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Managed File Transfer infographic - Files and Tribulations slideshow


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Published in: Technology
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Managed File Transfer infographic - Files and Tribulations slideshow

  1. 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF MANAGED FILE TRANSFERWe live in an impatient world. People expect to send and receive data anywhere, anytime, on any device. When they can’t, it’s a problem. So are data security, audit trails,and preventing breaches. IT Professionals know this. At Attachmate, we feel their pain.81%53%of senior IT managers surveyed ranked MFT as an important or very importantissue driving anticipated improvements with trading partnersof surveyed European companies say security is their greatest data transferchallenge
  2. 2. CLOUDY WITH A SIDE OF “UH-OH”This is the fastest-growing part of the managedfile transfer market... and IT has to deal with thebacklash of non-IT coworkers using thesenon-secure servicesFTP is an option, but it’s hard to use. So nowcompany data is AWOL on cloud-based servers.It’s awesome to drag files into a cloud-basedfolder and know that your file-sharing buddycan view them instantly... but who ELSE canview them?AND THEY’RE MOVING 1B FILES EVERY DAY. (THAT’S MORE FILES THAN TWEETS! #OMG)USER-CENTRIC FILE TRANSFER GROWTHConsumer demand for these servicesisn’t the only thing exploding: the woefullack of security features might blow upyour business, too020122011152M USERS*40M USERS*20 40 60 80 100 120*Represents YouSendIt, DropBox, and Box.com140 160
  3. 3. HOMEBREW FILE TRANSFER— ACTUALLY NOT CHEAPERHomegrown FTPs can cost 10x more than standardized solutions$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $53%of surveyed IT managers say that FTP and otherlegacy data transfer systems don’t live up tocurrent security standardsInitial development isn’t the last time you’ll need access to the once your developer is MIA, you’re SOL*Doug inherited the file transfer tool his coworker coded on a long weekendBut the coder left for a meditation retreat in Nepal, then sent apostcard saying that he’s finally achieved total consciousnessLooks like he’s never coming back. Aaaand, sure enough, he left behindalmost no documentation. How is Doug going to manage this process now?*So out of luck
  4. 4. LOST ATTACHMENTS AND OTHER MAIL FAILSLooks like therell be no playtime with Daddy Doug tonight. He’sbeen re-prioritized to solve an urgent file transfer problem.73% of emails bounced for file size are sent to IT to deliverIT wishes it was 27%22% of emails have attachments, but those attachmentsmake up 90% of the bits in your email system4 OF THE 5 TOP EMAIL MANAGEMENT ISSUES ARE ALL ABOUT FILE TRANSFER/STORAGEIncreased backup/restore timesIncreased message sizeLack of disk space for messagesOverloaded/full mailboxes54%48%40%39%As Doug steps through his front door, the Chief Marketing Officer calls, panicked – the creatives for tomorrowsad campaign launch are stuck on the mail server. 14 full mailboxes and 6 too-large attachments (again)!22%90%
  5. 5. DATA SECURITY. NOT!$5.5MOrganizational costper data breach$194Cost per record28,349Average recordscompromised per studiedbreach (2011)It’s happened — CISO Ben is called in early onFriday to address last night’s breach of customerfinancial dataWith no ability to track who shares what fileswith whom (you know: coworkers, clients,hackers...), Doug can’t determine where thefailure occurredThe good vibes of the impending weekend havegiven way to panic, as Ben fears that a lack of filetransfer security is threatening his job securityNow Ben and Doug are completely unavailableto help the company with other critical prioritiesNow Ben has Doug poring over server logs,looking for the source of the breachUNAVAILABLE
  6. 6. CSI: AUDIT TRAILBen worries his job will be at stake as hereviews the paperwork detailing their fines.It’s definitely time to makes some changesaround here…Amidst all of the confusion, the companyundergoes an audit — and fails56%of IT decision-makersare worried about theirability to comply withaudit requirements
  7. 7. SHARE YOUR IDEASHOW WILL THEY OVERCOME THESE FILES AND TRIBULATIONS?SHARE YOUR IDEASAND DOWNLOAD THIS INFOGRAPHIC AT ATTACHMATE.COM/FTSOURCES:File Transfer Survey: Results Highlight the Need for a Secure, Cost-Effective FTP Replacement. Attachmate FileXpress. Transfer Survey: Results Highlight the Need for a Secure, Cost-Effective FTP Replacement. Attachmate FileXpress, 2010.Problems with File Transfers and What Organization Should Do to Resolve Them. An Osterman Research Whitepaper. Dec.2009. via File Transfer Easier, Compliant and More Secure. An Osterman Research White Paper. Sponsored by Attachmate. Feb.2012.2011 Cost of Data Breach Study. Ponemon Institute. March 2012. with File Transfers and What Organization Should Do to Resolve Them. An Osterman Research Whitepaper. Dec.2009. via