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IGNITE your…. Rapid Manufacture - IP and 3D printers

Presenter – Kim Walker, Partner at Thomas Eggar heads the commercial team and specialises in advising businesses on IP and technology law. She will present on the

"The legal implications and challenges to your IP in a 3D printer world"

Thomas Eggar LLP is a local firm that seeks out creative solutions for commercial organisations and private individuals. They aim to think differently and truly understanding a clients' needs and their industry, to be able to deliver inspiring results.

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Ignite your 3 d printing ip

  1. 1. The legal implications and challenges to your IP in a 3D printer world Kim Walker Partner Thomas Eggar LLP Technology Sector
  2. 2. “Working gun made with 3D printer” – May 2013 “A mini-me version of yourself” – My 3D Twin – June 2013 Introduction to 3D printing
  3. 3. Copyright Design rights Trade marks Patents The Legal Position - IP rights
  4. 4. Copyright protects literary, artistic, musical and dramatic works, 2D artistic works (paintings, photographs, diagrams – including those designed using software) Some 3D works, for instance sculptures. Copyright lasts for the life of the author +70 years but only 25 years where work has been mass-produced Copyright
  5. 5. Design rights can be registered and unregistered. Design rights protect shape and configuration of products Design rights last for 10 – 15 years unregistered or 25 years registered (and renewed) Design Rights
  6. 6. Trade marks protect the origin of goods/brand Distinctive shapes can be registered Trade Marks
  7. 7. Protect workings of an invention Printing a mechanism with gears and other components is less of a mass market problem – 0.5mm gap required dictates assembly Patents
  8. 8. Sharing design files – designers will need to control use of CAD models Spare parts - Both forms of design right allow legal copying Will inherent low value of 3D printing infringement claims be a deterrent? Small claims track avoids high legal costs and the value limit increased to £10k on 1 April Printing & Infringement
  9. 9. IP Bill Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 Changes in Law
  10. 10. The Intellectual Property Bill Announced in Queen’s speech 8 May 2013 To deliver commitments from the response to the Hargreaves Review Clarify and simplify design law Re-define unregistered design right to prevent claims being based on very small components Re-define “commonplace” The designer will be first owner of rights Bring defence to design infringement into line with copyright infringement of an artistic work Limited defence to registered design infringement where third party acts in good faith
  11. 11. The Intellectual Property Bill Improving the enforcement of designs Voluntary non-binding opinion service from Intellectual Property Office (for UK registered designs) NEW criminal sanctions for deliberate copying of UK or EU registered designs and forfeiture provision
  12. 12. ERRA 2013 Restores full copyright protection to products where 2D artworks are applied to the surface Nokia 3D Printing Development Kit
  13. 13. Designers (owners of copyright and in future of design rights) will be able to bring a claim for infringement. Remedies will include damages, additional damages for flagrant breach and injunction Post IP Bill will also include criminal sanctions 3D printer operators risk joint liability and secondary infringement – commercial dealing in infringing articles Implications for designers & machine operators
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