•Connecting the Notes, Paul Babcock, MacPhail Center for Music (Partial PPT)


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Presented at the 2014 Border to Border Broadband: A Call to Action conference in St Paul MN. A few of the original slides have been removed due to space limitations.

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  • My hometown. Sweet place to grow up. Anyone else from a small, rural, farming community?Unlocked doors. Skating on the creek in the winter. Building forts in the middle of nowhere in the summer. One summer, when I was in middle school, I spent a week in the nearest city, Winnipeg, in a MacPhail-like experience.I was a pretty mediocre violinist, but at this summer camp for young string players, I felt such a thrill in working with expert musicians and teachers who pushed and inspired me. They widened my perspective through music, and I learned to dream a little bigger.
  • Here we see an overview of the process behind the conceptSimple model based on our partnership model over 2.5 decadesStory: We knew we were onto something when we visited a partner school; nearly a fight between band and choir director over getting access to video-conferencing equipment because they both wanted OSP hours
  • •Connecting the Notes, Paul Babcock, MacPhail Center for Music (Partial PPT)

    1. 1. MacPhail Online School Partnerships New access to exceptional music learning experiences
    2. 2. The Need for Music Education Framework for 21st Century Learning
    3. 3. Framework for 21st Century Learning Partnership for 21st Century Skills
    4. 4. 28% Reduction in K-12 Public School Music Educators in MN 2000 - 2010 Mary Schaefle, Executive Director of Minnesota Music Educators’ Association
    5. 5. US Department of Education Report: “Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 2009-10” Elementary Music School Specialists: 25 classes/week 18 students/class = 450 students/week
    6. 6. Meeting the Need: MacPhail’s Successful Track Record
    7. 7. [Bullets] MacPhail - Seven Program Areas Early Childhood Music Suzuki Talent Education School Partnerships Music Therapy Individual Instruction Group Instruction MacPhail Music for Life
    8. 8. Meeting the Need: New Access through Technology
    9. 9. MacPhail Online School Partnerships • Leveraging technology as a vehicle for music education
    10. 10. OSP - The Concept Collaborating with dynamic, visionary educators to accomplish something greater for the student, the school, the community
    11. 11. The Benefits Meets unique student/school needs through customized programming Cost-effective delivery Location is no longer a barrier
    12. 12. Support from MSAB, NEA, Blandin 1500+ students 2000 hours
    13. 13. MacPhail Online School Partnerships What lies ahead Opportunity to help students of all ages, backgrounds, and geographies achieve 21st C. readiness Resulting in strengthened schools and communities MN differentiated as a leader in access to music education