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DCLA Lake Quality


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for Lake Darling

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DCLA Lake Quality

  1. 1. What We Will Cover • What is the condition of our Douglas County lakes? • What is the economic impact of our lakes? • What should we / can we do?
  2. 2. MN PCA Designated Impaired Lakes in the Douglas County Long Prairie River Watershed Name Location Affected Use* Lake Agnes In Alexandria Chloride; aquatic recreation Lake Henry In Alexandria Chloride; aquatic recreation Lake Winona In Alexandria Chloride; aquatic recreation Crooked Lake (East) 1 Mile NW of Holmes City Aquatic recreation Echo Lake 2 Miles W of Carlos Aquatic recreation Jessie Lake 4 Miles E of Alexandria Aquatic recreation Reference: * Aquatic recreation: Nutrient/eutrophication biological indicators (phosphorus)
  3. 3. What is the economic impact of our lakes?
  4. 4. Douglas County Property Value Distribution by Property Type Type Value (2016) % of Total* Agricultural $1,169,552,100 21.1 Seasonal/Recreational $1,006,683,500 18.2 Residential (Many on lakes) $2,511,942,600 45.5 Apartments $164,538,500 3.0 Commercial/Industrial $497,991,200 9.0 Resorts $27,379,500 0.5 Personal Property & Public Utilities $139,587,700 2.5 Total $5,517,675,100 100.0 Reference: * Red percentages indicate properties utilizing water recreational resources
  5. 5. Annual 2012 Property Taxes and Property Values in Kosciusko County, Indiana Reference: Category Taxes County Total $59,900,000 Residential $33,300,000 Lakes – Single Family Homes $17,400,000 Lakes - Other $4,700,000 Total property values around the largest lakes in Kosciusko County = $3,000,000,000
  6. 6. What Can Happen to Property Values with Lake Impairment?
  7. 7. Projected Impact of Lake Water Clarity Reduction on Mississippi Headwaters Region Property Values • Reference: Report prepared by the Mississippi Headwaters Board and Bemidji State University, May14, 2003 • Changes in property prices were calculated for a one-meter reduction in water clarity using as a starting point: – Water quality data obtained from the MPCA – Lakeshore property values collected from county assessors • Conclusion: Property price decreases of tens of thousands to millions of dollars were anticipated Reference:
  8. 8. Projected Impact on Property Taxes in Kosciusko County, Indiana with Change in Lake Water Quality Lake Water Quality Change Effect on Property Taxes Water clarity increased two meters 4-5% increase in lake home values Blue-green algae problem 30-50% decrease in lake home values Reference:
  9. 9. Factors Affecting Blue Algae Formation • Major contributors are increased nutrients such as: – Phosphorus – Nitrogen • Possible sources of nutrients – Lawns (Lake shore and urban properties) – Storm drainage from hard surfaces – Sewage systems (Cities & septic systems) – Agricultural (Crops & livestock) – Zebra mussels • The effects of these nutrients are cumulative!!
  10. 10. DNR Map of the Top 200 Priority Lakes for Significant Phosphorus Sensitivity Ref: Note the many lakes in Douglas County that are in the top 200 priority rank!
  11. 11. What should we / can we do?
  12. 12. Some Examples of How We Can Prevent and/or Reduce Nutrient Loading of our Lakes • Reduce runoff of nutrients into storm sewers & lakes though judicial use of fertilizers for lawns & gardens • Support landscaping & shoreline buffering to capture nutrients before they enter lakes or streams • Use on-demand water softeners or reverse osmosis processes to reduce chloride loading of lakes & streams • Support grant and zoning proposals for maintaining water quality or remediation of lakes and streams • Support state & federal legislation to prevent and/or remediate pollution of our lakes and streams
  13. 13. Resources Available • Federal Programs – CRP & CREP • State Programs (DNR, AIS, BWSR) • Minnesota Legacy Act • Governor Dayton • Nature Conservancy • Douglas County Soil & Water Conservation District • Douglas County Land & Resources • Lake Associations • Private Non-profit Organizations • Watershed District programs
  14. 14. Douglas County Soil and Water Conservation District Funding Federal Environmental Quality 45% Federal Conservation Security 16% Federal Conservation Reserve 30% MN Board of Water and Soil Resources 5% Douglas County 4% Total Funding = $5.5 million Reference: J. Haggenmiller, Douglas County Soil & Water District, personal communication, 2017. Matching Funds for Grants
  15. 15. 2016 Douglas County SWCD Project List Related to Lake Water Quality Type of Project Support Number of Projects Sediment Ponds $29,490 4 Shoreline Restoration $26,354 2 Wetland Restoration 12,491 1 Lake Ida, Ditch 23 study Grant for $227,000 To be determined Manure pit permitting study Grant for $93,000 To be determined References: (1) Douglas County Soil and Water Conservation 2016 Agenda items on and (2) 2016 Minutes of the December meeting of the Douglas County Lake Association
  16. 16. Summary • Our lake water quality in Douglas County cannot be taken for granted – we have impaired lakes • Lake impairment reduces property values and tax revenue • Lake impairment is a cumulative process that is greatly enhanced by excess nutrients • Resources are available to provide us a realistic chance for maintaining or improving the water quality of our lakes • We all need to work together to: – Define our high priority projects – Seek out and support grant proposals for projects
  17. 17. Where Do We Start - Watershed Management Strategy for Lakes in Douglas County Watershed Disturbance, percent of land WatershedProtection,percentofland Restoration to natural levels may not be realistic Realistic chances for full restoration Reference: “A Watershed Management Framework for Minnesota Lakes”,,, 8/12/2014
  18. 18. Contacts • Douglas County Lakes Association, Jan Beliveau, President • Douglas County Soil and Water Conservation District, Jerry Haggenmiller, District Coordinator, • Douglas County Land & Resource Management , Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director, • Your County Commissioner, Thank You