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A presentation on Better Together. Lessons from the Trenches on Finding the Right Partners and Creating Connections that Last given by Maggie Montgomery from KAXE to the 2009 Blandin on Broadband conference in Minnesota.

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  • Northern Community Internet is roughly focused on a similar bio-region. KAXE has a transmitter in Grand Rapids and translators in Bemidji and Brainerd. In addition to the four cities shown, there are many other communities ranging from less than 200 people to over 8,000 spread out from east of Hibbing to Bemidji. The economy is largely based on the “three T’s”: Taconite iron mining and processing, Timber and paper products and Tourism, with literally thousands of lakes in the region.
  • Northern Community Internet Grand Rapids portal

    1. 1. Northern Community Internet
    2. 2. Local News and Blogs People register their blog and “share” an audience with others in their community. The community site displays an excerpt from each story with a link to the the blog or news source. The two most popular recent stories appear at the top of the front page.
    3. 3. Itasca Orchestra Web Site/ Blog The site links people to the originating web site. In this case it has an embedded YouTube video of one of the Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program students.
    4. 4. Second Harvest News The local food bank Executive Director has a blog but has things to post only once or twice a week. Often that is not enough to sustain regular visitors. The community site provides her an audience when she does post.
    5. 5. Community Calendar People share their events with the community in several different ways. They add their own Google Calendar to the community calendar, submit an individual event or provide a link to another web calendar they maintain.
    6. 6. City of Grand Rapids Calendar The site provides access to other non-Google calendars maintained by institutions in the community. This is the City of Grand Rapids Meeting and Events Calendar.
    7. 7. Shared Community Search People add local web sites to this list and their contents are included in results from the community Google search. People can also browse through this list to find a web site for a local business or organization.
    8. 8. Results from Local Communities The Google search returns only results from web sites that are included in the list. The result page also allows people to expand their search to include sites in other communities.
    9. 9. E-Democracy Page includes topics and most recent posts from the e-Democracy Forums in Bemidji, Grand Rapids and Cass Lake/Leech Lake with links to the E-Democracy site. There is easy access to register or find forum information.
    10. 10. Links to E-Democracy Site When someone clicks on a link to a discussion on the community site it takes them to the e-Democracy site. Most forum members post and receive posts via email. The community site provides a way for others to read the discussion and join the forum if they want to participate.
    11. 11. Regional Versions In addition to the local web sites for 18 communities, there is a regional site that allows people to access information from all the local community sites.
    12. 12. Bemidji Grand Rapids Hibbing Brainerd Service Area Lake and Forest BioRegion
    13. 13. Northern Community Internet