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Attachmate DATABridge Glossary


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Glossary of terms for Attachmate DATABridge.

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Attachmate DATABridge Glossary

  1. 1. DATABridge GlossaryAudit file In DMSII, a file that contains various control information, including “before” images and “after” images of records resulting from changes to the database. The audit trail is used to recover the database and supply restart information to programs after a hardware or software failure has occurred.Business Agility The ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost effectively in response to changes in the market environment.Business Intelligence The process of gathering information about a business or industry matter; a broad range of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data for the purpose of making business decisions.Cascade Filtering The capability of a database filter to automatically isolate a specific category of information (e.g., city or state) based on criteria selected in another filter.ClearPath A family of enterprise-class servers available from Unisys. The family includes the ClearPath MCP servers and ClearPath 2200 servers.Cloning The process of generating a complete snapshot of a dataset to another file or database. Cloning creates a static picture of a dynamic database.Dataset A collection of related data records stored in a file on a random-access storage device. A dataset has logical and physical properties similar to a conventional file. But unlike a conventional file, a dataset controls all access to its records via a built-in management system.Data Filtering Selectively replicating units of data rather than the entire database. (See also Cascade Filtering.)DMSII The Unisys Data Management System II. DMSII is a non-relational database system supported by the A Series, ClearPath, and Libra product lines. In recent releases of Unisys ClearPath software, DMSII has been renamed as the Enterprise Database Server for ClearPath MCP. It originally competed with IBM’s IMS and CICS products and predated the popularity of relational databases.ETL Extract, Transform, Load. The functions performed when reading data from one database and placing it into another database of a different type.MCP Master Control Program. MCP is the operating system for Unisys ClearPath MCP mainframe servers.Multi-Threaded Program A program consisting of several modules, or “threads,” that can all run simultaneously.Primary Database The source database when replicating data into another database. (See Secondary Database.)
  2. 2. GLOSSARYRecord A group of logically related items of data in a file that are treated as a unit.Reformatting Altering the contents or layout of data as it is replicated from one database to another.Relational Database A database containing tables, each with information on a single, specific subject. Users can manipulate data in two or more tables as a single entry, based on related values.Replication The ongoing process of cloning and tracking a database into another database.SAN Storage Area Network. A group of disks, managed as a pool, providing resources to one or more computers.Schema The definition of data items and relationships in a database.Secondary Database The target database when replicating data from another database. (See Primary Database.)Source A description of the primary database, and its associated data filtering and reformatting, that can be used for replication.SQL SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language designed for managing data in relational database management systems. Its scope includes data insert, query, update and delete, schema creation and modification, and data access control.Table A collection of rows of data in a relational database.Tracking Sending only changed data records, rather than all data records, when replicating a database.Transaction A group of updates to a database that must all be applied together or all be discarded.Provided for informational use only; may be modified at any time without notice.© 2012 Attachmate Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Attachmate, the Attachmate symbol, and DATABridge are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Attachmate Corporation in the USA. All other trademarks, trade names,or company names referenced herein are used for identification only and are the property of their respective owners. 12-0005.0412