From Broad Street to California


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Almost 200 years have passed since John Snow resolved the mystery of the Broad Street cholera epidemic by mapping data and tracing the source of the outbreak to a water pump.

Modern data collection methodologies allow for the collection of enormous amounts of information which can be leveraged to design services that affect communities and can impact change for entire demographic groups.

We took a look at the considerations that go into designing services that affect related groups of individuals (patients, educators, caregivers, health workers and state services) and the role that quantitative and qualitative research play into demonstrating needs of specific demographic groups

Presented at Service Design in Government
London, 19-20 May 2014

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From Broad Street to California

  1. leveraging the power of geolocated data to impact the health of communities alberta soranzo | friday, london | @albertatrebla From Broad Street to California
  2. What is Health Data? Epidemiology information related to health conditions, reproductive outcomes, causes of death, and quality of life. ! ! —
  3. Epide… what? The branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.
  4. London, 1854 Image courtesy of
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  9. California, 2014 Image courtesy of
  10. A few facts California USA Population 37,721,600 310,197,500 Elderly (over 65) 4,419,800
 (12%) 43,287,500 (14%) Medicare (utilization) 4,344,967 (85%) 41,116,359 (81%) Data : Kaiser Family Foundation (2012 data)
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  12. Meet Louis* • 76 years old • suffers from Parkinson’s disease and depression • no retirement benefits • relies on public programs for healthcare (*not his real name)
  13. What are his options?
  14. What are his options?
  15. Which one?
  16. Who to call?
  17. Or is it this one?
  18. Where am I?
  19. I’m in Los Angeles…(City)
  20. …which is in Los Angeles(County)
  21. HELP!
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  24. A few (big) numbers • 50-60,000 interviews / survey cycle • 6 languages • ± 800 questions / questionnaire • > 1,000,000 records
  25. Elder population in CA
  26. Coverage ≠ Happiness
  27. Where do they live?
  28. Pilot area
  29. Healthcare reform
  30. The HOME Project CC Image courtesy of aboutmrperez on
  31. Their journey
  32. Coordinated Care Initiative Integrated delivery of medical, behavioral, and long-term care services.
  33. The sensible solution CC Image courtesy of ebatty on
  34. Oh, it’s a conversation
  35. Patient navigators CC Image courtesy of
  36. A (new) journey
  37. thank you! alberta soranzo | @albertatrebla | friday |