introduction
  2. 2. Part IIIPart III Product IntroductionProduct Introduction Part IVPart IV Business StrategyBusiness Strategy Part IIPart II Why AttendWhy Attend Part IPart I Who is AttendWho is Attend Content • Target Market • Global Sales Channels • Added Services • Customer Satisfaction • Product Strategy • Connector Products • Cable Solutions • Value Proposition• About ATTEND • Vision / Mission / Culture • Logo Introduction • Milestone • Customer Service Oriented Organization • Sales Revenue • Sales Breakdown • Major Customers • Production Line
  3. 3. Who Is ATTEND ?
  4. 4. About ATTEND Connectivity Solution Provider ATTEND, founded in 2002, has been singularly committed to providing the total connectivity solution to customers around the globe. Our specialized major product lines cover various connector and cable offering including memory card socket, PCB card socket, I/O connector and cable assembly. We pro-actively participate in our clients’ business and offer our innovative connectivity solutions that enables them develop innovative products and gain a competitive edge in the market.
  5. 5. About ATTEND Vision To be your most reliable connectivity partner in networking solutions. Mission To provide world-class connectivity solutions and create new networking innovations in the digital age. Culture To be attentive in the relationship with our partners; to create new service value upon reliability and integrity.
  6. 6. Logo Introduction We are ATTEND, everything we do starts with our core value: “Innovation”. ATTEND makes an important step to collaborate and build reliable partnerships, and to keep moving forward with our faith. As we enter a new decade of growth & prosperity, we will keep our principle of being “Attentive” and deliver our promise through a whole new “Attend’s Way”. Innovation Partnership Attentive
  7. 7. Milestone 2002 20152003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Taiwan Market Europe Market Europe Distributor US DistributorATTEND Big Events Card Reader ADSL Router, IP STB Flash Memory Card IP Camera GPS Vehicle Tracking Embedded System Market Developed Telecom Mini SD/ MS Duo/xD CF/MMC/SMC/ SD/MS Micro SD/ M2 Memory Card Socket Mini PCI Socket SIM Socket PCMCIA Socket Mini PCIe PCB Card Socket M.2Mini SIM Micro SIM HDMIUSB 2.0 USB 3.1 C type I/O Connector CustomizationCable DDR3 DDR4
  8. 8. Customer Service Oriented Organization Networking System Consumer Electronic Device Industry Application
  9. 9. Sales Breakdown 2014 By Region 2014 By Market Segment * ATTEND attributes all the sales figures to the end customers worldwide.
  10. 10. Major Customers Networking SystemNetworking System Industry ApplicationIndustry Application Consumer ElectronicConsumer Electronic DeviceDevice EMSEMS *Any trademarks or logos used throughout this presentation are the property of their respective owners, ATTEND does not claim ownership or distribution rights of the above logos
  11. 11. Why ATTEND
  12. 12. Why ATTEND?
  13. 13. What is “Connect to Your Success”?
  14. 14. Connect to Your Success ATTEND is your most trustworthy partner and your first choice for innovative connectivity solutions We are dedicated to provide world-class connectivity solutions. Our value proposition is built upon on the core principle of “Connect to Your Success”. This is a common goal we share with our customers. This guiding principle drives us to develop integrated service innovations, which enables us to win in every promising market, and to connect every success in the networking business.
  15. 15. Your Success is our Responsibility IntegrityIntegrity CompetitivenessCompetitivenessServiceService QualityQuality
  16. 16. Product Introduction
  17. 17. Product Strategy • Pro-active products for target markets • Fulfilling customizing request • Market-oriented management strategy • Total solutions for Connectors • Customization for Cable solutions ProductProduct StrategiesStrategies
  18. 18. Connector Products Please visit our web site for more information
  19. 19. Connector Products SD Family SocketSD Family Socket SIM Card SocketSIM Card SocketSmart Card SocketSmart Card Socket HDMI ConnectorHDMI Connector USB Series ConnectorUSB Series Connector RJ-45 ConnectorRJ-45 Connector FPC ConnectorFPC Connector ESATA ConnectorESATA Connector Mini PCI-E SocketMini PCI-E Socket Pogo Pin ConnectorPogo Pin Connector Please visit our web site for more information
  20. 20. Cable Solutions How We Customize Cable Assemblies Please visit our web site for more information
  21. 21. Cable Solutions Please visit our web site for more information HDMIHDMI StorageStorage Data TransferData Transfer NetworkingNetworking Board to BoardBoard to Board IndustrialIndustrial High FrequencyHigh Frequency AutomationAutomation
  22. 22. Business Strategy
  23. 23. Business Model ATTENDATTEND TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY Different AgentDifferent Agent TypeType MarketsMarkets ConnectorConnector CableCable Networking System & Industry Application & Consumer Electronics Device Networking System & Industry Application & Consumer Electronics Device Major in Semiconnectors Major in Semiconnectors Direct SaleDirect Sale Major in Electromechanical Parts Major in Electromechanical Parts Major in Connectors Major in Connectors Major in Passive Components Major in Passive Components
  24. 24. Target Market • Consumer Electronic Device Application : Tablet PC, Internet Audio Equipment, Digital Photo Frame, Navigation Device • Industry Application Application: Security Camera, Vehicle Tracking, Smart Meter , Embedded System • Networking System Application: ADSL Modem/Router, IP Router, IP STB, LTE Router, WiFi Router, VOIP, 3G 、 4G Modem, GSM/GPRS Module
  25. 25. Global Sales Channels Localized Service Expect to provide localized services by local distributors
  26. 26. Add-on Service Instant Order Notification System Be an easy buyer! Sales Kits Brochure DM News Letter Global Online Store Please visit our web site for more information
  27. 27. Customer Satisfaction