Why Authors and Publishers convert their paper books to ebooks?


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Why Authors and Publishers convert their paper books to ebooks?

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Why Authors And Publishers Convert Their Paper Books To eBooks? Source: AtoZ ebook conversion Dated: Jun 06, 2012 Authors, writers, or publishers have to use the services of ebook conversion company to get their books or content converted to ebooks. Indeed the world has become one big world web with internet connections. Formerly, internet was used to connect people far and wide, and then it was used to provide information related to any topic; and lately it is being used for almost anything from marketing to selling products. Millions of people are carrying on their business on global level with internet. The online demand is ever increasing and bedizens are growing. The younger generation is turning to internet for every piece of information they need. This is the reason the publishers and authors are converting their paper books to ebooks to reach out to larger audience. Nowadays, ebook, ebook conversion service, epub, Kindle etc. are doing rounds in the digital world. Do not get confused with these words. Ebook as the name signifies is nothing but a digital book like CD. It is a physical book in a digital format which has all the features of physical paper pack. It has pages, graphics, tables, charts, images etc just like a printed book. Few Advantages of Having eBook conversion: Authors, writers, or publishers have to use the services of ebook conversion company to get their books or content converted to ebooks. Ebooks is the current mode of reading and has many advantages like: • Eco-friendly: Ebooks do not need any paper. Hence, it helps to preserve the trees and save the environment from global warming. Ebooks are environment friendly books. If you read ebooks you preserve nature on wider scale. • Portability: Ebooks can be carried any where easily. Volume of ebooks requires very little space and you can travel with it anywhere. • Instant delivery: Ebooks can be delivered to you instantly or you can download ebooks within seconds. Thus, you do not have to wait for weeks to get your favorite book. • Economical: Ebooks are cost effective. They are much cheaper than their printed version and sometimes you can even get bonuses, promotional offers and discounts which are not the case with paper packs. • Easy to store: Ebooks occupy very little space; hence they are easy to store. • Interactive: Many ebooks are interactive and have additional features like audios, videos etc which makes reading more entertaining. Actually, you need an ebook conversion service provider to get the books converted. As per the recent reports from Amazon, more copies of ebooks are being sold than printed books. This is the reason that eBook conversion services are growing very rapidly. However, ebook conversion is a technical aspect and you should know exactly what kind of ebook conversion service you need. Before hiring any ebook conversion service provider, you must clear these facts: • What kind of format you need for your ebook? • do you require a cover design for your ebook? • Is your book edited or it requires an editorial review. Page 1/2
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution• What readers you require for example, iPad, Kindly, Sony Reader, etc. Moreover, the ebook conversion service provider must handle all types of formats like PDF, Word, InDesign, Adobe, and other complex formats. Generally, ebook conversion services have skilledprofessionals who have mastered this art of conversion. Reputed ebook conversion services can convert anycomplex version successfully. Complexity does not have any impact on the ebooks. Browse the internet,read the testimonials and feedbacks and hire ebook conversion providers that have a long list of repeatedclientele.Mail us at info at atozebookconversion dot comTo know more about ebook conversion online at http://www.atozebookconversion.com News source: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-why-authors-and-publishers-convert-their-paper-books-to-ebooks-1338966027.htmlCategory PublishingTags ebook conversion, ebook conversion services, ebook formatting, epub conversionEmail Click to contact authorCity/Town PuducherryState/Province PuducherryCountry IndiaLink http://prlog.org/11893283 Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to- * Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online Page 2/2