IA Stencil | EuroIA 2011


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IA Stencil | EuroIA 2011

  1. 1. Atsushi Hasegawa, Ph.D. hase@concentinc.jpIA Stencil : A Site Structure Prototyping Tool Concent, Inc. Tokyo, Japan ia@concentinc.jp http://concentinc.jp/lab/ What is it? Portal Type - A set of sticky notes which are printed 6 + Overview, 1 types of page template. updates, - Portal, list, and article types are essential introducing, page pattern for general web sites. and guidance - For high level site structure and UX flow discussion. Top/Category Top - Useful for workshop with clients. - Only title label: you can focus on high level discussion, not page detail. List Type Sample Selector, sorting, filtering List List + Thumbnail Thumbnail Article Type Content itself: product, news, opinion, fact Text Text + Picture Interactive Type Input/entry form, other dynamic generated pages Form