Stillwater Junior Middle School


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Stillwater Junior Middle School

  1. 1. Stillwater Area HighSchoolIntroducing...our school
  2. 2. Map of Stillwater High Ari Schumann Sammie Mitchell Sami VolkmireSchool
  3. 3. Transportation in High SchoolTo get to school, people either walk, drive, carpool, or takethe school bus. People that live close to the schoolsometimes walk. Most people that have their driverslicense, which you can get at 16 years old, drive or carpoolwith their friends or neighbors, though some choose to takethe bus. Carpooling is when a group of people ride togetherin one car. If you drive to school, you need to get a parkingpermit. If you choose totake a school bus, they pick you up at either your house or a bus stop near it. The buses are yellow andhere is a picture:By Andrea and Siri
  4. 4. Schedule• School starts at 7:40 in the morning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.• School starts at 7:55 on Wednesday mornings.• School ends at 2:10 Monday-Friday.• Everyone has six class periods a day, each about 53 minutes, and timebetween classes is six minutes to travel from one classroom to the next.• Lunch is about a half hour period that we stay at school for during 5th hour.There are 4 lunches: A, B, C, and D. A is before 5th hour, B and C are during 5thhour, and D is after. • Everyone has a different schedule and different teachers.Normal Schedule1st hour: 7:40am- 8:33am2nd hour: 8:39am- 9:32am3rd hour: 9:38am-10:31am4th hour: 10:37am-11:30am5th hour: 11:36am- 1:11pm6th hour: 1:17pm- 2:10pm
  5. 5. Classes*At Stillwater Area High School, we areoffered many different kinds of classes.*There are the basic classes which aresocial studies, english, math, and science.We take these classes every year.*We also have electives. Electives areclasses that students can take out of choice.*Some of these classes include languages,art, physical education, band, orchestra,choir, industrial technology, family andconsumer science, health education, study One of the many science classroomshall, student assistant, etc. BY; JESSICA THOMAS, ALEXANDRIA MAGLER, AND JESSICA NELSON
  6. 6. LockersThe lockers at Stillwater are blue and single. By single they are not stacked and notshared. Each student gets a locker assigned to them every year in September. Thereare lockers on both levels of the school. The lockers on the 2nd level are maroon. Theyare secured by a lock that opens when you enter a code that is unique to each locker.We store coats, books, lunches, snacks and school supplies in them.By: Jack Olson
  7. 7. Lunch• There are four different lunches between 11:30 and 1:11• For lunch, we can either bring our own or purchase one in the cafeteria• We can buy things like pizza, hamburgers, chicken, pasta, and tacos• We can get milk or water to drink, or buy something from the vending machine• Were also encouraged to have fruits and vegetables with our lunch• We eat from trays like this:
  8. 8. Lunch Pictures THE LUNCH ROOM
  9. 9. Sports • Sports are an important part of our school, it brings us all together as one. • Within the sports we have different teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and B- squad. Varsity is the best, Junior Varsity is intermediate, and B-squad is beginning level. • Football is by far one of the most important sports in our school. We have games every Friday in the Fall. • Every homecoming Football game the Seniors plan something for the students. Tthis is what we did this year. Natalie Weidner
  10. 10. Sports• All Stillwater Area High School teams are called Ponies. The school team mascot is a pony.• Our school colors are red and white.
  11. 11. Sports Facilities Sports Facilities that we have: - Wrestling Gym - Tennis Courts - Gymnastics Gym - Football/Soccer - Track - Softball - Baseball - Swimming Pool (off campus) - Hockey (off campus) - Volleyball - Weight RoomAri SchumannSammie MitchellSamiVolkmire
  12. 12. Music Stillwater Area High School is famous for our excellent music program. We can be in choir, orchestra, or band. Some peopleeven do more than one music course at a time! All of the different musics have multiple levels of abilities. For example, the choirprogram has five separate choirs. Men can be in either the Varsity Men’s Choir(lower level) or the Concert Choir(highest level for men and women), and women can be in the Varsity Women’s Choir(lowest level), one called Belle Chanter(high level for only women), or the Concert Choir(highest level for men and women).By Belle Paisley, Katie Opperman, and Camille Ellison
  13. 13. Music ORCHESTRA CLASSROOM There are three standard orchestras in our school, and typically a student moves up one class every year, but can audition to be in a higher orchestra. There are the Symphonic Orchestra, Varsity Orchestra, and Concert Orchestra. There is also an additionalorchestra that meets outside of school called the Con Amici Chamber Orchestra. At our school, students are very passionate and serious about theirmusic choices. There are also at least one small group for each music choice that meets outside of school. The small groups are all veryprestigious, taking only the best of the highest level choirs, bands, and orchestras. We love our music!
  14. 14. ClubsClubs are very important here. Clubs meet right after schoolor right before school. There are many clubs to choose from;International Student Exchange, Amnesty International,Debate, Speech, Math League, Physics, FFA, DECA, greenteam, prom, yearbook, homecoming, Robotics, French,Spanish, Anime, Art, Drama, FFA, Archery, Student Council,SADD, Science Competition, Newspaper, NHS, andPsycholog. Also, you can letter in some of these clubs. by: Maddie Schoenecker and Danielle Nelson.
  15. 15. Letter Jackets and LetteringLettering is when you are recognized for something that you have accomplished. An example of this isif you get a GPA (Grade-point average) higher than a 3.5, you letter. In that example, it would beconsidered an academic letter. You can letter in different clubs, events, and sports as well.To letter, you have to complete a set of accomplishments in that clubs, sports, or events. Theseaccomplishments range from just showing up to placing in a race to playing in a varsity game for 12halves.When you letter, you get a patch. These patches go on your letter jacket. Each patch you have then issomewhat of a symbol of things youve done. The patches looks are usually related to what club orsport you received it in.Some actual Stillwater Ponies Letter Jackets, worn by ouralumni (graduates) of SAHS By: Mickie D.