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Nordbib infrastructure workshop


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Nordbib infrastructure workshop

  1. 1. Realising Interoperability: Technical issues (from big data to metadata)• Building on success stories• What is possible already?• What improvements can be made internally and which intersects with institutions and policy?• Low-hanging fruit and primary tasks ahead• Or whatever you want to talk about…
  2. 2. Success stories that we can point to• DataCite –• Dryad -• Figshare –• ANDS -
  3. 3. Improvements - I• Institutional data repositories or registries, connected into relevant institutional systems• Best practice examples, policies and guidelines• Need for a new actor (trusted third party) who can alllow users to work with confidential data• Discovery in areas where there is no discipline solution• Licenses for data, clearer statements about what can be done with the data
  4. 4. Improvements - II• Public should have access to the research they funded• Getting people to describe their data for other people even outside their discipline to find and re-use it• Integration of better data management into researchers workflow, not only metadata but data as such• New career path for data scientists/data support professionals.
  5. 5. Low hanging fruit:• Easy access to data and tools in the cloud/easy storage• Common metadata standards for discovery• Mapping the space (list of projects/initiatives/standards) and keeping this up to date!• Trust-ratings for repositories, range of quality measures• Europe/worldwide login, international authorization• Data provenance - being able to track data all the way from source to use• Incentives for managing and sharing data
  6. 6. Slides• infrastructure-workshop