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Building a connected future mirc- conference-ppt


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Building a connected future mirc- conference-ppt

  1. 1.  Mission: To strengthen individuals, families and communities How? Providing evidence- based education and resources to individuals where they work, helping them to manage the often competing demands of work and family, their roles and responsibilities.
  2. 2.  1985 – part of St. Paul Public Schools Community Education Over the years, program evolved to cover topics across the lifespan including parenting, families, money management, interpersonal skills, elder care, health and wellness. 2007 – 501c3 status
  3. 3.  WFRC serves over 40,000 individuals in 70 companies on an annual basis. WFRC’s outreach has grown over 300% in the past three years, reaching all 52 states and 6 countries. The majority of programming has become virtual – using strategic partners for outreach throughout the state of Minnesota.
  4. 4.  80% men, 76% women online (>18 years) 80% White, Non-Hispanic 71% Black, Non-Hispanic 68% Hispanic (English and Spanish-speaking) 94% are 18-29 years 87% are 30-49 years 74% are 50-64 yearsPEW Research Center (August 2011)
  5. 5.  In Minnesota › Computer ownership 85% › Broadband adoption 72% › Access – cell phone or mobile wireless 39% Among rural residents › Computer ownership 78% › Broadband adoption 61% › Access-cell phone or mobile wireless 32% (Computer Nation, 2011)
  6. 6.  Nearly 50% of all American adults are smartphone users-more than “regular” cell phone users. Over 60% are 18-35 year olds. Smartphone use up 11% since May 2011.PEW Research Center (March 2012)
  7. 7.  Parents are more apt to use social media than non-parents for almost everything. Staggering 462% increase in social media among mothers between 2006-2009. Moms consider the Internet to be their “essential” media. Moms spend more than 2.5 hours online daily.NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey Company (September 2011)
  8. 8.  Schools Home visiting programs through Head Start & Early Childhood Special Education Libraries Community Centers Co-Linking on Websites Non-profit organizations Businesses
  9. 9.  How can these resources and services be promoted in my community as part of our broadband initiative? Who are some strategic partners that would be positioned to provide outreach about these resources to the individuals who would benefit from them? What are the next steps I can take to bring awareness about this service to my community?
  10. 10.  What are you going to do next?
  11. 11. Beth Quist Director, Working Family Resource Center bquist@WFRC.usVisit us at“Like” us on Facebook!!/pages/W orking-Family-Resource-Center/17229787190