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Poste Italiane Group Adopts Reflection for the Web for Smoother Mainframe Access


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With Reflection for the Web, Italy's leading postal service operator got fast, secure mainframe access without having to touch its 20,000 desktops.

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Poste Italiane Group Adopts Reflection for the Web for Smoother Mainframe Access

  1. 1. Poste Italiane Group Adopts Reflection for the Web for Smoother Mainframe AccessCUSTOMER STORYPoste Italiane Group Adopts Reflection for the Webfor Smoother Mainframe Access QUICK VIEW Problem Poste Italiane Group needed a terminal emulation solution that enabled its management offices and branches to quickly and securely connect to the mainframe from their PCs, without having to touch 20,000 widely distributed desktops. Solution Attachmate Reflection for the Web Enterprise Edition. This emulation software solution allows the user to connect directly from the browser to applications residing on the mainframe. About 20,000 Poste Italiane usersRecently, Poste Italiane Group, Italy’s leading postal services operator, now rely on Reflection for the Web toneeded a terminal emulation solution that would enable the management access and edit data. The solution alsooffices and branches to more quickly connect to mainframe applications offers disaster recovery capabilities and guarantees minimum intervention by thefrom PCs using a three-tier architecture: PC-server-mainframe. internal IT staff.For Poste Italiane, the mainframe is central to business activities. Poste ResultsItaliane keeps all of its core business information on a mainframe host, Reflection for the Web Enterprise Editionincluding financial data, mobile telephony services data, and administrative allows Poste Italiane Group users toinformation relating to all employees. rapidly and securely access applications on the mainframe simply by clickingModern Technologies Key a link on their PCs.Present in all areas of Italy, Poste Italiane boasts a network of 5,500ATMs, 14,000 post offices, and over 200 parcel and mail sorting centers.Poste Italiane provides crucial services to its customers—ordinary citizens,SMEs, large companies, and public administration offices—by designing Reflection for the Web to access and editand developing products for the management of collections and payments, this data, namely executive users at the postcommunication, outsourcing, and logistics. offices, HR offices, call center operators, andWithin Post Italiane, fast, flexible modern technologies are key for operat- receptionists.”ing easily and strategically, and for achieving integrated products and In addition to improved access to the main-services accessible via multiple modes. frame, Poste Italiane requested that its newTo achieve its objectives, Poste Italiane must enhance assets such as its terminal emulation solution would also includelogistics and ICT infrastructure, its management and payment systems, disaster recovery capabilities and guaranteeand its trustworthy image; as well as continue to expand its presence minimum intervention by internal IT staff.throughout the country. Now, Reflection for the Web Enterprise Edition allows Poste Italiane Group users toA Fast, Flexible Solution rapidly and securely access applications onIn 2009, Poste Italiane adopted Attachmate Reflection for the Web the mainframe simply by clicking a link onEnterprise Edition. “This emulation software lets the user connect their PCs. The product also guarantees a highdirectly from a browser to applications residing on the mainframe,” level of technical support from Attachmate,says Mario Nocera, who is in charge of the UNIX and Wintel operating with whom Poste Italiane has collaborated forsystems at Poste Italiane. “About 20,000 Poste Italiane users rely on several years.
  2. 2. Poste Italiane Group Adopts Reflection for the Web for Smoother Mainframe AccessMore about Reflection for the WebReflection for the Web is an emulation software product that securelyconnects the browser user to applications residing on IBM, HP, UNIX,OpenVMS, and Unisys hosts. The powerful encryption and authenticationfunctions guarantee secure distribution of host applications integrated intothe public Internet. In addition, the software’s secure token authorizationfeature provides a layer of LDAP access control in front of the host applica-tions, integrating them into a company’s LDAP-based security infrastruc-ture without requiring anything to be installed or configured on the host.The product is installed centrally and implemented on the web serverso that it is immediately available to all browser users. When a user logsin following a server update, all the necessary updates are downloadedautomatically. With Reflection for the Web, expensive and time consumingdesktop-to-desktop management is no longer necessary.Reflection for the Web is platform independent, and can be run onall popular browsers and on any operating system that supports Java,including Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X. The servers can be run onany operating system supported by Java, such as Windows, Linux, UNIX,zLinux, and z/OS. About Attachmate Attachmate delivers advanced software solutions for terminal emulation, legacy modernization, managed file transfer, and enterprise fraud management. Today, more than 65,000 customers use Attachmate technology to put their IT assets to work in new and meaningful ways.© 2011 Attachmate Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Attachmate, the Attachmate symbol and Reflection are registered trademarks of Attachmate Corporation in the USA. All other trademarks, trade names,or company names referenced herein are for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners. 10-0027.0311