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Smu Prospectus 2010

  1. 1. CONTENTS Message from the Pro Chancellor 02 Section 4 Message from the Vice Chancellor 03 Sikkim Manipal School of Architecture Sikkim Manipal University 04 Programs and Eligibility Criteria 42 Important Dates 42 Section 1 Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences Section 5 Message from the Dean 07 Sikkim Manipal Institute of Information Courses and Objective 08 Technology Eligibility Criteria 10 Programs and Eligibility Criteria 44 Categories 11 Important Dates 44 NRI/Foreign Category 12 Admission Procedure 13 Section 6 Facilities Available 13 Sikkim Manipal Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Section 2 Programs and Eligibility Criteria 46 Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology Important Dates 46 Message from Director 17 Academic Departments 18 Section 7 Programs and Eligibility Criteria 20 Courses under Skilled Development Infrastructure/Facilities 22 Programs and Eligibility Criteria 48 Industry Orientation/Project & Placements 23 Important Dates 49 Training and Placement Department 23 Student Support 24 Section 8 Student Activities 24 General Information Some Recent Achievements 25 Guidelines for Filling Application Form 52 Mandatory Disclosures 26 Submission of Application Form 57 Number of Seats in Various Courses 31 Scratch Card 57 Admission Procedure 32 Instructions to Candidates Appearing for UGET1/UGET2 of SMU 57 Section 3 Counseling Procedure 62 School of Basic and Applied Sciences Documents 62 Department of Physics 35 Discipline 63 Department of Chemistry 36 Anti Ragging Measures 63 Department of Mathematics 37 Attendance 64 Programs and Eligibility Criteria 37 Course and Hostel Fees 64 Withdrawal & Refund Rules 69 Getting to Sikkim 73 Important Dates 0n Back Cover
  2. 2. MESSAGE FROM THE PRO CHANCELLOR The Sikkim Manipal University provides quality education and healthcare services to Sikkim and Eastern India. The Sikkim Manipal University is a part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group which operates two Universities and 24 professional colleges in India and overseas. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) which is a constituent college of Sikkim Manipal University was set up in 1997 to offer quality engineering education. Today it is a premier Engineering Institute in the region. The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS), which is a constituent of Sikkim Manipal University, was set up in 1999 to offer quality medical education. To meet the demand of the students I am pleased to inform that School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Sikkim Manipal School of Architecture, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Information Technology and Sikkim Manipal Institute of Hotel Management & Catering have also started functioning as constituent colleges of SMU. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and are confident that SMU will be your stepping stone to a successful professional career. Dr. Ramdas M Pai President Manipal Pai Foundation and Pro Chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University 2
  3. 3. MESSAGE FROM THE VICE CHANCELLOR Dear Student, I am happy to note your interest in Professional Education and that you have chosen the reputed Institutions of Manipal Group for your education and professional training. Our Mission in the Sikkim Manipal University is “Global Leadership in Human Development and Excellence in Education and Health Care”. Our perseverance and endeavor are guided by our vision to transform the lives of our students, through exemplary education and training, in their journey of discovery, understanding, awareness and perfection of cutting edge knowledge, skills and competencies. Our Institutes have state of the art infrastructure, facilities, ambience and organizational culture to nurture your thinking and understanding in your pursuits to perfect your professional knowledge and competence. Our dedicated teams of faculty are committed to the task of ensuring that our graduates are well trained to meet the demanding challenges of their chosen profession in the competitive world. We look forward to welcoming you to Sikkim Manipal University. With best wishes Brig. (Dr) S.S. Pabla Vice Chancellor, SMU 3
  4. 4. SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) came into existence on November 15, 1992 as a result of the agreement signed between the Government of Sikkim and the Manipal Pai Foundation. The University has two campuses namely Medical (Health Sciences) campus and the Technology and Management campus. SMU is located at 5th Mile, Tadong which is 8 kms South of the city centre of Gangtok, the State Capital. Sikkim Manipal University is incorporated through an Act of Sikkim State Assembly, recognized by the University Grants Commission and approved by the Government of India. THE CONSTITUENT UNITS ARE: 1. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) 2. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS) 3. College of Physiotherapy 4. College of Nursing 5. School of Basic and Applied Sciences(SBAS) 6. Sikkim Manipal School of Architecture (New College) 7. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Information Technology (New College) 8. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Hotel Management & Catering (New College) 9. Directorate of Distance Education (SMUDDE) Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology is located at Majitar Village, about 35 kms south of Gangtok. Established in 1997, it offers B.Tech in seven engineering disciplines, MCA and MBA. School of Basic and Applied Sciences which is situated at Majitar, offers M.Sc in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and M.Tech in six branches. [Most of its Departments also conduct doctoral programs]. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences along with College of Nursing and College of Physiotherapy is co- located with the University at 5th Mile, Tadong. SMIMS was set up in 1999. At this campus, we offer MBBS, B.Sc Nursing and BPT courses besides Medical M.Sc programs in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy. STATUTORY OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY Chancellor : His Excellency Shri Balmiki Prasad Singh, the Governor of Sikkim Pro chancellor : Dr Ramdas M Pai Vice Chancellor : Brig (Dr) S.S. Pabla Registrar : Mrs Sherap Shenga 4
  5. 5. SECTION - 1 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) B.Sc. (Nursing) Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) Integrated M.Sc Medical Biotechnology Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) M.Sc. (Medical) in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry & Microbiology Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT) Post B.Sc Nursing (likely to be started) SIKKIM MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (Ph.No. 91-3592-270535) COLLEGE OF NURSING, (Ph. No- 91-3592-270534,270294 Extn- 282) COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY, (Ph. No- 91-3592-232041 Extn-138) 5th Mile, Tadong, Gangtok - 737102, Sikkim Website: E-mail: Ph: 91-3592- 270389 Fax: 91-3592-270389, 231162 5
  6. 6. SIKKIM MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS) along with College of Nursing and College of Physiotherapy is located at Tadong. SMIMS, a constituent unit of the Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), offers MBBS, B.Sc. Nursing and Physiotherapy courses, besides M.Sc. Programs in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy. The Central Referral Hospital and STNM Hospital in Gangtok offer clinical training opportunities to students. The Central Referral Hospital (CRH), Tadong, is a 500 bedded Tertiary care Hospital. It is a nine storeyed building with a floor space of more than 3,00000 sq. ft. The hospital has 21 specialties, 8 operation theatres with state of the art equipment. CRH is an ISO 9001:2000 certified hospital by BSI Management Systems with state of the art medical record Library, Medical auditing and computerized Hospital Information System. We function as per our carefully drafted policies and procedures with special emphasis on infection control practices. 6
  7. 7. MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN Congratulations on your decision to select the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS). We have invested in terms of time, effort and money to provide for a quality medical education at SMIMS. We inculcate in our students a strong commitment to patient care and academics. Our faculties are committed to educating and supporting our students as they prepare to become the next generation of physicians – the legacy to the future. I am sure you will have an unforgettable joyous experience of studying in scenic ambiance of the institution. I look forward to meeting you on campus. With best wishes, Dr. R N Salhan Dean Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences 7
  8. 8. 1. COURSE AND OBJECTIVES research projects. The objective of training is not only to prepare the students to be responsible 1.1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery members of the community, but also to prepare (MBBS) them for higher education and training in India and Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences offers abroad. The method of teaching is fully geared to MCI recognized 4 ½ years MBBS course as per achieve these objectives. SMIMS has also a scheme curriculum prescribed by the Medical Council of of teacher- guardian support system, which ensures India (MCI). This course carries the educational and that each student receives individualized academic technical excellence, which is a hallmark of all and psychological support and career related Manipal Group organizations. During the course, counseling from members of the faculty during the students are trained in theoretical and practical entire study period. Thus, students pursuing MBBS aspects of basic, pre- and para-clinical subjects and at SMIMS not only undergo rigorous technical receive state of the art training from fully equipped training, but also receive support to become good and staffed medical college and teaching hospital. individuals and responsible citizens of the country. The teaching hospital is a tertiary care center serving people of Sikkim and North East India, in general and 1.2. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) offers excellent scope for hands on clinical training. The duration of the course is 4 years class room The teaching staff are experienced and trained in curriculum followed by a six month internship modern teaching learning methods. SMIMS has programme. It is the only college in the entire North- adopted policy of constantly evolving and updating East Region that is recognized by the Indian teaching learning systems in keeping in time with Association of Physiotherapists (IAP). MCI regulations from time to time. The students are exposed to novel learning environment facilitating The objective of the course is to train the better learning. For example, students get exposure undergraduates to independently evaluate, assess, to seminar presentations developing d i a g n o s e , p re s c r i b e , p l a n a n d p ra c t i c e communication skills, participating in integrated physiotherapy in a competent manner. teaching sessions, exposure to patient care in community setting and participation in short term In the first two years, students have didactic lectures 8
  9. 9. including the basic sciences, basic concepts of fundamentals of Nursing during the first academic exercise therapy (regarding handling, positioning, year. They are exposed to hospital as well as the principles of various techniques used) and community right from the first academic year. The electro therapeutic modalities including the basic subjects of specialized nursing in individual subjects concepts of biophysics. The students are also posted of medicine, surgery, pediatrics and psychiatry are for observational training. covered during the subsequent years. During the third and fourth year, students are 1.4. Integrated M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology exposed to clinical postings which include out- The Duration of the course is 5 years and objective of patients and in-patients of the orthopedics, the course is to impart expertise to young talented neurological, cardiopulmonary, obstetric and students and to enable them to join the main stream gynecology, pediatrics, surgery etc. The students of medical biotechnology based teaching, research thereby can gain experience in patient care including and development activities early intervention, acute care and long term treatment. 1.5. Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) The Duration of the course is 3 years. This course The College is located at the Department of aims to provide the students with adequate Physiotherapy at Central Referral Hospital that knowledge and skills to carry out routine and provides adequate clinical exposure to the students. sophisticated laboratory diagnostic procedures. At the end of course they are expected to have 1.3. B.Sc. (Nursing) sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge The duration of the course is 4 years. The B.Sc. related to the principles of the laboratory exercises Nursing program is designed to prepare its students and also to deal with new advances in for shouldering responsibilities and assuming instrumentation, methodology or standardization, accountability for Nursing services at the primary, management of laboratories, standard protocols secondary and tertiary levels of care and the work and use of technology related to laboratory course is recognized by Indian Nursing Council. On investigations. completion of the course the students are essentially equipped to work as bedside nurses as 1.6. M.Sc. (Medical) in Human Anatomy, Medical well as generalist level medical, surgical, pediatric, Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology & Medical psychiatric, community health nurses and midwives. Physiology They are also expected to take up leadership in M.Sc. Degree course is a three year programme nursing, being teachers, first level managers and consisting of classroom teaching, self study, researchers. seminars, research project (dissertation) and practical demonstration classes. The students are taught basic sciences and 9
  10. 10. All the M.Sc. programmes will have a foundation The candidate must have passed (10+2) or course of one year consisting of fundamentals of equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry. In the second Biology and English with minimum 45% aggregate year the students will proceed to their respective marks in PCBE (40% marks for SC/ST/OBC) with pass departments for theoretical and practical classes. In marks in individual subject. the third year they will undertake self study and dissertation work. Note : Only female candidates are eligible for admission as per WB Nursing Council and it is a 1.7. Master in Physiotherapy ( MPT) residential course. The Sikkim Manipal College of Physiotherapy offers a two years Master of Physiotherapy Course and 2.4. BMLT follows a generic curriculum. It is the only college in The candidate must have passed (10+2) or the North Eastern India to offer post graduate equivalent examination with PCB / Maths with program in Physiotherapy. The objectives of this post minimum 50% aggregate marks (45% marks for SC/ graduate program are: To incorporate evidence ST/ OBC category). based and ethical practice in all the areas of physiotherapy care, especially within the area of 2.5. Integrated M.Sc Medical Biotechnology specialty, to acquire skills required to be an effective The candidate must have passed (10+2) or theoretical & clinical teacher in Physiotherapy, to be equivalent examination with PCB with minimum proficient in research methods and apply these in 50% aggregate marks (45% marks for SC/ ST/ OBC pursuing research in Physiotherapy and to learn category). elements of administration in order to be an effective Physiotherapy administrator. NOTE: CANDIDATES APPEARING IN 10+2 OR EQUIVALENT / EXAMINATION ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE TO 2. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA APPLY IN ALL THE ABOVE COURSES. 2.1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 2.6. Master in Physiotherapy (MPT) (MBBS) The candidate must have passed Bachelor of All candidates must be 17 years of age or older as on Physiotherapy examination from an institution/ December 31, 2010. University full time, in-campus BPT course program The candidate must have passed 10+2 or equivalent duly recognized by the Indian Association of examination with minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (40% of aggregate marks for SC/ST/OBC) with pass marks in each subject and English. 2.2. Bachelor of Physiotherapy The candidate must have passed (10+2) or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology with minimum 45% aggregate marks (40% marks for SC/ST/OBC), having secured pass marks in individual subject. 2.3. B. Sc. Nursing All candidates must be at least 17 years or older as on December 31, 2010. 10
  11. 11. Physiotherapists and have secured a minimum of 50% of marks in aggregate. Candidates who are presently doing their BPT internship are also eligible to apply, but their admission to the course program is subject to their internship completion on or before 31st July 2010. 2.7. M.Sc. (Medical) in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry & Microbiology The candidate must have passed a 3 years B.Sc. course in any branch of Life Sciences i.e. Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology and Chemistry. General category candidate must have secured minimum 55% and the reserved category (SC/ST) candidate must have secured 50% in aggregate, in life Sciences subjects in B.Sc. 3. NUMBER OF SEATS IN DIFFERENT CATEGORIES Category Sikkim General North East Defence NRI / For Manipal SMU Course Govt. NRI Sponsored Students MBBS 10 16 15 1 8 Nil Nil BPT 6 9 9 2 4 Nil Nil B.Sc Nursing 10 16 15 1 8 Nil Nil BMLT 4 5 4 1 Nil Nil 6 MPT 2 6 Nil 1 1 2 1 (alternating (alternat with Defence ing with category) In service category) M.Sc Medical : Anatomy - 1 5 1 Biochemistry - 2 8 1 Microbiology - 2 8 Nil Nil Nil Nil 1 Physiology - 1 5 1 Integrated M.Sc 3 5 5 2 Nil Nil Medical Biotechnology -3% seats are reserved for eligible person in accordance with Disability Act 1995 NOTE: The distribution of number of seats under sponsored candidates must produce a bank respective categories is provisional and liable to guarantee for tuition fees for the first year duration change on Government orders /decision by the of course at the time of admission. In case bank Governing Council. guarantee cannot be produced at the time of admission, the admission will be provisional. The The candidate must exercise his/her option for only said bank guarantee will have to be produced within one category in the application and the option is not one month from the date of admission failing which transferable to any other category admission will be cancelled. The authority reserves the right of disqualifying the application/candidature of any applicant at any 4. CATEGORIES stage of processing if the information submitted is Criteria for consideration under different categories. found to be incorrect or incomplete. 4.1. Sikkim Category (only for candidates of Sikkim) Applicants seeking admission under this category IMPORTANT NOTE should contact: Candidates applying from abroad are requested to The Director of Technical Education send an application along with demand draft of US HRD Department, Govt. of Sikkim, Gangtok $50 in favour of Sikkim Manipal University, payable at Gangtok. 4.2. Defence Category In addition, all parents/guardians of NRI/NRI Wards of active defence personnel are eligible to be 11
  12. 12. considered under this category provided, parent(s) have obtained 50% marks in the last qualifying of the candidate, who is a defence personel must be examination. For the purpose of percentage of borne on strength of a military unit located in Sikkim marks in the qualifying examination candidates as on 1.1.2010. Admissions are made on the basis of qualifying from Foreign Universities are required to rank obtained in the UGET. submit the equivalent grading/percentage of marks from AIU (Association of Indian Universities, New For eligibility for consideration in this category the Delhi), address of which is given subsequently. following certificates are to be produced by the parents along with the application: Note : For B.Sc. Nursing and BPT course candidates (1) Certificate from Commandant/ from Bhutan & Nepal can also appear in the entrance Commanding Officer/Adjutant of their examination UGET1. If they get a rank in merit then respective units showing at least 5 years of the admission will be given under general category. active service. Applicants seeking admission under this category (2) Copy of posting order to Sikkim. should write directly to the following address for (3) Copy of joining report from appropriate more information: authority based in Sikkim. (Part II order/casualty return) The Admission Officer Sikkim Manipal University 4.3. North East Category 5th Mile, Tadong, Gangtok 737102, Permanent residents of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur Tele: +91-3592-270389, Fax No: +91-3592-270389 and Sikkim are eligible to apply. Domicile/ Email: permanent residence certificate from the appropriate authority in respect of applicant /parent Documents required to be submitted with of the applicant is essential for consideration in this application form (under this category) are: category. Admissions are made on the basis of rank l Proof of NRI status in case candidate is NRI obtained in the UGET. (Scanned copy of Passport only) l Sponsorship by NRI if sponsored, with scanned One seat is reserved for offsprings of permanent copy of passport of the sponsor. A format of staff of SMU. They will have to fulfill the criteria laid sponsorship letter is given below in Annexure III. down by the University and the candidate will have l Proof of residence of NRI/sponsor to appear in UGET. l Application by candidate in plain paper/printed application form either downloaded from our 4.4. General Category website or as available with the prospectus Any candidate who is a citizen of India is eligible to l of marks sheet of qualifying examination Copy apply under this category. Admissions are based on l candidates qualifying from foreign For merit obtained in the UGET. In addition to these, any Schools/Universities/Institutions, equivalence vacant seat from other categories will also be filled certificate from the Association of Indian under this category. Universities (AIU) l A demand draft for a sum of Rs. 1,500 in favour of 4.5. NRI/NRI Sponsored/PIO/International Category SMU, payable at Gangtok Candidates are required to apply separately and admission will be given after screening conducted by Address of AIU- SMU. The date of screening will be intimated after Association of Indian Universities (AIU) receipt of applications. If the candidate AIU House,16, Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg himself/herself is not an NRI, then he/she may be (Kotla Marg), New Delhi-110002 sponsored by his/her father, mother, brother, sister, & : 011-23230059/23231097/2322429/23232435 uncle or aunt, grandparent who must be an NRI. For e-mail: aiu @ du eligibility under this category the applicant must 12
  13. 13. 5. ADMISSION PROCEDURE reverse of the original marks sheet is also copied. In the application form, at least two choices are to be 5.1 MBBS, BPT, B.Sc Nursing & Integrated M.Sc. mentioned in course applied for according to (Medical) Biotechnology preference. Admission will be on the basis of merit in the entrance examination conducted by SMU. 6. FACILITIES AVAILABLE Note : For MBBS course a general category candidate 6.1. Hospital has to secure minimum 50% marks in aggregate Presently the Central Referral Hospital has 500 beds. (PCB) and for ST, SC and OBC 40% marks in aggregate It is a nine storeyed building with a floor space of (PCB) in UGET conducted by SMU. more than 3,00,000 sq. ft. The hospital has 21 specialties, 8 operation theatres and state-of-the-art Counseling and admission will be at SMU, Gangtok. medical equipment. After the Entrance Exams, dates for counseling for candidates as per their position in the merit list and 6.2. College according to rank and choice of the candidates for The college is fully equipped and staffed. The college courses will be posted on our website is housed in an imposing building with all modern There will be no separate facilities All non clinical and clinical Departments are intimation sent by post. The candidates are strongly fully operational. advised to look up our websites regularly without fail. 6.3. Lecture Halls If the number of candidates taking UGET There are 5 lecture halls equipped with modern examination is less than the number of seats in B.Sc. audio-visual teaching aids. Nursing and BPT than for remaining seats the admission will be on the basis of marks of candidate 6.4. Laboratories and Dissection Hall in 10+2(after inviting fresh applications). There are 9 Laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. The dissection hall is large enough for 5.2 BMLT 150 students to work simultaneously. Admission will be based on the inter-se merit of the candidates on the basis of marks obtained in 10+2 6.5. Computers (or equivalent) qualifying examination. All departments are provided with computers. Internet facilities are available in the college and 5.3 MPT central library. Admission will be on the basis of rank of candidates under different category in the Entrance 6.6. Library and reading rooms Examination conducted by Sikkim Manipal The library has 8000 text and reference books and University. subscribes to 100 National and International journals. Internet and Medline facilities are available 5.4 M.Sc Medical (Anatomy, Biochemistry, for students and faculty. Physiology & Microbiology) Admission is strictly based on merit (marks obtained 6.7. Hostel in life sciences subjects namely Botany, Zoology, The Institute is fully residential. All undergraduate Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology in B.Sc Part I, students are required to stay in the hostel. Only II and III. Those appearing in B.Sc Final should send a permanent local residents are exempted. The nine copy of a final marks sheet as soon as the results are storeyed building houses 200 rooms. Each room is declared by fax or any other mode but not later than furnished with a mattress, a study table, a chair, a 14th August 2010. While enclosing marks sheet of cupboard/shelf for each student. Every room has an Part I, II and III the applicant should ensure that the attached toilet, service area and hot water facility. 13
  14. 14. An exclusive dining hall with a modern kitchen and mess is also housed in the hostel building. The mess 6.11. Sports provides vegetarian / non-vegetarian meals. Dining Facilities for Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Table in the mess is compulsory for all inmates of the Tennis, Badminton, Carom and Chess are available. hostel. The students of first year will be provided The college also has an active cricket team. with 3 seated rooms. 6.12. Medicare (medical insurance) 6.8. Communication All students are covered by the Medical Insurance Two ISD/STD booths operate inside the campus. A Scheme (Medicare) provided by the Institute. There telephone connection has been provided on each is a separate ward reserved for students at the floor in the hostel building. Central Referral Hospital (CRH). 6.9. Bank 6.13. Teacher guardian scheme Canara Bank operates on campus. There are also Under this scheme, each student is allotted a specific ATM facilities of HDFC, Axis Bank, SBI. teacher guardian who provides emotional support, monitors academic performance, provides 6.10. Entertainment necessary guidance to his/her ward and The University organizes movie shows at frequent communicates regularly with the parents of the intervals in the fully equipped auditorium. student. This scheme has received tremendous 14
  15. 15. SECTION - 2 Bachelor Of Technology V & Communication Engineering Electronics V Science & Engineering ? Computer V Information Technology V & Electronics Engineering Electrical V Mechanical Engineering V Civil Engineering V Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Applied Master Of Technology V Power Electronics Master Of Business Administration Master Of Computer Applications SIKKIM MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Constituent College of Sikkim Manipal University) Majitar, Rangpo Pin -737 136, East Sikkim Website: E-mail: Phone: Admission Cell: 03592 - 246466, 246020 EPABX: 246 216/217/219/220 extension 221, 247 Fax: 03592- 246467, 246112 Dr. V.K. Sayal (Chairman, Admission Cell): +9194343 84701 Dr. G.C. Mishra (Member) : +9198323 91572 Mr. A.P. Tiwary (Member): +9194348 61646 Mr. Sandeep Chakraborty (Member): +9194342 13875 15
  16. 16. SIKKIM MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (SMIT) The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology was established in 1997 as a constituent college of Sikkim Manipal University and is approved by AICTE. SMIT has the distinction of prestigious accreditation for engineering disciplines by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) vide no. NBA/ACCR-860/06 dated 22 January 2008. SMIT has ISO 9001 accreditation vide NS-EN ISO 9001:2000 for all its courses. The Engineering College has its own campus at Majitar, Rangpo, East Sikkim. The institute's location on the banks of river Teesta, surrounded by green hills, adds to the vibrancy of the campus and makes it an ideal place for learning. As per CSR – GHRDC Ranking, published in Competition Success Review, October 2009, SMIT has achieved 8th Rank in University Engineering Colleges of India, 17th Rank in the list of Engineering Colleges of Excellence in India and 27th Rank amongst the Top 50 Engineering Colleges of India. The Institute attracts students from all over the country and has over 2700 students enrolled in the various disciplines. SMIT has a well-endowed faculty with 170 full time teachers including 30 PhDs and 65 M Techs to deliver quality education. In addition, the Institute also enjoys the services of 20 adjunct faculty members to supplement the talents available within the campus. State-of-the-art infrastructure, a well-stocked library, sophisticated technical labs set up in collaboration with industry, and closeness to nature make it one of the best engineering institutes in the country today. The Institute has an efficient Placement Cell, which ensures campus placements for students. Almost all eligible students of the final year B.Tech batch passing out in June 2010 have already been placed in top companies like Infosys and TCS. 16
  17. 17. MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR At Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, it is our endeavor to achieve eminence in the field of quality technological education and research. Our dedicated team of faculty is committed to provide wholesome education to meet the intellectual aspirations of students and equip them with techno managerial skills that will enable them to take their assigned role in the industry as thorough professionals. Our aim plus is to imbibe all those qualities which are essential to make our students contribute effectively to the advancement of the society. . The institute is fully residential with state-of-the-art infrastructure and on environment conducive to meet academic, extracurricular & co-curricular aspirations of the students. I congratulate you on choosing Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT). We are sure that your stay with us will enable you to become a thorough professional in the technical field chosen by you. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus for a very fruitful and rich learning experience. With best wishes Prof. (Dr.) N. V. Subba Reddy Director, SMIT 17
  18. 18. 1. ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS equipped with latest infrastructure, this Department conducts research in areas like Computer Networks, 1.1. Electronics & Communication Engineering Distributed Systems, Data mining etc. Students enrolled in this stream have the opportunity to work in labs equipped with state-of- 1.4. Electrical & Electronics Engineering the-art` equipment in the areas of Analog Circuits, Electrical & Electronics Engineering is one of the Digital Systems, Communications, Microprocessors, oldest Departments of the Institute and students Computer Programming, MATLAB, Microwaves, passing out have proven that with the degree in this PCB, DSP and Power Electronics. The Department field they could get wider options for future also has VLSI and Image Processing Laboratories. In advancements in electronics and computer fields. addition to B.Tech., the Department also offers Ph.D. Curricula have been framed in consultation with degree. experienced academicians from IITs and other universities and keeping in pace with present day 1.2. Computer Science & Engineering needs, Curricula not only cover the requisites of This is one of the most sought after stream and offers electrical engineering but also some subjects in students an opportunity to become thorough communications, electronics and computer fields. professionals in Computer Science & Engineering. Many renowned professors from premier The Department has well equipped computer labs universities visit the Department every semester as that allow students to conduct experiments in Data adjunct faculty. Structures, Databases and other areas. Most of the passed out students have been placed in array of Students are extensively exposed to well equipped renowned, global software industries in India and labs like Electrical Machines Lab, Microprocessor/ abroad. The Department offers B.Tech and Ph.D. Microcontroller Lab, Power Electronics Lab, degree. Communication Lab, Electrical Circuits and Measurement Lab, Control Lab, Advanced 1.3. Information Technology Programming Lab, Analog and Digital Electronics Department of Information Technology offers B.Tech Lab. They need to intensively work in computer as well as Ph.D. programmes in Information platforms like MATLAB, PSPICE and C++. Technology. The Department is also very active in Students have undertaken projects in industries like research and development activities in cutting edge TATA Honeywell, Wipro, CESC, Stelsalit, Power technologies. Graduated students are well placed in Microsystems, NHPC, TCS, Siemens, CTS, etc. This reputed industries as well as academia. Being well has helped students to secure sound placements 18
  19. 19. within and outside India. Through in-campus Engineering Department has been established with placements, students have been placed well in CTS, the help of well established Department of TCS, Stelsalit, HCL etc. Electronics and Communication Engineering in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students. This is one of The Department is successfully running post the most preferred stream of Engineering to cater graduation course with specialization in Power for the present needs of the electronics industries Electronics and Ph.D program. globally. The Department is being established with 1.5. Mechanical Engineering the state-of-the-art labs and teaching Mechanical Engineering Department, the oldest methodologies. Students of the Department will be department of the Institute, offers B. Tech., M. Tech. exposed to the latest advancements in research and and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. The development in the area. department has well-equipped laboratories and 1.8. Physics workshops with latest equipments/machineries as The Department has a team of strong faculty per the requirement of modern industries. Besides members to give the required base in Physics to all the conventional machine tools, the department budding engineers, which help them throughout, also has CNC machines like lathe, milling and drilling even during specialization in various Engineering and software on Computer Aided Design and Streams. The Department also offers its services to Manufacturing. Fluid Engineering lab, thermal other streams on specialized topics and arranges Engineering Lab, Dynamics Lab and Strength of scientific awareness programs. It specializes in Materials Lab have well-designed equipments to research in the field of Particle Physics, Plasma complement the knowledge gathered in these fields. Physics, Solid State Physics and Electronics. It also The department has also established the Non- encourages interdisciplinary research in the area of conventional Machining Lab, Automobile Lab and Quantum Information Technology and Electrical Foundry lab. Highly qualified faculty is an additional Engineering. The Department is well equipped with strength of the department. Faculty members of the related laboratory facility. department have received the funds for research projects from various funding agencies. Apart from 1.9. Chemistry quality teaching, the faculty members are actively This Department provides students with engaged in research and consultancies in the areas fundamental principles of Engineering Chemistry of Micro and Nano-machining, Energy Management, and Environmental Sciences. It also introduces Vibration and Acoustic emission control and signal latest concepts such as Liquid Crystals, processing, Production management and operation Nanomaterials, Composite Materials, research, Quality Management etc. This is a matter Environmental Pollution and its control. It has well- of pride for the department that the passed out equipped lab with sophisticated equipment like students have been recruited in the premier national Polarograph, Flame Photometer, Potential Recorder, and multinational organizations. UV-Spectrophotometre. The Department is 1.6 Civil Engineering endowed with vibrant & dynamic faculty, well qualified to impart high quality teaching. The Civil Engineering Department was opened from Department also has vibrant ongoing research with 2009 academic session with an intake of 60 students. No. of Ph.D students. This is one of the most sought after stream all over the country. The Department is being developed 1.10. Mathematics with the state-of-the-art laboratories and teaching It offers courses for all branches of Engineering. The methodologies. Students of the Department will be Syllabi are framed in such a manner that it covers exposed to the latest advancements in design and most of the engineering applications that are construction technologies with sufficient field necessary for modern trend and covers areas in exposures. Information Technology. Apart from B.Tech 1.7 Applied Electronics and Instrumentation programme, it also offers courses for MBA and MCA Engineering programs. The Department also has qualified faculty engaged in research in areas of pure and applied Applied Electronics and Instrumentation mathematics. 19
  20. 20. 1.11. Management Studies admission form and submit the same to SMIT by The Department offers MBA in Finance, HR, prescribed date. Candidates should intimate their Marketing and Systems. Emphasis is on AIEEE ranking to SMIT within 15 days of the development of an all round managerial announcement of AIEEE result by CBSC. They must perspective. Students can opt for any two out of the send the down loaded rank along with a Xerox copy above four specializations. The Department also of the original application form already sent in order conducts regular training and development to be eligible for counseling and admission. programmes to Govt. Officers, Professional Counseling will be conducted at SMIT on the dates Managers and students. mentioned separately in this prospectus. Please note that SMIT does NOT participate in the counseling carried out by Central Counseling Board 2. PROGRAMS AND ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA of AIEEE. 2.1. B. Tech Programme (663 seats) (ii) Sikkim Category: Candidates should apply to the Director, Technical Education, Government of a) Streams Offered Sikkim. The Government of Sikkim will conduct an l Electronics & Communications Engineering entrance examination, the details of which will be l Information Technology notified by the Director, Technical Education. l Mechanical Engineering (iii) UGET General Category: Candidates, seeking l Computer Science & Engineering admission under this category will have to appear for l Electrical & Electronics Engineering the Under Graduate Entrance Test (UGET) that will l Applied Electronics & Instrumentation be conducted by SMU. For detailed instructions on Engineering the UGET and examination fee please refer to l Civil Engineering Section 8. b) Eligibility e) Reserved Categories (i) All candidates must have passed (10+2) or equivalent with Physics (P) & Mathematics (M) as (I) Sikkim: Candidates seeking admission through compulsory subjects and Chemistry or Computer Sikkim category need to apply directly to the Sciences or Biotechnology or Biology, as one of the Director -Technical Education, HRD, Government of optional subjects. They must have secured a Sikkim. minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in these (ii) Defence: Wards of all Defence (serving/retired) subjects to be considered for selection (45% for services personnel are eligible to apply but SC/ST/OBC). preference will be given to wards of personnel posted in Sikkim. They should apply with the (ii) A candidate with a diploma in the appropriate following: branch of engineering awarded by a State Board of l Certificate from Commanding Officer Technical Education, and with at least 50% in indicating the place of posting. aggregate in diploma is also eligible for admission to the first year of B Tech (45% for SC/ST/OBC) through l Copy of transfer order to Sikkim, where entrance examination. applicable. l Discharge Certificates/Retired Identity c) Entrance Examinations card/Pension Pay Order for retired personnel. Candidates will have to appear for one of the (iii) North East: Domicile/Residential certificate from entrance examinations depending upon the concerned district authorities is required to be category under which they are seeking admission. submitted. The details of these examinations according to (iv) DGHC: Sponsorship letter from Principal categories are given in the succeeding paragraphs. Secretary, DGHC is required, to be submitted. (I) General Category, Defence, and North East, DGHC, (v) Para Military Force: Wards of all Para Military Paramilitary Force: The candidates will have to Force (serving/retired) personnel are eligible to appear for the AIEEE to be conducted by the CBSE. apply but preference will be given to wards of the The candidates are also required to fill up the SMIT personnel posted in Sikkim. They should apply with 20
  21. 21. the following :- g) Admission of students from other universities l Certificate from the Head of the Office (i) Candidates may be permitted under certain indicating the place of posting. eligibility conditions and subject to availability of l Copy of transfer order to Sikkim, where seats in the second year of engineering (III applicable. Semester). Such admission shall be made at the l Discharge Certificates/Pension Order for beginning of the academic year within a maximum retired personnel period of thirty days after the commencement of the (vi) NRI: Candidates seeking admission under this semester. A candidate seeking transfer from another category should be Foreign Nationals / Persons of university should have cleared all subjects of the Indian Origin (PIO)/ Children of Indian Workers in the previous year/semester prescribed by the parent Gulf Countries. Admission under this category will be university, and should produce the original marks given after screening conducted by SMU. If the card and a certificate to that effect from that candidate himself/herself is not an NRI, then he/she university. Candidate will also produce NOC from the may be sponsored by his/her father, mother, previous institute. brother, sister, uncle or aunt, grandparent who must (ii) Such students should also satisfy all other be an NRI. Eligibility under this category, is similar as conditions of eligibility as prescribed by Sikkim mentioned in Para 2.1.b (i) & (ii) above. Candidates Manipal University. qualifying from Foreign Universities are required to h) Lateral Entry to Second year Engineering submit the equivalent grading/percentage of marks from AIU (Association of Indian Universities, New Candidates can apply for the direct entry to second Delhi). year of Bachelor of Technology programme fulfilling the following criteria: Documents required to be submitted with application form (under this category) as given in (i) Three years' diploma in appropriate branch of para 4.5 of Section 1. Engineering with minimum 60% marks in aggregate. (ii) Three years' B.Sc degree with Mathematics as Note : Candidates from Bhutan and Nepal can also one of the subjects, with minimum 60% marks in appear in the entrance examination UGET2. If they aggregate. get a rank in merit then the admission will be given under General category. Candidates are advised to contact the admission office during the first week of July. The format of letter of sponsorship is given in 2.2. M.Tech Programme Annexure – III. Master of Technology in Power Electronics: (M.Tech IMPORTANT NOTES PE) (18 Seats) (I) In case the number of applicants for the seats in a Eligibility: reserved category (except NRI) is less than the seats (I) Degree in Electrical/Electronics & Communication earmarked for that particular category, the vacant / Telecommunication/ Instrumentation Engineering, seats will be converted into the General Category. as applicable, with a minimum of 60% marks. (ii) Preference will be given to GATE qualified (ii) Candidates are required to retain a photocopy of candidates. Any unsubscribed seats after admission the application form with them. of GATE qualified candidates will be filled up based f) Change of Branch on an entrance test to be conducted by the Institute (i) Students are allotted the branch of engineering at on its campus. the time of admission to the first year (I semester) B (iii) Sponsored candidates from government or Tech course on the basis of merit and preference. private organizations with not less than one year The allotment so made shall ordinarily be final. industrial or field experience/ teaching or research However, before the commencement of III Semester, experience in the relevant area after passing the change of branch will be considered on the basis of qualifying examination can be considered. their performance in I and II semester examinations, Preference will be given to the candidates in the subject to availability of seats. academic profession or working with R&D organizations. 21
  22. 22. (iv) Several teaching assistantships are awarded to (iii) Nine seats are reserved under NRI category. deserving candidates enrolled in the M Tech Candidates seeking admission under this category Courses. should be Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian (v) Three seats are reserved for Sikkim Government Origin(PIO)/ Children of Indian Workers in the Gulf nominees recommended by Director, Technical Countries. Admission under this category will be Education, HRD, Govt. of Sikkim. given after screening conducted by SMU. If the candidate himself/herself is not an NRI, then he/she 2.3. Master of Computer Applications (MCA) (45 may be sponsored by his/her father, mother, seats) brother, sister, uncle or aunt, grandparent who must Eligibility: be an NRI. Eligibility under this category, is similar as (i) Bachelor's degree in any discipline from a mentioned above. Candidates qualifying from recognized University with Mathematics/Statistics Foreign Universities are required to submit the as one of the subjects at 10+2 level. The candidates equivalent grading/percentage of marks from AIU will have to appear in the entrance examination to (Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi). be conducted by SMU at SMIT on prescribed date. Documents required to be submitted with Filled application form along with entrance exam fee application form (under this category) as given in as given in Section 8. para 4.5 of Section 1. (ii) Nine seats are reserved for candidates of Note : Candidates from Bhutan and Nepal can also Sikkimese origin. Candidates for this category will be appear in the entrance examination. If they get a recommended by Director Technical Education HRD, rank in merit then the admission will be given under Government of Sikkim. General category. 2.4. Master of Business Administration (MBA) (60 The format of letter of sponsorship is given in seats) Annexure – III. It is a two-year course leading to the award of an (iv) Twelve seats are reserved for candidates of M BA d e g re e . T h e p ro g ra m m e h a s d u a l Sikkimese origin. Candidates for this category will be specialization, marketing and any one of the recommended by Director - Technical Education, following specialization. Govt. of Sikkim. Specializations Human Resource Development Finance 3. INFRASTRUCTURE/FACILITIES Systems 3.1. Accommodation Note: A minimum of 10 students are required to be The institute is fully residential with separate Hostels enrolled in a specialization for it to be offered. for Boys and Girls, and provides excellent Eligibility: accommodation to over 2700 students. The hostel (I) Graduate Engineers and Bachelor's degree rooms are two-seaters, well furnished, and have holders in 10+2+3 scheme with at least 50% marks attached bathrooms with hot water supply. There (with 5% relaxation for SC/ST/OBC students) at are separate Students' Messes for boys and girls. graduation level will be selected based on There is also a Canteen providing vegetarian and performance in the Management Aptitude Test non-vegetarian meals. Recreation Rooms with TVs, (MAT)/Combined Aptitude Test(CAT). Candidates separate gymnasiums for boys and girls and sports should apply to SMIT on the prescribed form quoting facilities are available. Telephone facilities are their MAT/CAT score. Candidates will be selected available in each hostel. It is mandatory for all based on their performance in Group Discussions students to stay in the SMIT Hostel. and Interviews to be conducted at SMIT, Rangpo on 3.2. Guest House the dates given on the page of IMPORTANT DATES. A well furnished Guest House is available on the (ii) An entrance test for those not having a MAT/CAT campus. Accommodation in the Guest House is also score will also be conducted by SMIT on prescribed provided to the parents/guardians of students & date, if required. Fee for entrance test as given in visitors depending on availability. Section 8. 22
  23. 23. 3.3. Entrepreneurship Development Cell 4. INDUSTRY ORIENTATION/PROJECTS & The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) helps PLACEMENTS students in exploring entrepreneurial opportunities and assists them in starting their own ventures. The 4.1. Students Pursue Project Training in Many EDC regularly conducts Entrepreneurship Premier Industrial/Research Establishments Such as: Awareness/Development programs. Innovation TCS, Tata Technologies, HCL, Titan Industries, BARC, Incubation Centre has been added to the EDC to WEBEL Mediatronics, Skytech Solutions, CATS, connect the institution with innovation. Innovation Cognizant Technologies, Steaslit Industries, Reliance Incubation Centre helps the innovators to translate Telecom, Telco, NHPC, ISRO, Manipal Infocom, ISI, their ideas in to marketable product and to build the Reliance Infocom, Bharti Telecom, ECE Elevators, innovation based enterprises. Carrier Air Conditioners and HCL Infinet, E- Revmax and Lakhotia Enterprises, Greaves, Acer, MEMG, 3.4. Library, Reading Room & Internet facility Manipal Infocom, SNIP, VECC, Jadavpur / Calcutta The Institute has a well equipped library which caters University among others. Some of the above have to the needs of students and teachers. Besides started giving stipend during the training period. course related books, the library also stocks general and technical books. The Developing Library 4.2. The Companies Those Visited Sikkim Manipal Network (DELNET) facility provides on-line access to Institute of Technology for Campus Interviews leading libraries in the country. The college Include: subscribes to a large number of the leading Infosys Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, professional journals in the relevant fields. The Cognizant Technologies, IBM, Accenture, ANZ, Wells Institute is also a member of INDEST- AICTE Fargo, Skytech solutions, Usha Communications, Consortium and thus has on line access to most of Stesalit Industries, HCL, COMNET, Godrej Infotech, the leading journals in the field of technology like Microland, Tech Mahindra, Satyam, Computer IEEE, ASME, Elsevier (Science Direct), Digital Science Corporation, TIL, TVS, Tata Elxsi, SHIV-VANI, Engineering, DELNET etc. The library also houses an VEHERE INTERACTIVE etc. audio visual section and offers Internet connectivity. The library remains open from 8.30 AM to 10.00 PM 5. TRAINING & PLACEMENT DEPARTMENT everyday including Sundays and holidays. Training & Placement Department is the hub of all The Institute has Cyber Cafe to provide internet interaction between the Corporate, Industries, and facility. Keeping with the latest technological trend, Academic/Research Institutions, with Sikkim the hostels have been provided Wi-Fi connectivity. Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT). The Department functions with the following 3.5. Shopping Centre objectives :- There is a shopping centre at the campus where l To provide in-plant training to students to following facilities are available: supplement their curriculum. l Extension Counter of Union Bank of India. l To arrange the final semester industrial l ATM of Axis & UBI Bank projects to work on live problems (Practice l Post Office. Schools). l Telephone Exchange. l To bring Industrial establishments to the l Stationery Shop. campus for recruitment of students. l Binding, Lamination, Xerox Shop and PCO. To achieve these objectives, the Department l Blue Dart & DTDC courier service. organizes courses and training programmes to A few more shops a]re likely to open this year. enhance the aptitude and skill of the students to 3.6. Competency Certification Center increase employability. Regular feedbacks are also A Competency Certification Center is established at obtained from the industries on the advances in SMIT in collaboration with NASSCOM. The technology vis-à-vis the facilities in the Institute and appropriate actions are taken. Competency Certification Center will enable students to appear for online testing for specified T & P Department also organizes events like competencies. Certificates issued by NASSCOM will seminars, workshops, guest lectures and corporate be valid Nationwide. interactions. 23
  24. 24. The Department has ensured placement of nearly all participate in the activities of Students' Chapter of eligible students of the final year batch passing out in ISTE, Society of Sikkim Science Club, June 2010. Entrepreneurship Development Programs, Debate Club, Music and Fine Arts and Photography Clubs. 6. STUDENT SUPPORT b) Sport Club: The Sports Club regularly organizes 6.1. Teacher Guardian Scheme games and sports. Facilities for Volleyball, Tennis, Yet another unique scheme of the institute is the Basketball and many indoor games are available. teacher guardian scheme. Under this, each student Besides organizing routine activities in the above is allotted a specific teacher guardian who provides mentioned sports, the club also encourages talented e m o t i o n a l s u p p o r t , m o n i t o rs a c a d e m i c students to participate in State/National level performance, provides necessary guidance to the competitions. ward and communicates all such details regularly to c) Students have represented the Institute in state the parents of the ward. This scheme has received and national level in various sports, literary and tremendous support from students and parents cultural events and mustered laurels for the Institute alike. outside. 6.2. Students' Benevolent Fund 7.3. College Magazine This is a contributory benevolent fund which seeks to provide financial assistance to needy students. a) The Editorial Board of the Institute proudly The Executive Committee comprising of faculty presents its unique creation in the form of the members and students participates in the selection Annual Magazine 'SMITSONIAN' every year which of beneficiaries. Twenty three students mainly serves as the platform to highlight the literary and those who lost their earning parent, benefitted from artistic segment of the SMIT family. Besides, the this fund until date. Editorial Board also brings out issues of Wall Magazine the CLARION forming a bridge between 6.3. Medicare flowing thoughts and artistic magnification. The The Institute has a well equipped dispensary and magazine also reveals the educational, cultural and resident doctors with supporting staff. Those sports activities of the Institute. needing specialized treatment are sent to Central Referral Hospital in an ambulance available round b) The students also publish a quality technical the clock. Medical Group Insurance is provided for newsletter called "SMITZINE" . It provides medical reimbursements. i n fo r m a t i o n a b o u t c o m i n g c o m p e t i t i v e examinations and provides platform to the students 6.4. Alumni Association to exploit their artistic and innovative talents. The Alumni Association was established in November 2006. It has a registered strength of about 7.4. Various Societies 1000 as on date. They make us feel proud. Many Every degree-awarding department of the institute have brought laurels to their parents and to SMIT by has established a society: doing excellently well in their assigned jobs in India (I) Computer Science & Engineering – ACCESS (All and abroad. Some details are on our website. The Core Computer Engineering Students Society) details of SMIT Alumni Association by-laws and All Core Computer Engineering Students Society registration etc. are also available at our website. (ACCESS) aims to spot academic and professional 7. STUDENT ACTIVITIES talent within the Dept, inspires it to grow, nurtures it in right direction and provides it a platform to project 7.1. Students' Council itself to the students' community of SMIT in Each year, students form a Students' Council. The particular and outside world, in general. This year Council oversees various students' activities, ACCESS organized a number of workshops, short- including students' clubs, and is supported by staff term courses and competitions. Under students for advisors. students program, Animation Workshop and two 7.2. Student Clubs weeks VB Course, amongst many others, were huge a) Extra & Co-curricular Activities: Students success with demands for repeat performance. 24
  25. 25. Confidence, smoothness, and ease of our student for the students by the students. This students' body speakers on stage were a delight to see. also publishes a wall magazine and another technical magazine annually to which the students as well as (ii) Electronics & Communication - ECSA (Electronics the members of faculty contribute articles, & Communication Engineering Students' discussions etc. SAMAJ is a special group under Association). FORUM -2K, which is responsible for different It was formed in the year 1999 with objectives of community services such as organizing free health supplementing the knowledge acquired in the class camp, education camp etc for the people of the and also by encouraging the students to apply their surrounding areas. It is worthy to mention that any theoretical knowledge into practical aspects. It had student of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology organized a technical fair at Institute level in which can become member of FORUM- 2K. the students of ECSA won first three prizes. The past achievements of ECSA are the selection of students (vi) Management Studies – in ELECRAMA-2007, the third International SMS (Society of Management Studies) is an active Exhibition of Electrical and Industrial Electronic society for enhancing the managerial competencies, Industry organized by IEEMA. skills and overall development of the students. It is, engaged in different activities like inviting guest (iii) Electrical & Electronics- SEED (Society of lecturers from industries and other educational Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department) institutions, conducting seminars, industrial visits, SEED is the first association being formed in the presentations, debates, group discussions, mock Institute that includes the faculty members and interviews and other management games. Picnic students as its members and has proved a platform and other get together are also arranged for team to develop the overall personality especially for the building and fun. students of the Department besides their regular academic aspects. This Society has so far actively (vii) Basic Science carried out Debate/ Essay Writing Competition Group of SMIT Science Society is registered with the among the students. It brings out a wall magazine Science and Technology Department of Government 'DISHARI' every semester, to exhibit their literary of Sikkim and also with Vigyan Sanchar Network of skills. India. The primary aim of this club is to inculcate scientific temperament among the students. (iv) Mechanical Engineering - MEDUSA (Mechanical Organization of quizzes, seminars and workshops is Engineering Department Undergraduate Students an integral feature of the club that gives student a Association) glimpse of the latest development taking place in the It was formed with an aim of encouraging and front tier of science and technology. It is also a promoting innovative ideas of the students and to breeding ground for innovative ideas that comes via ensure their all-round development. To achieve this close interaction of the faculty members and objective, the association organizes Seminars / talks students. by eminent personalities from academia / industries. Industrial tours are organized to 8. SOME RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS supplement their theoretical knowledge. l SMIT has been accredited by the National Board Arrangements of cultural nights, get-together and of Accreditation (NBA) for all the five B.Tech annual Viswakarma Puja help the students to excel courses offered by SMIT vide their letter No. on their managerial and organizational skill. NBA/ACCR-860/06 dated: Jan 22, 2008. (v) Information Technology - FORUM-2K l Institute has also been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification and the same has FORUM-2K is a students' body managed by the been certified under Norsk Akkreditering, students of Department of Information Technology Norway. under the supervision and guidance of the members l SMU has signed MOU with Adhesion Institute, of Faculty of the Department. FORUM -2K organizes faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft different activities such as Technical Workshop, University of Technology (TU Delft), The Cultural Events, Sports Events etc regularly mainly N e t h e r l a n d s a n d h a s e sta b l i s h e d a n 25
  26. 26. International centre for Nanotechnology & 2010. Applied Adhesion (ICNTAA) at SMIT. It has 11 l The Institute has taken large number of Research internationally acclaimed experts around the project from DRDO, ISRO, DST & AICTE. world as advisors. As per CSR – GHRDC Ranking, published in l A Centre for Excellence in Remote Sensing & GIS Competition Success Review, October 2009, has been established in Institute with the SMIT has achieved 8th Rank in University support of ISRO. Engineering Colleges of India, 17th Rank in the list l SMIT with its state-of-the-art infrastructure & of Engineering Colleges of Excellence in India and excellence environment has been selected for 2nd 27th Rank amongst the Top 50 Engineering Indo Swiss bonding International symposium Colleges of India. MANDATORY DISCLOSURES 9. NAME OF THE COURSES: B.TECH/ MCA/ MBA/ M.TECH (POWER ELECTRONICS) 9.1. NAME OF THE INSTITUTION Name SIKKIM MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Address Majitar, Rangpo, East Sikkim - 737136 STD Code 03592 Phone No 246353 Fax No. 03592 - 246112 Web site E-Mail 9.2. NAME & ADDRESS OF THE DIRECTOR Name Prof. (Dr.) N. V. Subba Reddy Address Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Majitar, Rangpo, East Sikkim - 737136. Designation Director Qualification & B.E., M .E , Ph D. Experience Exp. 29 yrs STD Code 03592 Phone No. (O) 246353 Fax No. 246112 E-Mail 9.3. NAME OF THE AFFILIATING UNIVERSITY Name SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH, MEDICAL & TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES Address 5th Mile, Tadong, Gangtok - Sikkim Pin Code 737102 STD Code 03592 Phone No 270703, 231937 Fax No. 03592 - 231147 E-Mail Website *SMIT is the constituent college of the University. 26
  27. 27. 9.4. GOVERNANCE 4. Prof (Dr.) N.V. Subba Reddy, Director, SMIT MEMBERS OF GOVERNING COUNCIL 5. Mrs. S. Shenga, Registrar, SMU 1. Dr. Ramdas M.Pai, Pro- Chancellor, SMU. 6. Shri Sivaramakrishnan V, Principal Officer 2. Dr. Ranjan Pai, CEO, MEMG II Pvt. Ltd. Distributed Learning MUL 3. Shri K. Sreedhar Rao, Advisor, MEMG II Pvt. Ltd 7. Prof. (Dr) Udayan Ganguly, Principal, North 4. Shri V.B Pathak, IAS, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Bengal Medical College, External Expert Health Care, HS & Family Welfare, Govt. of 8. Dr. A. Choudhury, Dean, Academics, SMIT Sikkim. 9. Prof. B.S. Dandapat HOD, Mathematics, SMIT 5. Shri Ravindra Telang, Secretary, Dept. of HRDD, 10. Dr. B.K Kanungo, Prof & Head, OBG, SMIMS Govt. of Sikkim 11. Dr.D.K Jha, Addl.Controller of Exam, SMU 6. Brig.(Dr) S. S. Pabla, Vice Chancellor, SMU. 12. Prof. R. Bera, Dean, R&D, SMIT 7. Shri Anand Sudarshan, President, Group 13. Prof. M.K Ghose, HOD, CSE, SMIT Operations, MUL 14. Mrs. Mridula Das, Principal, College of Nursing 8. Dr. R. N. Salhan, Dean, SMIMS 15. Mrs. Nikita Joshi, HoD Incharge, College of 9. Prof (Dr.) N.V. Subba Reddy, Director, SMIT Physiotherapy 10. Mrs. S. Shenga, Registrar, SMU External Experts MEMBERS OF ACADEMIC SENATE 16. Dr. Ranjan Pai, CEO, MEMG II Pvt. Ltd. 1. Brig (Dr) S S Pabla, Vice Chancellor, SMU. 17. Shri K. Sreedhar Rao, Advisor, MEMG II Pvt. Ltd 18. Shri C.V. Rangarajan, Finance 2. Maj Gen(Retd) Tejpal Singh Bakhshi, Director, Consultant,MEMG II Pvt.Ltd SMUDE 19. Shri B. Manamohan, Special Officer, Manipal 3. Dr. R. N. Salhan, Dean, SMIMS University 9.5 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART AND PROCESSES DIRECTOR Prof (Dr) N V Subba Reddy Chief HODs Dean Dean Dean Chief Addl. Training & Security Dy. Cont Engg. Academics R&D SA Warden Registrar Placement Officer (Exams) Estate Civil Engg. Security Sec./ Dispensary/ Library CTTO Mgt. Work/Maint. Guest House Transport Admn. Finance EDC SMU-IT Admision Cell 9.6. Nature and Extent of Involvement of Faculty and The faculty members are available on the Campus Students in Academic Affairs/Improvements round the clock and monitor the students. Progressive improvements are made in the There is a Teacher Guardian (TG) Scheme in the functioning of the Institute through active College. Academic progress of each student is involvement of faculty members and students. monitored by the TG who keeps in regular touch with There is a Dean of Academics who coordinates the the students and parents. academic activities through Heads of Departments and Class Committee. There is a Dean of Student 9.7. Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for Affairs who looks into Administrative and extra Democratic/Good Governance curricular affairs through the Student's Council and a) There are well defined rules and procedures laid faculty representatives of each Department. down by the University and in the Institute 27
  28. 28. covering all aspects of administration and views independently. academic activities. 9.10. Grievance Redressal Mechanism for Faculty, b) The Management gives academic autonomy Staff and Students with accountability to ensure success of any a) Dean (Students' Affairs) has been appointed for knowledge based education system. the welfare of the students. c) Effective quality assurance mechanism is established in the institution for teaching, b) A Students' Grievances Cell exists in the Institute recruitment of staff, curricular reforms & headed by the Dean (Academics) along with two student's evaluation. faculty members for the redressal of grievances of students. d) The degree programmes are dynamic and flexible. Inter and multi disciplinary courses are c) HODs/Deans/Director are directly involved in offered to the students. the redressal of grievances of faculty and staff. e) Total transparency is maintained in the conduct d) A committee comprising of all Deans and of examinations, admission procedures, Director exists for the redressal of grievances of recruitment of faculty and staff, purchases, faculty and staff. construction etc 9.11. PROGRAMMES f) The Institute has formed Students Council. Names of the Programmes Collective decisions are taken through i) B. Tech. meetings. g) The Institute also has Institute Purchase a) Computer Science & Engineering. Committee. All purchases are done through b) Electronics & Communication Engineering. purchase committee. c) Electrical & Electronics Engineering. d) Information Technology (Engineering). 9.8. Philosophy of Governance e) Mechanical Engineering. a) To serve the vision and mission of the promoting f) Civil Engineering body. g) Applied Electronics & Instrumentation b) Transparency in the working system, Engineering examinations, admissions etc. ii) M. Tech. (Power Electronics) c) Welfare of students and employees. iii) MCA d) Effective and efficient functioning of the iv) MBA Institute both administratively and academically. l The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) team e) To create research culture at all levels including of experts visited the Institute from 16th to 18th the undergraduate level. Nov. 2007. All B.Tech courses have been f) To utilize the power of intelligence and to accredited by NBA vide their letter No. NBA/ nurture talent of students. ACCR-860/ 06 dated: Jan 22, 2008. g) To build competence in faculty for improved l Institute has also been awarded the prestigious teaching and research. ISO 9001:2000 certification and the same has h) To create structures and mechanism of been certified under Norsk Akkreditering, knowledge and innovation management. Norway I) To transform the institute into a Knowledge For each Programme the following details are given: Enterprise. Name Number of seats: Duration 9 . 9 . S t u d e n t Fe e d b a c k o n I n st i t u t i o n a l B. Tech 600 Four Years Governance/Faculty Performance B. Tech (NRI) 63 Four Years a) Students Feedback on Institutional Governance/ M. Tech 18 Two Years Faculty Performance is taken at the end of MBA 60 Two Years each semester. Feedback is used for progressive MBA (NRI) 09 Two Years improvements. MCA 45 Three Years b) A suggestion/complaint box is also placed in the 3% seats are reserved for eligible person in accordance with Institute to enable the students to express their Disability Act 1995 28