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Ignite your private equity altitude partners


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IGNITE your…. Private Equity investment

Presenter – Simon White, Partner & Co-founder at Altitude Partners, experienced leader in M&A business and direct private equity investor, both raising and investing equity across a broad range of industries, will explain

"The role of private equity and its advantages for growing businesses"

Simon raised and invested more than £500 million into trading businesses and has over twenty years of experience in the Private Equity market. He provided strategic advice to management teams in growing businesses across a broad range of sectors, bringing both investment, M&A and operational management skills.

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Ignite your private equity altitude partners

  1. 1. "The role of private equity and its advantages for growing businesses”
  2. 2. What is Private Equity ?  Direct financial investment into a private trading business in return for partial equity ownership  A sharing of risk and reward for owners, management and an investor  A variety of size of investment – Private/Angel, SME Funds and institutional funds  Helping businesses with growth potential grow in value
  3. 3. The Role of Private Equity - Growth On average jobs, sales, exports and investment all grow faster in PE backed companies than in the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 companies A constant source of help and experience who share your objectives A transformational process
  4. 4. Private Equity - The Myths “I will have to give away equity in my company” – no you will not, the original shareholder value usually increases the day after an investment “they will want to tell me how to run my business” – no they wont, they are investors not managers “They are more expensive than borrowing” – no, the additional growth they can help bring makes them better value over the term
  5. 5. The Advantages  In MBO situations the management team can become empowered owners of the business  In development capital investments the company becomes properly capitalised, helping with suppliers, business partners and allowing the business to focus on growth rather than endless funding rounds, overly tight cashflows and constant bank discussions
  6. 6. More than the Money  Developing and driving clearly defined growth strategies  Aid management’s strategic decision making  Review of routes to customers  Help Identify and removing operational or planning bottlenecks ‘Wood for the trees’  Spot the classic mistakes  Help with board structures, KPI’s and accountability  Often helping recruit additional management resources  Keeping a clear board focus on driving value and exit  Introduce a wide contact base
  7. 7. Private equity has been and will continue to be one of the most successful and core drivers of the UK economy throughout the economic cycles.