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Telehealth In the State and Region and at Essentia Health


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Telehealth In the State and Region and at Essentia Health

  1. 1. Telehealth In the State and Region and at Essentia Health Blandin Foundation Conference November 13 -14, 2012 Maureen Ideker, MBA, BSN, RN Director of Telehealth
  2. 2. EssentiaTelehealthDevelopment and Growth•Plan to include all clinics, hospitals and long term care sites within Essentia andbegin outreach to affiliates.•Growth thru Hub and SpokeDevelopment. 3
  3. 3. • Broadband infrastructure – enables information flow• Monitoring and communication devices used by patients/providers 4
  4. 4. • Interactive video• Tele-robotics• Virtual-reality technology• iPhone 5
  5. 5. Business Plans For FY 2012 at Essentia• Emergency Services• Hospitalist• Psychiatry• CHF• Dermatology
  6. 6. Business Plans For FY 2013 at Essentia• Nephrology• Wound Care• Diabetic Care (Dietician, Pharmacist)• Medical Weight Loss• Stroke Care• LongTerm Care
  7. 7. Traditional Benefits of Telehealth (Patient-Centered)• Access to specialty care• Stretch provider resources• Keep patients in rural facilities• Save travel time• Save transport (LTC, jail health) 8
  8. 8. Future Benefits (Economy-Centered)• Pay for performance• Decrease costs/improve outcomes• Provider interest• Demographics• Maintaining elderly at home• Government incentives (Stimulus Funding)• Improved technology/connection 9
  9. 9. Eligible Sites - CMS• Physician/Practitioner Office• Critical Access Hospital (CAH)• Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)• Hospital• Rural Health Clinic• Hospital-based or CAH-based Renal Dialysis Center (including satellites)• Skilled Nursing Facility• Community Mental Health Center 10
  10. 10. Medicare Reimbursement• Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA)• Non-MSA county• Must be live, interactive services• Patient must receive service in an eligible rural site (Hospital, Clinic, etc.)• Provider payment is the same as for an in- person visit• A facility fee is paid to remote sites 11
  11. 11. Eligible Providers• CMS has identified these: – Physician (MD/DO) – Nurse Practitioner – Physician Assistant – Nurse Midwife – Clinical nurse specialist – Clinical psychologist – Clinical social worker – Registered dietician/nutrition professional 12
  12. 12. Reducing hospital stays thruTelehome Monitoring.Research Shows……… 13
  13. 13. University of MinnesotaMN Telehealth Network Research1998 – TeleHome monitoring N = 150 (CHF, Diabetes, COPD)
  14. 14. TeleHome monitoring (CHF Example) Daily recording of - Weight - Blood Pressure - Pulse - Oxygen Saturation - Spirometry - Daily Diary Log 15
  15. 15. Patient Outcomes:Admissions to a higher level ofcare 16
  16. 16. Win-Win Situation for Rural and Urban Sites• Facility Fee• X-rays, scans• Labs• Rehab PT/OT• Home Health Care• Swing Beds• Surgeries• Specialist fees paid same as face-to face 17
  17. 17. Maureen Ideker, MBA, BSN, 320-748-8239