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Attachmate Verastream Brochure


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The Verastream suite can help you rapidly service enable or web enable your legacy assets. The most practical legacy modernization option available, Verastream is highly recommended for even those applications in your “hard to justify” category of modernization projects.

Verastream provides a strategically incremental approach that can reduce the costs and time frames typically associated with other processes. The result is that all lines of business quickly get user-friendly, agile applications that support their needs and make them more productive.

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Attachmate Verastream Brochure

  1. 1. VERASTREAM ® Legacy Modernization Suite Designed for Rapid Service Enablement and Web Enablement Self-Service Applications The Attachmate Verastream suite helps IT organizations ® ® Legacy Call Center respond to dynamic business demands without leaving ? Data legacy assets behind. It’s tailored for low-risk, high-speed modernization, while quickly delivering ROI. Partner Whether your goal is simply to improve the workflow of a Access core legacy application or to retool it into a set of reusable services, Verastream solutions can help. And they can doThe challenge: How do you make your legacy assets it without making the modernization project bigger than theresponsive to your dynamic business requirements? driving business requirement.
  2. 2. Verastream Legacy Modernization SuiteDesigned for Rapid Service Enablement and Web EnablementAttachmate:Your Legacy Modernization PartnerWhen we talk to businesses like yours, weoften hear that your long-valued mainframeapplications are now becoming the probleminstead of the solution. These applicationswere not built for the flexibility or open-ness required by today’s marketplace, andmainframe expertise has turned into arare commodity. That’s why IT decisionmakers are looking to Attachmate.We’ve been solving mainframe access andintegration problems for almost 30 years,so only Attachmate can address modern-ization issues with our level of confidence.And we are proving conclusively thatlegacy systems are not as “locked up”as commonly believed.Our many conversations withbusiness analysts, IT managers, andIT developers typically focus on these With Verastream, you reduce service enablement to four repeatable steps.two promising approaches:1. Verastream service enablement solutions This Verastream service enablement strategy is a significant advance in legacy modernization because you can do it viaVerastream provides a service enablement method that lets small, incremental steps. What’s more, it’s fast and practical,you reuse the business applications you already have, while with dependable ROI.leaving the legacy logic in place. It’s done by wrappingapplication components and exposing them as services sonewer technologies can plug into them. In that way, you avoid 2. Verastream web enablement solutionsthe risks that come with rewriting critical functionality. Although service enablement is an effective way to integrate applications, there are many situations where web enable-When you use Verastream service enablement, you can put ment is a better fit for the business requirements. If youyour web and mid-tier development staffs to work respond- want to retain the present skill set and majority of theing to enterprise needs. Once you create and publish legacy application workflow, but simply make it easier for endservices, these staffs need no knowledge of the mainframe users to handle, Verastream web enablement can be ato do their part of the job. Verastream offers a variety of better, more cost effective approach.ways to access legacy applications as well as simple drag-and-drop methods to build services. Instead of using services to develop a new application that performs a different function, you just leave the applicationWith Verastream, you can also orchestrate your services and as-is and give users a new, uncluttered interface. It’s acreate new business processes. A powerful-but-lightweight process that is becoming popularly known as applicationtool lets you apply governing rules to ensure legacy services rejuvenation, and Verastream does it best.are safely tailored for mid-tier use. And with this orchestra-tion tool, you don’t have to choose embedded business rules The real advantage of Verastream rejuvenation is that youover reusability (or vice-versa) because designers can easily are reusing an existing application, already proven in thebuild context and flow control into granular services. Best of enterprise. This reuse speeds time to market and minimizesall, open and market-leading standards provide the context. the risks associated with a new application rollout.
  3. 3. With the rapid advance of web applicationtechnologies, it’s easier than ever to build afull-featured modern UI that can help youweb enable your legacy applications. Sodon’t rule out Verastream rejuvenation ifthat approach solves your problem mosteffectively. It’s a jump-start modernizationoption that offers compelling benefits notfound with other methods.Fitting the Solution to the NeedIT departments considering legacymodernization should be careful to avoidover- or under-correcting the actualproblem. When you realistically assessyour present and future business demands, Verastream provides simple, controllable web enablement of your legacy applications.the need for SOA might become obvious toyou. On the other hand, that standalone rejuvenation • CICS application modernization project might emerge as the only one you really have to Verastream can unlock CICS data and logic for reusehandle for the foreseeable future. As many businesses are in SOAs or other enterprise initiatives. It uses a flexiblediscovering, the need usually lies somewhere in between. abstraction methodology and a native CICS adapterWhat is less ambiguous is the imperative for flexibility in that provide high-performance integration with anyany chosen solution. mid-tier .NET or J2EE application.If your needs are hard to assess, remember that Verastreamis designed to take the guesswork out of your decisionmaking. Just choose the capability you want—on-the-flyrejuvenation, customized presentation, or full-blownSOA—and Verastream can help.Verastream Modernization Suite:Built for Short- and Long-Term StrategiesVerastream is widely recognized for providing needed resultswithout disturbing mainframe-application code or dailybusiness processes. Here are some integration methodsthat might match your own IT needs:• Mainframe modernization With Verastream, you can encapsulate mainframe data The flexible Verastream deployment architecture and logic via the application interface to enable participa- provides an unmatched choice of integration options. tion in today’s SOAs. Business processes can be exposed as web services, XML, Java, or .NET components. • CICS and IMS modernization Verastream lets you service enable data and logic from programs developed for the“Even though the inputs may be different – one may CICS and IMS environments. The resulting be batch, one may be a standard EDI transaction, services can be mixed, matched, and reused one may be a pipe-delimited transaction with for new application development. socket communications – we use the same Verastream: the only legacy modernization Verastream-created web service to the patient suite that lets you harvest what you need, account, no matter what the inbound is.” when you need it, for any purpose. Without making the project bigger than the goal itself. — Joe Kelly, Integration Manager, Universal Health Services
  4. 4. Solving Real-World ProblemsOrganizations around the world are using the Verastream legacy modernization suite to keep pace with evolving businessdemands. Here are some of them:Avis Europe Borough of Manhattan San Bernardino (Calif.) CountyRemoved green screen obstacles Community College Streamlined traffic-ticket processing byfrom mainframe-based customer and Modernized online class registration automating data entry into master green-pricing applications. with custom rejuvenation of mainframe- screen application.Results based system. Results• Faster responses to competitive pressures. Results • Increased throughput by a factor of four.• Greater flexibility when implementing • Decreased impact on mainframe, • Gave courthouse clerks time to interact new business solutions. web server, and network resources. with the public and do higher-level work.• Real-time customer access to account • More online registrations; less information via web site. demand on staff. Tenix Solutions “Webified” mainframe-based call centerAvis France Pharmerica applications.Transformed IBM Mainframe-based legacy Web-enabled AS/400-based cash- Resultsfunctionality into reusable services. posting system. • Call center reps get a single, consolidatedResults Results view of data from multiple screens.• Improved management of satellite offices. • Reduced cash-posting process from • Operator error is decreased.• Better communication with business 13 green screens to one web screen. • Customer satisfaction is improved. partners. • Reduced training time from two weeks• Solution rolled out in six weeks. to less than one day.Century National Insurance PPG subsidiary LynxCreated a B2B solution by web-enabling Service-enabled host functionality, withHP-based applications for brokers and agents. no impact to existing mainframes or daily operations.Results Results• Eliminated need to replicate data and programming. • A common user interface across the enterprise.• Enabled immediate validation of profiles and risk, for instant policy issuance. • Streamlined access for CSRs and business partners. • Faster claims processing.CountrywideIntegrated new CRM system in a mixed-legacy environment. “Verastream has eliminated the keying in, reviewing,Results and approving of thousands of pages of paperwork• Provided a real-time, Siebel-centric view of the claims lifecycle. for us. And because it’s so fast and easy to use, it’s• Reduced call center operation costs. given us huge cost savings. We continue to find new uses for Verastream every day.” — Brad Taylor, Solutions Architect, Eplica, Employment-Staffing CompanyAll of these organizations share one significant benefit: By using Verastream to solve an immediate problem, they now havea rapid-application development platform in place for ongoing projects. They did not have to rewrite legacy code or disruptday-to-day business operations. You can find out the details of these and more real-life implementations under “CustomerStories” at Verastream help you put your legacy assets to work in new and profitable ways? Contact us today at any of thelocations listed on the next page. Provided for informational use only; may be modified at any time without notice. © 2010 Attachmate Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Attachmate, the Attachmate symbol, and Verastream are registered trademarks of Attachmate Corporation in the USA. All other trademarks, trade names, or company names referenced herein are used for identification only and are the property of their respective owners. 06-0035web.0610