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Corporate learning strategy 2010


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Brief overview of Atrivision Learning Consultancy vision and services.

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Corporate learning strategy 2010

  1. 1. Corporate Learning Strategy Atrivision Learning Consultancy Daan Assen msc mba Dia
  2. 2.  Corpora te Univers  Maturity ity Model  Learning Portal Dia
  3. 3. B-Learning Platform Corporate Univesity Dia
  4. 4. Corporate University Strategic level Learning Concept Jobs, roles, competencies Professional Organisational Personal & Tactical level Knowledge & Development Management Skills (Change) Skills (going concern) Learning Portal Learning Services Operational level Management Information Dia
  5. 5. Learning Strategy Quickscan o Lite: compact analysis o Pro: broad analysis & workshop Dia
  6. 6. B-Learning Platform Maturity Model Dia
  7. 7. How mature is your learning strategy? Learning   Corporate   Organisa9on   Competency   University   Sustainable  Organisa9onal   Development   Managed   Based  Learning   Strategic  Personnel   Development   Learning   Quality  &  Alignment   Cost  effec9veness   Ad  hoc   &  transparency Dia Assen & Van de Pol (2008)
  8. 8. Strategic Level Develop a Learning Concept that fits Corporate & HR strategy Dia
  9. 9. B-Learning Platform Tactical Level Alignment of learning demand and offering and integrate with HRD processes B-Learning Platform 09-10-2010 Dia 9
  10. 10. Operational Level Efficient learning and development processes and quality management Dia
  11. 11. B-Learning Platform Learning Portal Dia
  12. 12. Learning Technology Learning Portal as the backbone of the Corporate University Dia
  13. 13. New ways of learning Leveraging the power of e-Learning to improve learning and make it flexible and efficient Dia
  14. 14. Together we can build your Corporate University Dia
  15. 15. Atrivision Group | P.O. Box 953, 3800 AZ Amersfoort, The Netherlands | T: +31 Dia (0)33-7508740 | E: