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Ignite your ...pitching for management presentation to set squared 8 oct 2…


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Pitching4Management will present their novel approach to building the team you want and your company needs. At Pitching for Management, entrepreneur-led companies pitch for senior people to help their company grow. Companies pitch all types of fresh senior roles to highly talented individuals live, via Skype & with video, in a collaborative environment that delivers. They will explain how you can attract additional management through "sweat equity" and deferred rewards.

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Ignite your ...pitching for management presentation to set squared 8 oct 2…

  1. 1. Pitching for Management Working for Our Twitter tag for this event is #Pitching4Management
  2. 2. What is Pitching for Management?A pop up event which comes to cities three times a year usually 4-7pm hosted by a local adviser and sponsored by others5-6 pitches by companies looking to hire people to grow their senior teams – they pitch live and via skype or similar Guest speakers Q&A and networking Definitely not about fund raising
  3. 3. Why Pitching for ManagementWhy its essential to get your team right as soon as possible and tocontinue getting it right•You don’t know what you don’t know•You don’t know who you don’t know•You don’t know how if you have never done it before•You don’t know how much if you have a novel product or service
  4. 4. Why live (and online!) • Saves time • Saves money • Wider advantages
  5. 5. Key StatisticsHave held events in 23 cities; in15 regularlyTypical event 30-70 people; 5-6pitches30-40% will hire from the eventMarketed to 80,000 people
  6. 6. What we can do for youGet you into a stronger position so you can grow quickerMake you more investibleEnable you to find the right talent, even if it is not local;cementing the firm in its region, but also enabling it to expand
  7. 7. Partners/sponsorsAudience Advisers Pitching companies
  8. 8. What a pitch involves •Who I am •What I do •Who I need •Why I need them •What I can offer
  9. 9. Who attends•Lively retired•Serial CEOS•Value added angels•Bored in a big corporate•Redundant with a pay off•VCs (occasionally)
  10. 10. Who pitches •Inventors •Startups •Owners looking to hand over •Emergencies (CEO death) •Next stage growth opportunities •Prior to investment round
  11. 11. What people say"Pitching for Management is one of the best “The event was a breath of fresh air. Full of some verynetworking organisations in the UK experience and wise people genuinely interested in businessentrepreneurial world, and offers serious and the opportunities. I was overwhelmed by people wantingopportunities for those seeking a challenging new to talk to me before and after the presentations and I amrole" coming back down to Bristol to meet a potential CEO. So for 8Alastair Eperon, Chairman, Growth Innovators minutes presentation, getting in contact with a minimum of 5Group great people was an awesome use of time.""Good management teams build strong Prem Gyani of Lemon Dropbusinesses, and so we were delighted to be ableto help bring Pitching for Management to theOxford cluster. The event was well organised and "Just a note to thank your team, presenters and sponsorsthe calibre of the pitching companies was high. for organising such a good event in Manchester last night.We were very pleased with the level of interest The presentations were a prime example of what we needand attendance and the networking afterwards to achieve in this country."proved to be fruitful for all." Mike Huntriss Associate of Beer & Partners LimitedMark Howard, Partner at Charles Russell LLP,Oxford "We took part in the pitching as we were looking for a non-executive director to assist with fundraising, growth strategy and marketing. At first I was apprehensive about the pitch because we were not coming from the angle of a big multiconglomoerate and therefore it was necessary to address and pitch in relation to social consciousness and awareness of the services that we provide. It was a case of just going for it and knowing that we have such a wonderful concept that gave the encouragement and generated the enthusiasm to pitch. We were overwhelmed afterwards with the level of support and can only thank the event organisers profusely for the opportunity afforded. I would definitely recommend to other social enterprises and charities/businesses." Nikki Sharpe of Youth Can Achieve
  12. 12. Business modelComplement others in the marketLow pitch fee – no commissions (they are yours!)Low attendance fee (guarantees relevant audience)Sponsorship from parties with a commercial interest in engagingwith this market