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One stop permits


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One stop permits

  1. 1. One Stop Permits System Collaborating for Efficiency 1
  2. 2. Background • Dakota County has had online permit applications for a number of years • The County and cities have been working together in Right of Way Managers Groups and the HiPP Dark Fiber Subcommittee • These groups were looking for opportunities to improve on our permitting processes 2
  3. 3. Permit System will Provide: • Registration of Applicants • Right of Way – Utility Permits • Obstruction Permits • Excavation/Grade Permits • Landscaping Permits • Oversized Vehicle Permits • Special Events Permits • Access Permits (new driveway etc) 3
  4. 4. What will it do? • Central place to register a company’s contact information • Select a permit and select the Cities and/or County affected • Request multiple permits in one shopping cart • Pay with a credit card online or be invoiced • Produce permit document(s) • Provide status of pending and approved permits 4
  5. 5. What will the County Do? • Enhance our current online permitting system • Provide maintenance and support for the system • Provide servers to run the application • Provide Help Desk support • Process credit card payments for permit fees and reimburse Cities according to permit applications • Work with the Cities and Industry on future enhancements 5
  6. 6. Which Cities? • Enter into a service agreement to provide a One Stop Permits System to the cities of: – Apple Valley, – Burnsville, – Eagan, – Farmington, – Hastings, – Inver Grove Heights, – Lakeville, – Mendota Heights, – Rosemount, – South St. Paul, – West St. Paul. 6
  7. 7. Flow Process Applicant Approved Applies once Permits are online sent Information Information sent to the sent to the City(s) County 7
  8. 8. What are the Benefits? • Greater efficiency and reduction of effort between the County, Cities and Utility Companies • Considerable savings on time and expense compared to what they are currently doing • Sends a very positive message that Dakota County and the Cities within Dakota County, are willing to work together with Utility Companies towards advancements 8
  9. 9. Questions? 9